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Daliy Dish for Mar31.2012

Bloged in Miscellaneous, Viral threats, Israelis, Media Fails, Potpourri, Iranians by Gutter Grunt Saturday March 31, 2012 at about 4:53 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [this woman is brilliant]

The delight of idiots. The editors at Nature are ecstatic that the US National Science Advisory Board will permit publication of Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s work, including methodology, on how to produce a H5N1 flu virus that can wipe out hundreds of millions of people.  Both the ecstasy and the decision are disappointing reminders of how crazy the world has gone given that the potential for damage done by this research far outweighs the potential for good. See my previous post on this evil science.  The only good news is that Ron Fouchier’s paper will have the methods section redacted.  Big help.  Once he has described the mutant H5N1 he has built, putting it all together will not be that hard.  The real damage was done by all the publicity pointing out Fouchier’s discovery that this could be done.

DNA to the rescue again.  Finally, paternity DNA testing is putting perps behind bars.  In the UK a 47 yo woman has been jailed for lying to her overnight hook-up that he was the father of her child, now 13.  The sucker stepped up believing the girl was his own, helped to raise her, and worked overtime to pay for her private education,  In spite of the child’s pleas for mercy the judge sent her lying mother away for almost 2 years.  Not nearly long enough, given that she ripped this guy off of over $100,000, but the idea of punishing crooks is right.

One potato, two potato…  As Israel continues to blather about attacking Iran, here’s the latest public analysis yet of what Israel’s got and what Iran’s got.   I’m no expert on these things, but given that Israel is a tiny, flat place with all of its infrastructure, air bases, and nuke stockpiles exposed, and given that Iran is much, much larger with very solid mountains to dig into and with a lot of its military gear and infrastructure now buried — I’d probably place my bet on Iran in an out-and-out exchange.

Olbermann dumped: latest evolutionary step in the Jewish control of the MSM  Joel Hyatt, CEO of Clear Channel, has fired goy Keith Olbermann and replaced him with Eliot Spitzer, who is, by mere coincidence, a Jew like Joel Hyatt.  This is precisely the manner in which Jewish control of MSM has evolved: replacing incorrigible goyim with good Jews who are better adapted to operate in a Jewish-controlled environment.  The second lesson from this story is that no matter how much trouble you may have keeping your pecker in your pants, if you are a good Jew, there is always a place for you in the MSM.

What HuffPo doesn’t report.  Huffington Post, owned by AOL, dodges the uncomplimentary news of lawsuits alleging it’s ripping off its bloggers, so I’ll bring you up to date.   After Arianna, proprietress of “Arianna’s Plantation” aka HuffPost, sold the plantation to AOL for $315M, a few of the slave-bloggers, who were working for free, sued their slave-master for 1/3 of the purchase price.   Yesterday US district court judge John Koeltl dumped the lawsuit, saying that the slaves agreed to work the plantation for free.  Yes, that’s the sound of a whip crackng in the background.  Now, everybody back to work.

Dumb science writers.  Here’s a good example of why you shouldn’t hire high school students to write online science blogs.  This quote from Science Daily“ScienceDaily (Mar. 30, 2012) — Some six billion light years ago, almost halfway from now back to the big bang, the universe was undergoing an elemental change.”  A light year is not a measure of time; it is a measure of distance — 5,878,625,373,183.6 miles.  This statement is linguistically equivalent to saying “Rome was born 3 feet ago.”

The Daily Dish for Mar30.2012

Bloged in Afghanistan/Pakistan, Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Friday March 30, 2012 at about 11:30 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [my favorite Klari dish so far]

Did Bales have help?  More Panjawi Massacre survivor stories claiming there were more than one US Army kiddie-killers.   This video by an Australian reporter Yalda Hakim who is an Afghani expat is disturbing, but odd.  The survivors are claiming 15-20 perps were involved, but the two guards clearly say Bales came and went from the base alone.  I’ve been wondering what Bales meant when he returned to base and said “I was the one who did it.”  Does that mean there was someone else who could have “done it” but didn’t?  Note that the US tried to keep Hakim and her cameraman away from the villages until Karzi intervened.  The Army is saying it cannot get into the villages to conduct an investigation, and Bales’ lawyer is saying, unless you have bodies, you don’t have a case.

