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#570 — Jun22.2013 — Will a nuked Portland turn out to be payback for Nagasaki?

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Back in Aug.2012 Jeff McMahon of Forbes wrote an article about AY-102. At that time about as many people recognized the label AY-102 as would have recognized “bin Laden” on Sep10.2001. Now AY-102 is in million’s of people’s nightmares. Of all of the millions of tanks holding billions of gallons of whatever all across America, this is probably the only one with a name recognized by the general public. It is becoming the symbol for how totally screwed the Columbia River water basin is. It is becoming the symbol for how stupid Americans are, especially the smart ones like the engineers and nuclear geeks.

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#542 * Update 01 — Jan16.2013 — Homeland Security continues Java warning

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Homeland Security - CERT continues to warn against using Java 7 even though Oracle has put out a patched version called 7.11.

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#543 — Jan15.2013 — Aaron Swartz: Some Pretty Heavy Stuff

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Photo of Aaron Swartz breaking into MIT computer room according to government documents.

It is not that unusual for a perp to try and blame his victim for the damage the victim suffered at the hands of the perp. But it is a whole new twist when the victim is blamed for the perp’s own demise, particularly when the perp dies from suicide. Every since Aaron Swartz was found hanging in his apartment, his family have been all over the press blaming the prosecutors and the victims of Swartz’s alleged felonies – MIT and a data sharing organization called JSTOR. The rising chorus of righteous indignation for having prosecuted Aaron Swartz reached a crescendo – I hope – yesterday when Swartz’s father declared at the funeral that “The government killed my son.” Pretty heavy stuff.

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#542 — Jan12.2013 — Homeland Security is telling you to turn off Java

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While you’re sitting there doing nothing useful (but reading this), pop over to your Control Panel and see if you have a Java icon. If you do, you could be screwed. The bottom line goes here at the top: DISABLE JAVA ON YOUR MACHINE. NOW.

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Logophere’s the Daily Dish for Friday, Sep28.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. More beautiful petri dish pieces here.


1.  NBC’s good, bad, and ugly

Here are a couple of articles that illustrate how wildly divergent the quality of work can be from one source, NBC.

First there is  Ben Popken’s Sep27.12 piece asserting that the “bacon shortage” story is a hoax.  Well, he may be right, but his economic reasoning is plain, flat nutto.  I quote one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read, even for the MSM:

Let’s look at some basic economics.

First, as long as prices are allowed to rise and fall freely, there can be no shortage. Shortages only occur when the government fixes prices and consumers want more supply than exists. That results in rationing. There’s zero evidence to suggest the government would do that, or that there would be any “runs on the pork bank.”

OK, so right away we can guess that Ben Popken is a high school kid punking us all.  In his view if gasoline production gets cut 80% by a war with Iran and pump prices go to $30/gal and the likes of Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey have the country’s roads to themselves, that would not be a “shortage” of gas.  That would just be Adam Smith jerking around with us all — except for the very wealthy, that is.  Sure, according to Ben, “shortage” is impossible for filthy rich people because they will always be able to afford everything no matter how high prices go.  As for those not so wealthy, like the 99%, well . . . as the headless lady said, there may be a shortage of bread but there’s never a shortage of cake.  So suck on a piece of it, Ben.

By comparison, today NBC ran a beautifully written piece by Maggie Fox on a newly discovered virus called Bas-virus.  The piece was a perfect mix of necessary background and what the new discovery is all about.  And unlike phony bacon shortages, there is nothing easy about writing a piece about viruses for laymen.

What the new discovery is all about, by the way, is a potentially nasty, nasty viral critter that killed a couple of kids in the Congo in 2009.  A very large group of researchers isolated the virus and sequenced its DNA using a new technique called “deep sequencing.”  What they found was something no one had seen before.  I hope no one sees it again.  It is related to rabies virus but it produces symptoms and death as if it were Ebola.  The original paper is here. The scary part is that it looks like this Bas-virus was passed from one of the dying kids to a nurse.  The nurse survived, but a deadly virus capable of human-to-human transmission is probably what is going to wipe out the human species, if the Zionists don’t do it first with their nukes.

Just by coincidence the Guardian today published an excerpt from David Quammen’s new book on the viral threat.  In that excerpt Quammen quotes virologists as saying how devastating a rabies virus would be if it could be transmitted like the flu.  The Bas-virus may be that virus, heaven forfend.

