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What is the sound of one empty scotch bottle clapping?

Bloged in America by Gutter Grunt Monday August 30, 2010 at about 9:28 pm

On Aug30.2010 MSNBC.com ran the latest update on the weird story of NYC student Michael Enright’s knife attack on a Muslim cabbie.  Really weird.  And possibly sad, too, as this kid had just traveled to Afghanistan last spring with a group that promotes interfaith understanding.  From what we know of him so far, prior to going off on this cabbie he seemed like the kind of person who would take a stand against the anti-mosque nut-cases that have seemingly taken over The Apple.

Was it that Jewess Muslim-baiter Pam Geller and her anti-mosque diatribes that set this kid off?  Or was it the scotch?

MSNBC.com reported: “When arrested, Enright was carrying two notebooks that described his experiences in Afghanistan, along with an empty bottle of scotch, police have said.”

This raises at least two existential questions.  First, is it possible to have an empty bottle of scotch?  I can see how one could have an empty scotch bottle. but once the bottle is drained, how can you consider it a bottle “of scotch?”  My astute reader(s) will immediately see that this is an alcoholic’s version of that old Buddhist favorite: What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Second, are there human beings is this world who are so hopelessly stupid that some Islamophobic demagogue like Pam Geller could whip them into such a frenzy that they would stab a complete stranger just because he is a Muslim?  See my Aug23.2010 post Toxic voices from the Right.

OK, well, if you saw the video of the moron in the blue construction helmet in NYC giving the black guy a hard time because he looked like a Muslim, I guess you’ll be able to answer this second question on your own.  We’ll have to work on the first one.

Toxic voices from the Right

Bloged in America by Gutter Grunt Monday August 23, 2010 at about 8:21 am

Here’s a recent New Yorker article by Jane Mayer on the billionaire Koch brothers, who [along with Rupert Murdoch] are a major financial force behind the tea-baggers and a lot of the virulence from the Libertarian Right. Note their father, Fred Koch, was one of the original John Birchers. I’ll let you figure the rest of it out.

[Aug29.2010 note: Frank Rich of the NYT has checked in on the Koch/Bircher money trail and Jane Mayer’s article.]

And here’s a HuffPost article on Pamela Geller and a link to her web page. Talk about virulence, this woman is so toxic she has a skull and cross-bones inked on her butt. She is the Right wing-nut, apartheid-Zionist, Bronx Muslim-basher who cooked up the “Ground Zero Mosque” bs. She has been given a voice on every news network, but mostly — you guessed it — FOX. She is a good example of how much intellectual carnage a deranged zealot with a copy of the First Amendment and a keyboard can cause. When Lincoln said the Constitution isn’t a suicide pact, he hadn’t heard about Geller. She is going to end up getting someone killed with her Muslim-bashing.

What would the Fondling Fathers say about a mosque at GZ?

Bloged in America by Gutter Grunt Sunday August 8, 2010 at about 10:15 pm

I remember back a few years ago before my mom went into the old people’s home how I used to sit on her front porch there on Main St., Rustlersville, Kentucky on Sunday mornings while the mega-decible speakers on the steeple of the Methodist church across the street blared on and on and on with the Christian version of the Muslims’ call to prayer — a mixture of pre-recorded organ music and mind-numbing bells.

“Jesus Christ,” I would mutter to myself, “don’t they have any noise by-laws in this town?  If that steeple was a minaret and that noise was a Muslim call to prayers, these people would have the cops in here to shut them down quicker’n you could say ‘What First Amendment?’ ”

And I was right, maybe even prescient, which is by no means normal for me.  (more…)

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