Fulminating fratricide.  It would be bad enough if your kid came home from Afghanistan in a bag after having taken a round from the Taliban, but what if he was killed by his “comrade”?  Fire Dog Lake claims 1/3 of all deadly attacks on US forces in Afghanistan are not from the enemy but from the Afghan Army, which is supposed to be on our side.  Or we are supposed to be on their side.  Or whatever.  Now US bases are required to post an armed guard to watch our ally’s guys.  I can remember in Vietnam how we felt the ARVN were inept, poorly trained, poorly motivated, and couldn’t be trusted to hold up their end of a firefight.  But I don’t remember the ARVN ever opening fire on us.  Maybe if they had we would have left a lot sooner and as a result there would be fewer names on The Wall today.   

Prostitute blames McD’s  You knew this story was going to come from either CA or FL.  A whore has sued McD’s in California state court because . . . well, because her husband who owns a McD’s franchise in CA “forced” her into prostitution in Nevada.  O. . .K. . . . (She was really a very nice girl before getting tied up with this burger-bum.)  While this approach at sucking money out of McD’s may get high marks for novelty and creativity, why not just dump hot coffee on your crotch or plant a cockroach in your fries?

The Azerbaijan spoof — poni bok.

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis by Gutter Grunt Thursday March 29, 2012 at about 1:24 pm

Once again the Israelis have discretely planted another threat against Iran and the media and blogoshpere – true to form – have taken the bait.  The blogosphere has absolutely lit up over today’s allegations by Mark Perry that Israel has purchased an air base in Azerbaijan in order to stage an attack on Iran.  Poni bok, as they say in Azerbaijan

Here are 6 quick and obvious reasons why this is poni bok. Get out your Google Earth…

1.  The Azeri capital Baki is only 250 miles from Iranian tactical AFB at Tabriz  (38.127075°   46.245692°) .  Tehran would flatten the entire city in minutes should Azerbaijan try to support an IAF attack.  Seconds.

2.  According to Perry, the airstrip that is theoretically been “sold” to Israel is the Sitalcay airstrip 40 mi. NW of Baki (  40.809535°   49.432838°).  It, too, is a sitting duck.  A base closer to Iran would be at Lenkeran (  38.756023°   48.808091°).  In all, Azerbaijan has 8 usable airbases, of course all of them within a few hundred miles of Iran, which is why they would be useful to the IAF.  But consider that all it would take would be 1 – or 2 at most – bombs to sever each runway to prevent the Israeli pilots from landing.  They have no experience in tail-hook landings.  As soon as the IAF fighters appear on Iran’s satellites or radar, every airbase in Azerbaijan would be disabled.

3.  The idea floated by Perry is that the IAF will fly the required 100 bombers and fighters 1000 miles to Iran, bomb the place, and then land in Azerbaijan to refuel for the trip home.  How long does it take for 100 aircraft to land, refuel and take off?  This is not NASCAR, dude.  So not only do you have the Azerbaijan airfields being sitting ducks, now you have 1/3 to 1/2 of Israel’s fighters as sitting ducks, too.  Or, if the airfields are bombed before the fighters can get there, they are so low on fuel that they will not likely make the return trip.

4.  Iran has over 200 fighter aircraft to deal with the Israeli attack and taking out any Azerbaijan airfields.  Those aircraft do not have a fuel problem, they only have to fly 600 miles round-trip into Azerbaijan at most.

5.  Iran has several thousand short and medium range missiles, all of which would be in play against Azerbaijan.  Even if Azerbaijan does have a very major anti-aircraft installation at Gabala (  40.977221°   47.842564°) it would not have a chance of holding off an Iranian attack on Baki when only 250 mi. has to be covered by an Iranian MiG-29 flying 1500 mph.