I am not a great fan of Quammen and the Guardian excerpt hasn’t changed that.  Quammen seems to just take what’s already been written by scientists or other writers more qualified than he is and re-work it.  My guess, from reading the excerpt is that this book is not going to have anything in it that Laurie Garrett didn’t say in her 1994 masterpiece “The Coming Plague.”  But it would not be fair of me to judge Quammen’s entire book just on one excerpt.  Someone who has read Garrett please buy Quammen’s new book, read it, and let me know if it was a waste of money.


2.  The WaPo doing a dirty on us?
The folks over at Mondoweiss are really getting annoyed with the Washington Post’s pro-Israel bs.  The latest beef is that WaPo published an opinion piece by Jeffery H. Smith and John B. Bellinger III setting forth the legal argument for bombing Iran.  The problem is that these two suits work for the law firm Arnold & Porter, which has taken millions of Israel’s shekels to do their legal work in the US.  This obvious conflict was ignored by the WaPo.  PeeeUuu.

Here’s what one regular Mondoweiss contributor, yours truly, had to say:

Can’t imagine this piece appeared as a result of editorial incompetence or ignorance. WaPo is absolutely complicit in not revealing this conflict of interest, which borders on fraud.

Folks here should durn well let the WaPo ombudsman know what they think of this.
202.334.7582 or ombudsman@washpost.com

Having said that, the opinion piece itself didn’t strike me as particularly lop-sided toward Israel. Smith/Bellinger do push the point that ‘Bama would do well to get Congress to sign off on any attack before he pulls the trigger. That may satisfy US law but it would not mean a thing as far as international law.

If you recall Phil’s Sep26 post regarding the Joint Senate Resolution — I believe 41 was the number. While that resolution explicitly states that it is not a declaration of war, and while it does not do much more than “strongly” support US policy toward Iran, it leaves little doubt that if ‘Bama asked Congress to sign off on an attack on Iran, the Senate, at least, would be all too willing to go in with both feet and flags flying — i.e. here we go again. More Americans dying for Israel.

One point S/B fail to address is the goose/gander problem. If, as they argue, it would be legal under international law for Israel or US to throw a preemptive punch at Iran on the grounds of “self-defense,” then a preemptive attack by Iran against Israel/US on the same grounds would be equally legitimate. In fact, it is Israel and the US who have made all the specific threats here, Israel going so far as to “leak” a whole attack scenario. So Iran has an a priori argument of self-defense based on years and years of threats — an argument that is much weaker for Israel/US. This is sort of like the water-boarding issue. Once someone like Bush or ‘Bama determines that water-boarding is legal (in an attempt to protect the US creeps using it), then water-boarding immediately becomes legal when it is used by al-Qaeda against captured US troops.

Another short-coming of this opinion piece is that while S/B discuss international legalities w/ respect to the UN Charter, there is nary a mention of the Geneva Convention. Surely these two well known, well placed experts, one of whom was general counsel for CIA, could not be collectively brain-ded to the point they unintentionally neglected the impact of the Geneva Convention in determining whether a preemptive attack would be “legal.” But hold on . . . could be that they are that brain-ded.

Here’s a quote from their opinion. See if you can believe that an ex-general counsel to the CIA would say this in public:

“A military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities . . .would surely be regarded by Iran as an act of war.”

“[W]ould surely” ??? WTF? Wait until Jon Stewart gets a hold of this!! Who are these guys talking down to, third graders? This sounds to me like something that would be said by either Sarah Palin, George Bush, or Ronald Reagan or by a government hack who is used to having to employ ridiculous understatement to explain simple concepts to brain-ded politicians like Sarah Palin, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan .


3.  Trigger-happy cop stories are almost as endless as the Israel apartheid stories

Meet Scottsdale, AZ cop James Peters.  According to Terry Greene Sterling’s The Daily Beast article, Peters had already racked up 6 fatal shootings while on duty before shooting an unarmed grandfather in the head while he was holding his grandchild.  What did the Scottsdale chief do?  Retired the trigger happy prick before disciplinary proceedings could get going.

But not so fast.  The ACLU has filed suit against Peters and the chief and the city.  As one criminologist said, Peter’s large number of shooting is “completely atypical.”  Atypical that is except for that group of bottom-feeding, fuck-wit cops who think they are Dirty Harry.  I would just love to know how many innocent people have died with a cop-bullet in them because of those moronic, vengence-not-justice Eastwood movies.

