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Daily Dish for Monday, Apr30.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Love the pale greens Klari uses.  See her site for lots more!]

Fukushima: where have the birds gone?  Catastrophobic that I am, I watch the Fukushima webcam all day long because when that reactor #4 goes sky-high, I want to be the first dude on the west coast to start heading east.  It is a gloomy, spooky place, even on sunny days, and a part of the reason for that is there are no birds.  Like ever.  It sits directly on the coast, but there are no gulls.  And so this report caught my eye: the number of sooty shearwaters migrating from the Fukushima area back to New Zealand last summer are down by a third, and those that did migrate were “in poor shape.”  33% decrease is huge.  An here is what a radioactive Japanese bush warbler looks like when you use it to expose photographic film.   In Tokyo mutated dandelions are sprouting by the thousands.  Meanwhile, in the city of Minamisoma, near the Diaichi reactor, people are finding a black ooze that is so hot, it must be handled only by government personnel.

Please: boycott Caterpillar, Motorolla, H-P.  Here’s why:  Here is the text of the proposal to divest from companies supporting Israeli apartheid now under consideration by the Methodists’ General Conference in Tampa.  If you are interested in BDS, this article is very well written and the text and reasoning of the proposal seem to me to be impeccable.  Do your part to end the Israeli destruction of Palestine — boycott these companies. 

Sottish Trade Union Congress representing .5 million workers votes unanimously to support Palestine.  More bad news for the Israeli apartheid-machine.  When you piss off the Scotts, it ain’t good.  One of the main issues here is the Jewish National Fund which is a racist organization that grabs land in Israel and then sells it or leases it only to Jews.  The JNF has branches in countries all over the world, sucking in money for Israel like a vacuum cleaner.  The JNF in the UK has all sorts of allegations of fraud and various Jewish groups claiming to be JNF are fighting among themselves.  The UK is sick of them all.

Where is America?  Is America Washington, D.C.?  Or is it the cities, towns, villages, and homes?   I cannot ever remember the towns and states facing off against a president like this but state and local governments are taking on Obama and Congress over indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act.  The Virginia General Assembly, for instance, has just passed a bill prohibiting the Virginia state government or its local governments of cooperating with the kidnapping provisions of Obama’s NDAA.

Obama’s flying robots slaughter 2800 civilians  While Karzi fumes and mutters about the US drone attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in the “Salala incident” recently, no seems to take issue with the mounting civilian death toll caused by Obama’s flying robots.  What’s the thing here?  Innocent civilians are just “collateral damage” while military troops are an asset?  Is that what’s going on?  Here is some video of the results of the Salala incident, in case you missed it.

Why science is failing us.  People often ask me why I left science after working so hard for 7 years to get a PhD in neuropharmacology.  One of the reasons is that it’s a rigged, dishonest game and as long as I’m going to have to compete with crooks, I’d rather be a lawyer; at least then I know the type of people I’m dealing with.  Here is a recent NYT article that makes my point very clearly: there are a lot of crooked scientists and the system encourages dishonesty in order to survive.

Ridenhour Awards  If you have never heard of the Ridenhour awards, you need to take notice.  These awards go to courageous American whistle-blowers who risk a lot, sometimes their lives, to do the right thing.  Here is the complete 2012 Ridenhour awards presentation — absolutely riveting.  Here’s Nader’s piece on why we should praise whistle blowers. Ron Ridenhour, now deceased, was an Army soldier who blew the My Lai whistle 40 years ago.  All of us in VN heard rumors about atrocities that were going on, but he is the only brave soul I know of who actually tracked the rumors down, confirmed them, and went to Congress to let them know what was going on.  As a result of his efforts the names Calley and Medina have become synonymous with “total freakish, ghouls.”

Jews raise Israeli flag on Palestinian holy site.  Have you been wondering what the Israeli Jews have been doing to fuck with the Palestinians lately?  Well, for one thing, the are trying to incite violence by raising the Israeli flag over the 4th holiest Islamic site, the Ibrahimi Mosque in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.  And settlers backed up by IDF attacked school-boys near Nablus.  And, oh, yea, the settlers regularly set their boars loose on Palestinian lands to try and destroy the land but in this case the boars badly injured a Palestinian farmer.  No doubt the prick Jew settlers had a good laugh over that one.