6.  Speaking of Russians, Putin has already said that an attack on Iran is an attack on Russia.  Russia would just love the excuse to take out Azerbaijan.  ‘nuf said on that point.

No, way.

What Perry has done, maybe inadvertently or maybe in collusion with the Israelis, is to play the next card in the 3-year long Israeli attempt to divert the world’s attention away from its attempts to annex Area “C” of the West Bank.  The media and the blogosphere are blindly tagging along.

The Daily Dish for Mar29.2012

Bloged in Miscellaneous, America, Media Fails, Potpourri, Race by Gutter Grunt Thursday March 29, 2012 at about 9:56 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [this woman is brilliant]

29 months prison for drugging and raping 13 yo 300 times.  Yep, you guessed it, the perp was a woman.  Boston’s own Christine McCallum found a judge who approves of teacher-sex with pubescent kids, at least for female rapists.   Judge Thomas Connors was riding this case initially and he granted this gutter-slime slut plenty of perks while on bail, like out of state travel.  Wouldn’t want the poor dear to be inconvenienced by a little thing like a statutory rape charge. I don’t know if Connors sentenced her.   Yep, just another case of blatant gender discrimination in the courts.  The mind boggles at what sentence a male teacher who raped a 13 yo student 300 times after drugging her would be looking at.  Cathy Young wrote an excellent essay on this bias for Reason.com in 2002. You will recall the infamous kiddie-raper Mary Kay Letourneau who was freed with no jail time at all until she refused the court’s order to stay away from her victim. Another case Young recalls, was in 1993 when a male Virginia teacher was sent away for 26 years for having sex with 3 high school girls and the next day a female Virginia woman teacher who had sex with 3 boys — one just 11 yo — got 30 days.  I would love to hear what the fems have to say about this well-known, on-going, and detestable type of gender discrimination against young boys.  Somebody ought to be locking up some judges, IMHO.

Park Slope Coop votes to support rape of Palestine.  While we’re on the subject of rape, the Brooklyn food coop at Park Slope finally took a vote on whether to impose a boycott of Israeli goods.  These boycotts are imposed as a means of showing solidarity with the people of Palestine.  After immense pressure from the Israeli first mayor Bloomberg and uber-Israeli firster Alan Dershowitz  the vote failed. But this story is not significant so much with respect to what happened to the boycott, which was bound to fail in Israeli controlled territory like Brooklyn.  It is significant for the way the NYC media — dominated by Israeli firster Jews — was able to pound the boycott movement into the ground.  The Post. NYT.  And one has to recall that Chas. Schumer, Democrat senator from NYC, has called on Israel to “strangle” Gaza.  Given the toxic anti-Palestine environment of Park Slope, it is rather amazing that 40% of the Coop members supported the boycott.

Wow-news for DNA-heads.  This is really big news, but it’s gonna’ be lost on non-biologists.  Do you remember all that talk about redundant codons, and how they code for the same amino acid and therefore make no difference in protein synthesis?  Well, as it turns out, those redundant codons do code for the same AAs, but the rate of protein synthesis is modified by having different redundant codons.  This means, for instance, that if the final U in the codon UCU is changed to C, serine is still put in the protein at that point, but the rate of protein synthesis or amount of protein made may be decreased or increased.  Yet another amazing level of molecular complexity.

HuffPo spin as per usual  As per their normal agendas, when HuffPo is not bashing hetersexuality and pushing homosexuality down its readers HPV-infected throats, it is beating up on O’Reilly.  Here is a clip of O’Reilly asking Trayvon Martin’s family lawyer Jasmine Rand some straight questions, like was the kid a trouble-maker at school and why was the trigger guy Zimmerman’s face busted up when the cops got to the shooting scene.  But HuffPo totally misrepresents this clip as “Bill O’Reilly Questions Whether Trayvon Martin Is ‘Innocent Victim’”.   I have noted before Rand’s ludicrous assertions that she can hear Zimmerman say “fucking coons” on the tape of the incident the cops released. These lawyers are obviously out to try Zimmerman in public and get him lynched if they can.  Even tho’ O’Reilly asked no such questions about whether Trayvon was an innocent victim, someone better be asking them.  The bleeding-heart, liberal media seems to think that because Trayvon is dead any questions that might reflect badly on him are foul ball.  O’Reilly is right to question this attitude.  Another man’s life is now at stake.