James Peters, Scottsdale’s own Harry Callahan.

Logophere’s The Daily Dish Weekend Edition for Sep15-16.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. Must-see. Klari’s home page

1.  OK, listen up, you government attorneys . . .

. . . here’s a way to get your conviction, especially if you have a Nazi like Thomas Whelan for a judge and a Mexican alien for a defendant.  What you do is you take the defendant’s witnesses and you – da da! – deport them.  That’s right, dude and dudesses, if you really want to screw a Mexican defendant, just deport all the defendant’s witnesses so they can’t come back into the country and testify.  You can get a conviction easier than putting a wad of cash in a judge’s hand.  The San Diego US Attorney is a pro at this selective witness deportation trick ‘cause they’ve got caught at it more than once. Getting caught the second time at this game means the U.S. Court of Appeals “rebukes” you, which is the polite way of saying the court tells you you’re either a dishonest prick or brain ded.  That’s what 9th Circuit Judge Alex Kosinski told US attorneys Laura E. Duffy, Bruce R. Castetter and David T. Curnow.  They should have been locked up for obstruction of justice along with USDC Judge Whelan.  Kosinski repeatedly referred to the activities of the US attorneys in suppressing evidence such as the testimony of other witnesses as “suspicious.”  OK . . . suspicious.  To me that indicates reason for investigation, grand jury, etc.   If anybody is deported in this case, it should be Whelan and the US attorneys.  Russia sounds like where they belong.

The case is US v. Leal-Del Carmen, 9th CA, 11-50094.  As so often in Kozinski’s opinions, the meat’s in the footnotes.


2.  While we’re talking about getting screwed by attorneys, look out for your own.

When Morad Elusta sued Chicago cops for excessive force, his lawyers, David Cerda and John De Leon, wanted 40%.  Sounds like a lot to me – 33% is the standard.  Elustra went to new counsel, Zane Smith and Shelia Genson who got a $40,000 jury award, even though the city had offered to settle for $100,000.  The judge, who is, of course, to lawyers what a madam is to whores, then said Elustra owed Smith/Genson $83,000 and Cerda/DeLeon $40,000.  Lawyers get the big win, client gets roughed up by the cops and then the lawyers and then the judge.

Now . . . how is he going to appeal this thing without more lawyers screwing him??


3.  Another HuffPo hit piece on “incoherent” Clint Eastwood.  Arianna should be so coherent. . .

Remember HuffPo Luke Johnson’s hit piece on Clint Eastwood for daring to have some fun at the Republican Convention?   Well, HuffPo just can’t let the thing go.  Dumb asses that they are, they have now put up another Eastwood hit, this one by some nameless HuffPo high-school hack about Eastwood’s recent CNN interview.

Eastwood was even more brilliant in his CNN interview than he was at the convention, if that’s possible.  And the main reason it might not be possible is Nischelle Turner, the CNN bubble-head running the interview.  Not only did HuffPo not have the balls to identify its own hack, its article didn’t even identify Turner.

But Eastwood nailed it again.  Nischelle Turner – who is black – had her panties in a twist b/c Eastwood didn’t idolize Obama, who is also black.  Eastwood, who is white: we don’t have to idolize these politicians; they’re there to do a job for us.  Bingo.


4. Latest whistle-blower to keep an eye on.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been a fiasco since the day it was conceived.  It exists mainly to be sure enough nuclear energy is pushed down the throats of Americans that plutonium for bombs keeps coming.  Everyone thinks Fukishima is over, but it hasn’t even begun — just wait until the next 7.5 earthquake hits that damaged reactor #4 and the US West Coast gets splattered with cesium-137 from Blaine to San Ysidro.  Tsunami not required this time.  But you would think that the NRC would have gotten a message — apparently not.

While I usually find little to praise HuffPo’s D-level tabloid writers, this article by Tom Zeller has a lot of work in it and is well done.  The story is about an NRC engineer’s letter complaining about the way the NRC is white-washing reports of dangers lurking in America’s reactor — and particularly the Oconee triple-reactor in S. Carolina.  The idiots built a lot of these reactors at the bottom of dams and nuke safety engineer Richard Perkins is pointing out that if the dams give, the result will be a whole lot worse than Fukushima, and the odds of a dam bursting are a whole lot higher than the odds of a tsunami hitting Fukushima.  Well . . . you see where he’s going with this thing.

