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Stop the presses! “Republicans” don’t like Obama’s budget!!!

Bloged in Miscellaneous by Gutter Grunt Tuesday February 15, 2011 at about 8:00 am

Maybe it’s an April Fools spoof six weeks early but it looks like unadulterated cyber-poop.

On Feb14.2011 Sam Stein wrote a piece for Huffington Post titled: Obama’s Budget Pits Him Against His Own Life Story.  The story was elevated to headline status today, Feb15.  For the first six paragraphs Stein rips into Obama for proposing a budget that slashes “programs and policies that are at the heart of Obama’s personal story,” which is an idiot comment in its own right given that virtually any plan to reduce spending by federal programs would be at the heart of the personal story of anyone in America.  But that’s not the idiocy I’m talking about here. (more…)

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