Finnish children hit w/ H1N1 vaccine associated narcolepsy.  Do you remember during 2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic all the hysterical mothers who stressed over the potential of the H1N1 vaccine to cause neurological side-effects?  Remember how Congress, who was controlled by the Republicans and lubricated by the drug companies, passed federal legislation protecting the drug companies from lawsuits related to the H1N1 vaccine?  The graph below explains why.  Finland is reporting enormous increases in the rate of childhood narcolepsy for those who were vaccinated against H1N1 — an 17-fold increase in narcolepsy in children under 17 y.o. during the pandemic, and a 177-fold increase in infants.  Finland only has 5M people and 75% of their children were vaccinated, which is a very high rate of vaccination and probably why the problem became evident there first.  But unless the Finish folks carry a very localized gene that predisposes them to this problem, given that 65 billion doses of H1N1 vaccine were administered, it will be Katie bar the door.  Narcolepsy is a complex neurological disease, probably an autoimmune disease, that lasts a lifetime and has many spin off effects, including catalepsy.  This could be an epidemiological disaster in the making.  No doubt the drug companies will now come up with a very, very expensive drug that might or might not help, but give us your money and we’ll let you try it.

Daily Dish for Mar28.2012

Bloged in Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Wednesday March 28, 2012 at about 11:28 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [this woman is brilliant]

Not so fast.  The Dow is climbing back toward 14000.  Some people call that good news; I call it a warning sign.  But a friend in Phoenix who is a high-end interior designer says business is booming and construction is up.  So both of these are signs the rich folks are doing OK.  But the news from the UK looks dire.  Their GDP contracted more during the last quarter of 2011 than previously thought.  And there is now a stampede for fuel as a trucker’s strike threatens the small gains made in the first quarter of 2012.  This is the UK, which, with Germany and France, is holding up all of Europe. This raises a question I have been asking for years: what happened to the trucker strikes in the US?  Back in the 1980’s as diesel went past $1.50/gal. the independent truckers went ballistic with convoys and closing down D.C.  Now we are well over $4.00/gal and not a word has been heard from them.

Check his quinine levels.  As the US Army is gearing up for the my-anti-malarial-drug-made-me-do-it defense for kiddie-killer Bobby Bales, a veteran and 6′4″ JetBlue pilot goes berserk mid-flight in an anti-Afghani rant.  Maybe we’d better check the blood levels of all vets who have taken quinine anti-malarial drugs, or imbibed gin and tonics recently.  As per usual, the UK’s Daily Mail has the most detailed story on US news.  Please note: in none of these stories about the passengers restraining this guy have I seen a single word about any sky marshal.

Why am I not surprised?  Behemoth Google has been fighting state anti-trust suits in the US for years for allegedly tipping the online playing-field in its favor.  Now the FCC and the European consumers’ agency are about to jump into the fray.   Who do these bureaucrats think they are?  Don’t they know that Google owns the Net, and by extension, the world?

Herpes: the xenophilic virus.  I was shocked recently to read how prevalent herpes virus is in elephants.  I was doubly shocked to read about research from Oregon State U. that shows this pesky virus infects coral and that some corals have a mucus on them that harbors human viruses and the spread of these viruses is correlated with the spread of humans.  What are those scuba divers doing down there?  Isn’t it ironic that as our destruction of the planet reaches the irreversible point we are finally beginning to understand how much damage we’ve really done?  I’m beginning to feel like the Titanic’s Captain Edward John Smith must have felt when he realized it was too late to avert a collision with the iceberg — good information arriving too late is equivalent to good information never arriving.