Basically, if you have any brains, leave S. Carolina.  And don’t got to Louisiana, they are sinking into huge salt caverns.

LogoPhere’s The Daily Dish for Wednesday, Sep05.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis [See her site. She has 365 of these things!]

1.  Another reason, maybe two, to avoid American Airlines

When I saw the HuffPo headline: “Glenn Beck Rails Against American Airlines,” I thought to m’self, “Finally, that clown and I are on the same page on an issue.”  I was certain the HuffPo article must be about Beck going off on AA for the abysmal way they treated the Vanderhorst family when they tried to board with their Downs Syndrome son.  The Vanderhort’s had been up-graded to first class, b/c the ticketing agent obviously didn’t know they had a handicapped child.  But, as reported by the Daily Mail, AA, which has always been run by a pack of donkey’s asses [that’s not redundant], refused to let the Vanderhorst’s board b/c AA said their Down’s son, Bede, was “disruptive.”  Fuck you, American Airlines.

And I thought finally Beck was going to show some class and say the same thing, but nooooo, not Glenn.  Beck’s problem was that the flight attendant didn’t ask him in a sufficiently polite voice if he wanted breakfast.  Beck, being megalomaniac, thinks he is entitled to genuflection, and he thinks he’ll get it next time he flies by going national on this.  He could care less about Down’s Syndrome folks.  So having been offended by the tone of the flight attendant’s voice, Beck spewed the foulest insult his pea-sized brain could come up with: he called AA “Liberal American Airlines.”  So take that.  How small-minded can a human being get?

In the mean time, I ain’t too happy with the Daily Mail over the Vanderhorst report either.  The family took a video of the incident, but when DM shows the armature video they run their commercial first.  I can see news outlets running commercials before vids they produce themselves or vids they purchase.  But when they take freebies off of YouTube or from private individuals and then bury them in ads, it tins my lizzie.  Here’s the Vanderhorst YT, but I see YT has also attached an ad to it.  Good luck Vanderhorsts, I hope you hit the jackpot with your lawsuit.

2.  Speaking of idiot headlines, have a look at Harretz

The Polish man who decided to infiltrate Auschwitz to chronicle Nazi atrocities.”  The story is about one of the most courageous men ever to walk the face of this earth, Polish resistance fighter Witold Pilecki.  But the article is not about Pilecki’s “decision” to infiltrate Auschwitz.  Where did they ever come up with that?  It’s about his infiltration of Auschwitz – how daring it was, and how successful both the infiltration and the escape were.  Why on earth would any idiot editor bill this as a “decision to infiltrate” instead of headlining it: “The man who infiltrated Auschwitz to chronicle Nazi atrocities.” ??  Amazingly, while the Harretz article at least honestly points out Pilecki was a Catholic, the Wikipedia article completely ignores this most important fact.  Pilecki was doing what was right, not to save those of his own kind, but b/c it was right.

3.  Six years later, Israel occupies Lebanon (via cluster bombs made and paid for by US)

Yesterday Israel chalked up its latest civilian target of the 2006 Lebanon war when a woman in the Lebanese village of Bint Jbeil was killed by one of the 1 million un-exploded cluster bombs dropped by Israel 6 years ago.

When Israel was getting its ass kicked by Hezbollah in 2006 the Israeli war criminals decided they could occupy the area by saturating it with cluster bombs that have a delayed detonation feature.  Israel dropped 4 million  —  as in 4,000,000 —  American made cluster bombs on the villages of southern Lebanon.  An estimated 1 million of these bombs have not yet exploded, thus, in effect, occupying 55 sq. km. of Lebanon until this day.  The CBUs were not just supplied by Americans, they were paid for by American tax money.

IOW this is an extension of the American policy of dropping delayed denotation cluster bombs all over the globe.  The US dropped 260 million of the deadly things on Laos between 1964 and 1973, even though there was no war with Laos.  Over the ensuing 40 years the US has killed 7000 innocent victims with these bombs.  The number of maimed but surviving is not given.

As of Jul17.2012, 111 countries have joined the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions, and 75 of those countries have ratified the treaty, meaning they are bound by its terms.  These nations agree that they will not, for instance, use, manufacture, store, or transport cluster bombs or allow them to be used, manufactured, stored, or transported in areas under their control.  The countries who refuse to abide by this agreement are, by definition, uncivilized rogues.  They include the USA and Israel, and individual Americans and Israelis should be ashamed of themselves.