Daily Dish for Friday, Apr27.2012

Bloged in Israelis, America, Wing-Nuts (Left), Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Friday April 27, 2012 at about 6:14 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [This is a petri dish!!  See her site; she has 365 of these beautiful art forms!]

What politicians are genetically incapable of understandingToday Obama caved into political pressure over the administration’s very reasonable push to institute regulations banning minors from certain hazardous jobs in big agriculture — not on family farms — but in industrial settings.  Politicians, particularly Obama, are not capable of taking a position and fighting for it, or, alternatively, admitting that the position was not justified to begin with.  They just drop it when it looks like the fight will cost them too many votes or campaign dollars.  And important issues like this one are never really settled.  This is an excellent example of going out front on an important issue and then giving it up when there is sufficient push-back because it’s the “politically prudent thing to do.”  Screw your political prudence.  Decide what the right course is, plot it carefully, and stay on it.  This, let’s throw a bunch of shit at the wall and see what sticks approach to government that is so popular with the Obama administration has to go.

This is the face of free speech in Israel.  No, not the foul-mouthed Israeli potato-brain shown below, she’s trying to silence free speech.  Look at this 6.5 min video to see the people who are trying to protect free speech.  It shows how the Israeli cops and rabid (mostly Russian) Israeli citizens like this apartheid mud-mouth shut down attempts of peaceful Israelis to read in public the names of Palestinian villages destroyed by Israeli troops when they stole Israel from millions of Palestinians — a process that is still going on, both the destroying of villages and the theft of Palestinian land.  Your US taxes are supporting the apartheid hate-mongers like this f[bleep]ing wench big time, so that makes you a part of it, big time.  Sleep well.

Why Liz Warren is getting a little scary.  Liz Warren: She is drop-dead gorgeous, she is brilliant, she is sincere, and her personal history should be considered the paragon of American success stories.  I am deeply in love with her in a liberal sort of way that I could never be with Sarah Palin.  And unlike Sarah, for whom I would rather chop off my own fingers before using them to pull an election lever, I would vote for Liz in any election she entered.  But she is getting a little scary — not as scary as Sarah, but scary.  Remember when Liz appeared on Jon Stewart?  She was so mono-dimensional and focused on talking about the economy, she missed the point that she was on a comedy show.  I mean, it can be a pretty thin line between intensity and mania, and I’m not sure which side she’s on, or which side she’ll be on by the end of this campaign.  And now she has taken an Israel-firster, hawkish position on Iran, and that is really scary.  She is to the right on this issue of everyone but Bibi Netanyahu.  In fact the American public has had such a gutsfull of sacrificing their kids and income to fight Israel’s wars that the only politicians snarling at Iran at this point are the shills for Israel, and that appears to be what she is.  In which case, cancel that part I said about voting for her.

Daily Dish for Thursday, Apr26.2012

Bloged in Wing-Nuts (Right), Good cop/Bad cop, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Thursday April 26, 2012 at about 10:55 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis

Another Bush-style patriot/coward, Ted Nugent shit his pants — apparently, to avoid draft.   Now we have a very disturbing report that Ted Nugent, who will surely be dead or in jail this time next year, actually carried shit around in his pants for days to avoid the draft.  That Nugent is a certified idiot goes without saying, but this report is disturbing because if Nugent really pulled this stunt and if he actually bragged about it to a reporter, he is sick enough to hurt someone.  Let’s just hope that his self-predicted death or incarceration, and hopefully both, comes without harm to anyone else.  This patriotic coward is in good company.  Recent excellent reporting by Joe Hagan backs up the now cold story of Bush’s desertion from the National Guard.  As an ex-Marine recon radio-humper with a Purple Heart, I’d just like to offer my warmest appreciation to all of these right wing-nut “great American patriots” who otherwise go by the name “coward:” Bush, Nugent, Hannity, Limbaugh,  O’Reilly, . . .