The Daily Dish for Mar27.2010

Bloged in Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Tuesday March 27, 2012 at about 9:51 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [this woman is brilliant]

Another testosterone-addicted European pol heads for the dock. Like Italy’s Berlusconi, it’s probably too late to teach the old dog Dominique Strauss-Kahn a new trick — like how to put a padlock on his pecker.  He was set up in NYC by Sarkozy’s people because they knew he couldn’t pass up pubic pleasures, but he dodged that bullet because the bait was tainted.  Man, and you thought Clinton was nasty. . .  Now pimping-related charges have been brought against DSK in Lille, France where it is, apparently, not illegal to buy ho’s, as long as you don’t do it with company funds or tax money.  Haven’t these idiots got the word that cancer is a venereal disease?  DSK is pleading diplomatic immunity — not diplomatic immunity from cancer, from the pimping charges.  We don’t know yet whether the pimping operation associated w/ DSK is one of those European rings that tattoo bar-codes on their girls who try to run away.  Man, and you thought Detroit was nasty. . .

Israeli diplomat flees 100,000 demonstrators in Morocco.  Finally, the Arabs are beginning to show some back-bone and support for Palestine.  Israeli diplomat David Saranga was chased out of Morocco by a mass demonstration 100,000-strong for Palestinian rights.  Better look out, spring is coming to the Middle East again.  Anything could happen.

Oil-rig time-bombs. While the Gulf of Mexico is looking down the barrel of another BP oil platform blowing, the Atlantis, over in the North Sea a French-owned oil rig called Elgin owned by Total E&P UK is leaking gas that has formed a giant bubble of flammable and toxic hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide gas over the rig, forcing evacuation of all rigs within a 4-mile radius.

Conservative newspaper’s social reporter strips for $$ by night. The conservative Houston Chronicle is having its problems in its stable of social reporters.  First, social writer Douglas Britt seemed to go totally wacko in a video claiming to show his S&M bruises and proposing a meth-fueled road-trip.  Now his replacement, Sarah Tressler turns out to be a stripper when not interviewing and writing about Houston’s elite.  Tressler, 29, claims to be an adjunct professor at the U. of Houston, and to have a MA from NYU.  Why do I have my doubts??

The Daily Dish for Mar26.2012

Bloged in Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Monday March 26, 2012 at about 9:57 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [this woman is brilliant]

A good mutation not to have.  Abraham Brass MD/PhD and colleagues find that a mutation of the ITFITM3 gene increases by 19x one’s chances of having a very severe case of flu once infected.  A properly functioning ITFITM3 helps keep viruses like H1N1 that do get into the body from invading cells.  What an incredible discovery.

Evil is a molecule — Bales’ defense?  I have long believed that many, most, maybe all, cases of good people flipping out and becoming hideous monsters are attributable to toxins, infectious agents, or other molecular causes.  In the wake of the Panjawi Massacre, the Army is going public with the idea that the anti-malarial drug mefloquine produces serious psychosis in susceptible individuals.  Was that Bales’ problem?  Better not have been, b/c under the Army’s own procedures this drug is not the drug of choice as prophylaxis for malaria and should never be used in soldiers who have had brain injuries.  Mefloquine is a synthetic version of quinine.  Quinine, which is also known to cause psychosis, is what makes plain water tonic water.  Quinine is also known to cause kidney and liver disease.  Of course, once Bales’ attorneys read this, if Bales was not on mefloquine, then they will say he was downing gin and tonics prior to turning into a kiddie-killer.

Slime-ball Texas prosecutor, now a judge, who should be a convict.    Another example of the slime-balls that become judges in Texas.  60 Minutes expose’ on the way prosecutor Ken Anderson withheld evidence in order to send Michael Morton to prison for the brutal killing of Morton’s wife.  Of course, sending perps to prison is the way prosecutors become judges, who cares if the perps are innocent and the real killers go on to murder others, which is what happened here?  Another huge win for the Innocence Project.  Send these people some money!!!  You could be the next victim of a malicious prosecutor, especially if you live in Texas.  It is an absolute disgrace and indictment of the American “justice system” that the Innocence Project has any work to do at all.  Every time I hear “It may not be perfect, but it’s the best system in the world.” I absolutely want to retch.