4.  Solar threat diminishes for now

The solar storm I warned about yesterday blew by us today.  Not huge, but big enough to get the dials wound up.  An active area of the sun is facing the earth, which keeps all the solar-hounds on their toes.

The Daily Dish for Friday, Aug24.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis

1.  More evidence that your doctor is a lot dumber and/or a lot more dishonest than you thought

Don’t look now, but the medical profession is killing a lot of people, and I am not talking (just) about the 99,000 people who die every year from nosocomial, or hospital acquired, infections.  I am talking about the way the AMA members have been raking in millions by hawking statins for 10 years.  Read this interview with Barbara Roberts, a research-trained M.D. who is blowing the whistle on the statin industry, which includes idiot statin prescribing doctors.

These drugs are not “silver bullets” designed to attack a very specific biological target.  They inhibit very, very, very basic biological processes that take place in all parts and in all cells of the body.  It is a priori insanity to think that such an agent would not be toxic.  However, as the ladies in Arsenic and Old Lace well knew, slowly advancing, debilitating toxicity is rarely recognized as such.  Just as disturbing in the Roberts interview is her discussion of how Big Pharma runs the show, determines the treatment guidelines, and buys off the medical profession, who are the real winners here.

2.  Breivik not insane in Norway, but Norway itself is

Insane Norway is partly responsible for the gruesome efficacy of the killing rampage of Anders Behring Breivik b/c of its pitifully botched response while the killings were going on.  Now Norway, even more clearly demonstrating where the insanity lies, has found the loser Breivik to be sane, has sentenced him to just 10 to 21 years The time will be spent in one of those soft Norway prisons, with spacious cells, a computer, newspapers, and his own exercise room.  The number 21 years is probably about right, but there should be 77 separate 21-year sentences — one for each of the dead, and those sentences should be served consecutively.  As it is, if this clown pulls the maximum 21 years, he will serve about 3 months for each of those people he destroyed, most of them young people with a lot of life ahead of them.

Some have argued that the sentence is longer that it appears b/c Norway can continue to hold this hideous ghoul even after he serves his sentence.  According to this theory no one will be willing to sign his release and he’ll be locked up the rest of his life.  OK, so if you’re gonna’ sentence him to life, sentence him to life.  What sort of deterrence to Breivik wanna’-be’s is a sentence of 3 months per victim, even with a hypothetical extension?  Sounds more like an invitation to the next racist Norwegian moron with a cache of weapons.

3.  Now the mal-semites are attacking UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

They are going after him for his plans to attend a meeting in Tehran of the world’s largest political coalition: the 120-member Non-Aligned Movement.  The name means non-aligned with the American/Israeli hegemony, which is accurately referred to by Iran as the “world’s arrogant powers.”  But then, when is power not arrogant?

Bibi Netanyhu has been going through the roof at the thought of Ban attending the Tehran summit and refusing to kow-tow to Israel’s demands that he not attend.  Ban has also resisted pressure from Obama.   It seems that every Israeli-firster or Israeli-firster group in America is screaming about Ban going to Terhan to attend the NAM summit. Zero-between-the-ears Breitbart calls Ban’s decision “unconscionable” and a reason to dump the UN.  American Jewish Committee head David Harris is “stunned.”  Uncle Abe Foxman at the Anti-defamation League, taking orders from his Israeli masters, jumps in, too.  The New York Times, also taking orders from Israel has jumped in, and so has the Washington Post, and for the same reason — they are both Israel firster rags pretending to be American newspapers.  The WaPo editorial linked to is particularly virulent and filled with repeated un-supported allegations against Iran.

All of these attacks on Ban start off the same way:  Because the UN has passed resolutions against Iran, Ban should never set foot in Iran.  That sort logic evenly applied would mean that the UN would never again set foot in Israel, which has had countless UN resolutions passed against it. But, of course, we don’t mention that inconvenient fact.  Bibi has played the anti-semetism card in this fight, of course, by conflating Iran’s hatred of Israel with anti-semitism.  What Israeli Jew these days does not play the anti-semitism card in any fight?  The irony is that greatest single cause of anti-semitic rhetoric is the Jews’ never-ending attempts, particularly Abe Foxman’s, repeated making charges of “anti-semite” against anyone and every one with a different opinion.  Under that definition, count me in as an anti-semite.

In spite of all of this pressure, Ban will be in Iran Aug 29-31, and that tells you something about Ban Ki-moon.  Something very good.

