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Sep02.2013 — Alex Steitz-Wald’s insipidly stupid Salon article on Ron Paul: A Gutter Grunt Bullet Briefing

Bloged in Middle East, America, Wing-Nuts (Right), Wing-Nuts (Left), Bullet Briefing by Gutter Grunt Monday September 2, 2013 at about 6:27 pm

●    Steitz-Wald’s Aug30 article “Ron Paul: Syria is a ‘false flag’”
○    Cannot be read w/ FoxFire on Salon, as it goes white.  Have to convert w/ Readability

●    Seitz-Wald summarizes Ron Paul FOX interview w/ Neil Cavuto, saying the CW attack was a false flag and Assad is not “an idiot.”
○    Seitz-Wald, OTOH obviously is an idiot.
○    Seitz-Wald: Cavuto was “incredulous.”
-    What a lie.  There is no indication whatsoever of Cavuto being incredulous.

●    Steitz-Wald:  Paul would perhaps change his mind if he saw the US assessment “data.”
○    Air-head – there were no data, there were only “what we assess” statements w/ no data or sources backing them up.

●    Steitz-Wald: Paul “could be right.”
○    Steiz-Wald links to “Paul’s old buddy” the far-far-right-wing-nut Alex Jones, who also blames the insurgents for the CW attack

●    Steitz-Wald bizarre FWIW opinion: Paul using term “false flag” wrong.
○    Steitz-Wald:  “False flags,” in the standard conspiracist’s lexicon, usually refer to acts of violence perpetrated by the The Powers That Be that get blamed on some other group for the purpose of ginning up support to crack down on said group.  Or just to create a general sense of the panic that the government and the Powers That Be can exploit. [sic - note non-sentence, total lack of grammar skills.]
○    Steitz-Wald: In the Syria case, what Paul is describing is more a typical psyops job.
-    Steitz-Wald, incredibly, then links to Alex Jones website again as the authority on what a psyops job is.

●    What Paul is talking about is precisely referred to as “false flag”
○    Apparently Steitz-Wald doesn’t see a CW attack killing hundreds as “an act of violence.”

●    Either Steitz-Wald is a total ignoranus or a very clever dude finding a way to air a right-wing-nut POV on left-wing-nut Salon.  In either case, the story here is not Paul and what he said, but Steitz-Wald and his IQ and competence, vel non.

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