The Zionists are at it again.   Harretz reports that Bibi has ordered Israel’s ambassador to Geneva to immediately cut off all contact with the UN Human Rights Council.  “Don’t even answer the phone.”  The problem?  The Council wants to send a fact-finding team to the West Bank and Gaza to investigate allegations of Israeli violations of human rights.  The team will not be allowed in Israel or Palestine.  But now an investigation is not really needed — Bibi’s reaction is ample admission of the truth of the allegations.

Another brick in the wall isolating Assad.  Turkey is turning up the heat on Assad and closing it’s embassy in Syria.  That may not be as effective as the asset freeze and travel ban imposed by the EU on Asma al-Assad, Assad’s British-born wife.  This woman is quickly becoming the 21st century’s Marie Antoinette, Amelda Marcos, and Elena Ceausescu rolled into one.

Open letter to Sanford, FL police chief Bill Lee — Bill.Lee@sanfordfl.gov

Bloged in America, Good cop/Bad cop, Media Fails by Gutter Grunt Wednesday March 21, 2012 at about 9:58 am

Dear Chief Lee

I just wanted to send you this Email of support because I know how the media and blogosphere are making you out to be a racist piece of colon-scum, and I know that can’t be true because you are an all-American police officer, and white, like me.  So just keep your head up, even if the world think’s you are a Bull Connor Southern pig.  Some of us sincerely believe that is maybe not very true, mostly, but even if it is true, no problem because a lot of us with deep (white) roots in the South still think ole’ Theophilus Eugene Connor was an OK sort of guy.  At least he got the job done, at least until about 1964.

Be patient, Bill.  Eventually the FBI and Justice will complete their investigations of you and the way you screwed up this annoying incident and the whole thing will blow over.  There’s probably not a chance in Hell that the dead boy’s family will go after you, personally, under 42 USC Section 1983.  Not a chance in Hell, Bill, even if Larry O’Donnell and Joe Scarborough are calling this a cover-up.  But you might want to hire a suit and have him read the aforementioned (lawyer-speak for “that”) section of the Federal Code over a couple of times just in case.

I mean I do not see how not investigating the blatant killing of a black kid with a pocket full of Skittles by some armed, white, vigilante nematode could be considered depriving anyone of their rights, privileges or immunities secured by the Constitution or laws of the US.  The kid was already dead before you got involved, right?   Besides a federal lawsuit just wouldn’t fly before a jury of your white, Southern peers, if you know what I mean.  (I’m winkin’, dude.  Like, you can get some help from the Clerk with the jury list, can’t you?)

Skittles, fer cryssssake.  That tells everyone right there, a priori, that Zimmerman had to have fired in self-defense, and so you were absolutely right not to have taken the whole thing any farther.  Why waste the tax payers’ money on something like this?  (I’m winkin’, again, dude.)

It’s a durn shame you couldn’t cover this thing up, in my opinion, even though Al Sharpton claims you tried by playing hide-the-ball with the dead kid’s body and didn’t contact his folks for three days.  Nobody, not even me, would believe this story, because if Trayvon’s family contacted your department to report him missing and you or your people didn’t tell them what had happened or where the boy’s body was, then the country would want you locked up with Zimmerman, and I’m not seein’ that.  So, I’m almost reasonably sure that you’re probably not sufficiently brain-ded to pull a stunt like that.

As far as Justice bringing a criminal prosecution against you . . . don’t worry about it, Bill.   There is no way any fed with a brain bigger than a turtle’s would prosecute you — and I’m not talkin’ Galapagos sea turtles here; I’m talkin’ those tiny ones in the pet store.  Who could possibly think of prosecuting you for not taking the word of a law abiding vigilante killer of an unarmed black child?  Well, come to think of it, the President’s black, too, isn’t he?  And the US Attorney General is black.  Whoa, dude . . . you could have a problem on your hands.  This might be a good time to send your hood and robe out to the cleaners — and put your neighbor’s address on the laundry ticket.  Just to be on the safe side.