The Daily Dish Weekend Edition for Aug18-19.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis

1.  Move over, Josef Mengele.  Make room for John C. Cutler & Thomas Parran, Jr. — two more evil doctors burning in hell

The stories about US medical crimes during and after WWII keep coming and keep getting worse.  For years we have known how the US Public Health Service run by Thomas Parran Jr., buddy of FDR and Truman, carried out experiments that have become known as the “Tuskegee Study,” where treatment was withheld from hundreds and hundreds of poor blacks in Alabama with syphilis just to watch how the disease progresses. [1993 Nova video]  As Parran himself said, they were not given treatment b/c that would have ruined the study.  A few years ago Tuskegee Study historian Susan Reverby expanded the breadth of this horror when she discovered a cache of documents in a warehouse in Philadelphia, now in the National Archives.  The documents were the first evidence that Parran and another PHS ghoul, John C. Cutler, who was also a part of the Tuskegee crime, took the syphilis study to Guatemala where thousands of prisoners, mentally ill patients, orphans, and other helpless people were actually infected with syphilis and gonorrhea.  Finding the documents that exposed the Guatemalan horror crimes was lucky, but unsettling.  Nobody knows how many documents have been destroyed indicating other poor countries and poor people were involved in the US human medical experiments. In spite of an apology from Obama to Guatemala last year, Representatives for the Guatemalan victims sued the US in US court, but last June the court ruled that you can’t sue the US government for injuries incurred on foreign soil — how convenient for the US.  Al-Jazeera reports the surviving Guatemalan victims are appealing. Here’s a Journeyman.tv video.  At about 16:26 you can see a letter Cutler sent to still another of these criminals: John F. Mahoney, who was Cutler’s boss.  I don’t know why no one is talking about him.  This NYT article admits Cutler sent his Guatemalan reports to only one supervisor, but NYT declines to name the supervisor.  Obviously, it was Mahoney.  Below is a paragraph from the Natl Archives collection implicating Parran and Cutler in criminal activity.  It is taken from a letter of Feb17.1947 to Cutler in Guatemala from US PHS correspondent G. Robert Coatney following Coatney’s visit to Cutler:

I saw Dr. Parran on Friday and he wanted to know if I had a chance to visit your project.  Since the answer was yes, he asked me to tell him about it and I did so to the best of my ability.  He was familiar with all of the arrangements and wanted to be brought up to date on what progress had been made.  As you well know, he is very much interested in the project and a merry twinkle came into his eye when he said, “You know, we couldn’t do such an experiment in this country.”

The techniques used by these criminals for infecting human beings with syphilis are spelled out in detail in a Apr11.1947 letter from Senior Surgeon R.C. Arnold to Cutler.  This letter would be enough to put these people in prison if they weren’t all dead or somehow protected by immunity.  I have not completed my review of Cutler’s correspondence as my stomach will not take it.  More later.  Here’s the man:

The face of evil: un-indicted criminal John C. Cutler, M.D.


2.  Israel as a cancer — Exhibit “A”

Once again Ahmadinejad has referred to Israel as a “cancer” or “cancerous tumor,” and, of course, once again Israel has screwed up into the ceiling.  The UN, which has done absolutely nothing to help the situation in Israel or Syria, took their normal holier-than-thou attitude, and criticized the analogy.  But nobody seems to be asking the most relevant question of all: Is the analogy accurate?  As Exhibit “A” I offer a poster that has raised a lot of ire from the Jews in NYC.  It is a pictorial representation of how Israel — by means of American military hardware and support — has spread throughout Palestine since the Jews started stealing the Palestinians’ land and butchering the Palestinian people and British soldiers in 1948.  The white part is the spreading of Israel, taking over the body of Palestine.  If this is not a picture of spreading cancer, there is no picture of spreading cancer.


