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Jan12.2104 — Xeonphobia and iatrophobia both have evolutionary value

Bloged in Viral threats, Environment -- Nature screwing humans, Canada by Gutter Grunt Sunday January 12, 2014 at about 11:54 pm

We have just had one of the most significant biological events in history and all the US MSM can talk about is the George Washington Bridge. Makes you wonder, yet again, what idiots control the news.

It has just been revealed that on Jan03 a young woman in Alberta became the first person in N. America to die of the H5N1 virus. The Canadian press are on it a little late, but are on it. The US press are, like, hyperventilating about 2016 with their heads up Christie’s butt, which is big enough to accommodate them all.

The dead woman was on Air Canada flight 030 from Beijing to Vancouver on Dec27 when she had her first symptoms. Then she flew Vancouver to Edmonton on Air Canada flight 244. When she first checked into the hospital in Edmonton, they told her to go home because she wasn’t coughing. Let me repeat that . . .

We have doctors in Edmonton, Alberta who are so stupid that when a patient arrives with flu symptoms straight off of the plane from China where bird flu of every H and N description known is rampant, they tell her to go home, take an aspirin, and call us in the morning. The woman was dead 2 days later.

If you live in Canada, the scary thing is not that you might contract H5N1. Your chances are next to nil. The scary thing is that you will be treated by a doctor with less common sense than a Chinese chicken. Here is the story. And hereHere.

Nov23-2013 — This Thanksgiving Jon Stewart gives thanks for Ford dawg and phony show

Bloged in World Events, Canada by Gutter Grunt Saturday November 23, 2013 at about 10:25 pm

Without Anthony Weiner to kick around anymore the MSM comedy-hyenas, led by Jon Stewart and the SNL crowd were understandably restless. Two months is a long time to go without fresh meat. But then the Rob and Doug Ford dawg and phony show appeared on the horizon and the hyenas knew they were in for a feast.

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