Just kidding about the robe, dude.  Really, you should be OK even if they do go after you on some weird sort of theory based on 18 USC 242 or some other so-called “civil rights” law.  Since when is there a problem with white cops not investigating white people gunning down 17 year-old black kids with a pocket full of Skittles?  Big D-E-A-L.  What’s new???  Being white in the South has certain privileges, after all.

Next thing you know, O’Donnell and his Northern liberal “friends” (winkin’, dude) will start bitching about that Till boy again.  This stuff just never ends.

Prayin’ for you, dude.  Prayin’. . .

Army kiddie-killer clown turns out to be con-man

Bloged in America, Afghanistan/Pakistan by Gutter Grunt Tuesday March 20, 2012 at about 5:46 pm

Now we are beginning to get a picture of US Army kiddie-killer Bobby Bales.

As is so often the case, the UK’s Daily Mail is a mile ahead of the US MSM on reporting US stories.

Gary Liebschner of Carroll, Ohio is another name to add to the list of Bales’ victims, although Mr. Liebschner, unlike Mr. Wazir,  didn’t lose 6 kids.

Today the DM is reporting how kiddie-killer Bales was once a con artist stock dealer who took Mr. Liebschner for $852,000 in AT&T stock.  Bales and his con-buddies were ordered to reimburse the elderly customer $1,274,000 following SEC investigation.  Apparently, Bales decided to “Go Army” instead and disappeared.

This is the most detailed bio of this loser, Bales, I’ve seen to date. Ya’ have to wonder how many more Bales’ victims of one sort or another are out there.

Panjawi Massacre — the names

Bloged in America, Afghanistan/Pakistan by Gutter Grunt Tuesday March 20, 2012 at about 11:17 am

As the world waited with bated breath for the name — Robt. Bales — of the US Army kiddie-killer who executed 16 innocent people in Zangabad village, Afghanistan on Mar11.2011, it seemed that none of the MSM was asking: What are the names of the vicitims?  Like . . . who cares, right?

I do.  And, fortunately, so does Qais Azimy, senior producer at Al Jazeera, who has published all of the names.

I pass them onto you here, not in the hope that you will memorize them, but in the hope that you will at least read each one and commit it to your subconscious memory.  You will note with particular dismay, as I did, that Bales executed six children of Mr. Mohamed Wazir’s family – five girls and a boy.

The dead:
Mohamed Dawood son of  Abdullah,
Khudaydad son of Mohamed Juma,
Nazar Mohamed,
Shatarina daughter of Sultan Mohamed,
Zahra daughter of Abdul Hamid,
Nazia daughter of Dost Mohamed,
Masooma daughter of Mohamed Wazir,
Farida daughter of Mohamed Wazir,
Palwasha daughter of Mohamed Wazir,
Nabia daughter of Mohamed Wazir,
Esmatullah daughter of Mohamed Wazir,
Faizullah son of Mohamed Wazir,
Essa Mohamed son of Mohamed Hussain,
Akhtar Mohamed son of Murrad Ali.

The wounded:
Haji Mohamed Naim son of Haji Sakhawat,
Mohamed Sediq son of Mohamed Naim,

Even those of us who are non-religious, or anti-religious, or atheists, or agnostics, or whatever sometimes pray in response to tragedies like these.  We pray, like everyone else, because it is the only possible way we could hope to affect the outcome.  I pray for Mr. Wazir and the other surviving family members who are now condemned to the quiet, burning hell of waking up every morning for the rest of their lives without their loved-ones.  And I pray, also, that there is another Hell, an appropriately painful and eternal one, waiting for Bobby Bales, and anyone else responsible for this massacre.  It’s all I can do.

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