3.  HuffPo’s Alana Horowitz butchers report on the Julian Assange speech.

How hard can it be to get just the basic facts right?  Not facts that require effort and checking sources.  Just the basic background facts that everybody in the universe already knows, including the AP who’s script one is re-writing under one’s own name? Here is Alana Horowitz’s butcher-job of the Julian Assange speech.  First of all, Assange is not “currently facing extradition to Sweden over sexual assault charges.”  That’s the whole freakin’ point: THERE ARE NO CHARGES.  Assange is facing extradition b/c a Swedish ultra-fem, man-hating government attorney, Marianne Ny, wants to “question him” and yet she refuses to agree not to cuff him and send him to the US.  This is pretty basic stuff, Alana.  If you’re gay and a man-hater, too, like a lot of HuffPo writers seem to be, it’s understandable why you would want to blur this facts.  Also, Bradley Manning is not, was not, and will never be a Marine, as reported by Alana.  He’s Army, as has been reported millions of times in the last 2 years.  Instead of giving us a video of Assange’s speech, or the text, what HuffPo provides is bone-headed error-riddled account, by some one who appears not even to have been in the same country or continent as Assange when he spoke.  Horowitz’s report told us absolutely nothing about the crowds there, their reactions, or any problems with the cops.    Here is Anthony Bond’s credible and helpful report from the Daily Mail.  Here is the YT of Assange’s complete speech.

The Daily Dish for Monday, Aug13.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Is this beatiful, or what?  See Klari’s site for more.]

1.    AIPAC is making the military calls for Obama.
From this Israeli news article it is clear the incredible extent to which AIPAC is calling the shots as to whether or not Americans fight and die for Israel.  The article generally talks about speculation that if Israel attacks Iran before the US election and if Iran defends itself or strikes back, that Obama will have to wade into the fray in order to get re-elected.  IOW, the Israelis are speculating that they have him in a corner.  The passage, while slightly nuanced, indicates it is AIPAC that is pulling Obama’s chain.

Israel has received similar messages from its U.S. ambassador Michael Oren, after talks he held in Washington, and from pro-Israel lobby AIPAC.

What authority, exactly, does this group of Jewish-knucklehead lobbyists have to be giving Israel assurances about anything that the US military will or will not do?

Obama needs to come out right now and state that if Israel attacks Iran prior to the election, other than a retaliatory attack, then Israel is on its own.  And Obama needs to know that any president that sends more American kids to die for Israel and it’s apartheid version of “democracy” will suffer dire consequences.  How do we get that message to him?

2.    Shelby County, Texas slime-ball cops and DAs choke on ACLU lawsuit.
In June of this year I reported on slime-ball cops in Wisconsin and Indiana who shake-down victims by means of a scam called “civil asset forfeiture.”  Not unexpectedly, Texas law enforcement officials are equally eager to get some of this easy money.  Lynda K. Russell, the district attorney of Shelby County, Texas, Barry Washington, deputy marshal of Tenha, Texas and a few other perps were sued by ACLU for shaking down blacks and Mexicans driving through town, including threatening to take their children if the parents did not sign over their money.  The Tenha authorities collected more than $800,000 in one year by stopping people with no cause and then letting them go if they forfeited all the cash they had on them.  Eventually the ACLU stepped in.  Here is what appears to me to be a pitifully inadequate, but, apparently, effective, third try by plaintiffs’ lawyer Timothy B. Garrigan to get the complaint right.  I do not see a single cause of action specified.  But I guess it was enough to scare Russell and her conspirators, for the news today is that the Tenha defendants settled for $520,000. [3]  The feds are investigating Russell, Washington, and others for possible criminal charges.  According to a Texas Watchdog story [4]:

The system engineered by Shelby County District Attorney Lynda Kaye Russell is now one focus of a federal criminal investigation that is also reviewing whether Russell and other law enforcement officials targeted black motorists for traffic stops.

Interviews, court records and other documents reviewed by The Associated Press show numerous examples of suspects who went unpunished or got unusually light sentences after turning over tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The money from those and other defendants increased the DA’s forfeiture account by more than two hundredfold and helped ease a tight budget. The county’s former auditor has testified that at least a portion of it was spent on campaign materials, parades, holiday decorations, food, flowers, gifts and charitable contributions.

Good luck, Lynda.  Maybe you’ll still have your law license at the end of all this.  Maybe not.

3.  Latest in the Bayou Corne disaster.

With over 150 evacuations around the growing and possibly radioactive Bayou Corne sinkhole, the residents have now filed a class action suit in federal court.  [1]  Here is a copy of the complaint.  It is in beautiful form, at least to the extent a lawsuit can be characterized as “beautiful” and particularly when compared to the pitiful complaint filed in the Shelby County shake-down case linked to in the previous article. In the mean time, Chevron is pumping out its salt caverns in the area and dumping billions of cubic feet of previously stored natural gas onto the market.  Expect short-term decreases in already depressed natural gas prices as this tiny, but important, corner of the country comes unglued.

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