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Isaac Newton helps fact-check rumors of another seismic disaster

Bloged in Environment -- Nature screwing humans by Gutter Grunt Saturday March 12, 2011 at about 8:25 pm

Forget Honshu Island.  Forget Christchurch.  We have only 7-8 days before the really, really, really, big seismic crunch comes – according to some folks, and so I am a bit rushed here to explain why it won’t happen before it doesn’t. (more…)

Take the crystal off the shelf

Bloged in Environment -- Nature screwing humans by Gutter Grunt Friday March 11, 2011 at about 3:58 am

Man, is this EQ stuff it getting wild, or is it my imagination?  China lost 1000 buildings yesterday in a 7.3 EQ near the Burma border. Honshu, Japan is taking a beating today with a 7.9 plus a lot of aftershocks over 7.0.  13 foot tsunami. (more…)

Maddow plays the butch-card

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Left) by Gutter Grunt Tuesday March 1, 2011 at about 10:54 pm

We are getting this sort of thing more and more these days from the gays as they gain respectability and political muscle – you know, the thing where if a someone calls out a person because they do or say something dumb or dishonest and if the dumb or dishonest person turns out to be gay, then the critic  is immediately attacked as a gay-basher.  This diverts the focus of the conversation away from the stupid or dishonest thing the gay did or said.   It’s the gay version of the ubiquitous anti-Semitic come-back bullshit we have all grown so weary of.

Well, here comes Rachel Maddow doing the same thing – bringing her sexual orientation into a discussion that has nothing to do with gays or sex in order to divert attention away from her stupidity or dishonesty.  The way Maddow played the butch-card says about everything we need to know about her honesty, never mind her underlying falsehoods regarding the Wisconsin mess.

Here’s the way it went down: (more…)

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