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BiBo now has Superman’s eyes

Bloged in America, BigBro by Gutter Grunt Saturday October 23, 2010 at about 8:25 pm

Here is a YouTube link I just received about a mobile device with Superman eyes that sees into vehicles and buildings – right through walls and metal.

Rich, who sent me the link said: “And it saves you the cost of a colononscopy….while violating your 4th amendment rights… amerika is getting scarier by the moment..”

The video was apparently made by the company that makes the device – ZBV as they call it.  I love the guy’s 1950’s style sales pitch.  Makes you want to order 2 or 3 of them.  I’d love to know what that hot couple next door is up to.

Here is one comment that was left on the YT page:

“And now introducing? the TSP ‘Thought Stopping Projectile’. This small, hollow tipped lead projectile can be fired from any law enforcement handgun. Just load the TSP into your gun and discharge the TSP into the head, heart of face of any potential thought criminal for immediate and permanent stopping of dangerous thinking.

“It is so simple a child or policeman could use it. The TSP also prevents any legal recourse from the targeted individuals as they will be unable to function ever again!” — eon7816.

Big Brother, or BiBo, is growing faster than anyone can comprehend.  For instance, the cops are now using automatic license plate recognition technology that lets them cruise through a parking lot and collect all of the license numbers by vid.  The vid is fed into the computer to check the numbers against a database.  If you have an outstanding parking ticket or arrest warrant or have pissed off the local cops, they can screw with you right on the spot. (more…)

Is Glenn Beck Goofy??

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Right) by Gutter Grunt Tuesday October 12, 2010 at about 8:19 am

No one who grew up in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s could doubt for even a microsecond Walt Disney’s artistic genius.  Fortunately that genius can be still be appreciated on YouTube.  Here, for instance, is a 1940 Disney ‘toon called Window Cleaners.  Don’t you love Disney’s use of brash perspective and over-stated shadow?

Today a new kind of cartoon genius is being exhibited in the form of cartoon remixing, particularly by Rebellious Pixels, a group that refers to themselves as “media hackers.”  Their cartoon genius is a different type than Walt’s; it’s more like Banksy’s, and just as impressive as Banksy’s.  In fact, Rebellious Pixels is impressive enough to piss off Glenn Beck, which is not that hard to do, but is a feather in your cap when you do.

Jonathon McIntosh at Rebellious started with Window Cleaners and patched together a bunch of Donald Duck toons to take on Glenn Beck’s dangerous demagoguery, which has already resulted in one shoot-out between a Beckian wacko, Byron Williams, and the cops.  McIntosh’s piece is an 8 minute Beck-spoof called “Right Wing Radio Duck.”  The technique is brilliant.  The result is brilliant.  If you are a Beckie, you may not agree.  He certainly didn’t.

What Beck did was to pull, well . . . a total Beck.  He blasted McIntosh’s work as communist propaganda aimed at him (Beck) and paid for by government money, implying (and the art of unsupported implication is where Beck’s dishonest “genius” lies) that Obama was behind it.

“It is some of the best well made propaganda I have ever seen…We are looking into this gentleman and this incredible propaganda against me” – Glenn Beck.


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