Latest addition the club of people who will die praying this is no Hell  Jose Rodriguez is the CIA operative who destroyed the CIA’s cache of waterboarding films just when things were heating up for the idea of punishing torturers. If America has a master-torturer, it’s this dick.  Now Jose has published the first Obama attack book of the 2012 campaign, which I won’t name b/c you don’t want to buy it anyway.  He is going after Obama because the CIA is no longer allowed to gouge-eyeballs and rip out fingernails of suspects.  Karl Rove is somewhere behind this book.  Guaranteed.

The nut-case story hiding within the pedophile story  A US guy named Sick Shawn Sullivan, 42, is in the UK fighting extradition to the Minnesota. He has been on the run for 17 years after being charged with kiddie-rape.  While in Ireland — note his name — we was convicted of sexually assaulting two 12 year old girls.  But the real story is the British woman, Susan Smith, 34, who married this kiddie-fondler AFTER he was arrested on the sex assault charges in Ireland.  Susan Smith is an official in the UK Ministry of Justice, and sounds to me like one sick kitten.  Sick Shawn is fighting extradition on the grounds he could be locked up for life in Minnesota.  Indeed.

Lest we forget America’s slime-ball kiddie-killer Bobby Bales  Here is some excellent reporting from Ralph Lopez on the obvious on-going cover-up of the Army massacre of 16 civilians at Panjwai, Afghanistan.  Lopez mentions but does not link to the video by Australian reporter Yalda Hakim, who escaped Afghanistan as a child and went back to do this report.  Clearly one of the most courageous reporters, and without a doubt the most beautiful, in the world.  Here’s her page.   As far as the assertion in Lopez’s piece by some Army dick that no Americans were on guard duty the night Bales and his buddies left the camp, I’ve done enough time in combat zones to find that assertion to be absolutely laughable.  Either the Army dick making that claim is a fricking liar, or this was a platoon of complete morons.  Take your pick.  Leave a comment saying which.

Israel attacks Americans’ First Amendment again

Bloged in Miscellaneous by Gutter Grunt Wednesday April 25, 2012 at about 10:20 am

The latest LogoPhere Weekly — what’s going on with Israel trying to censor CBS’ 60 Minutes?

Daily Dish

Bloged in Viral threats, Israelis, Potpourri, Israeli Firsters, Nuclear threats, Technology by Gutter Grunt Monday April 23, 2012 at about 9:46 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Go to her site. Enjoy. ]

Explosion at Jap nuke site ignored by US msm.  Meanwhile . . . 600 miles from Fukushima, just south of Hiroshima, yet another nuke threat to the US is playing out at Otake.  34°12′15.99″ N 132°14′33.87″ E This one has been completely ignored by msm.  Over the weekend multiple explosions and fire-balls occurred at a chemical site with 3500 containers of radioactive waste.  Radioactivity in the area has increased to 50 microSeiverts/hr.  This is enough to provide a year’s recommended dosage in about 20 days.  The Jap government says that it’s under control, there is no increase in radioactivity, and the problem was caused by a lightning strike — does God hate the Japanese, or are they just incompetent liars?  The soccer ball from Fukushima that made it to Alaska this weekend is an omen for the radioactivity that will arrive if the Japs don’t get their nuke problems under control.  If a radioactive cloud that originates in Japan wipes out hundreds of thousands or millions on the US west coast, the irony will not be imaginary.  It’s just too bad Truman won’t be among the victims.

US taxpayer pays Israelis to build their own defense weaponry   In March Israel launched an F-16 attack on Gaza in order to precipitate a missile attack so Israel could test-drive its vaunted Iron Dome defense system.  Now we know what was going on. The Israeli lobbyists and Republicans are turning up the heat to get the US taxpayer to send $680 million MORE to Israel so they can enhance Iron Dome.  This is not US technology they are buying, this is your money going into the pockets of Israeli contractors.

Here’s the latest update on IDF scum-ball Eisner.  Looks like from the latest videos released that this Israeli Cossack attacked at least 5 peace activists with his US-made M-16, bought and paid for by US taxpayers.  There is one duplicitious Jew in this mix, Lee Kaplin, who claims that one of the peace protesters busted up by Eisner had a knife.  Total bullshit photo-shopping, like the IDF did in the Mavi Marmara incident.

Cancer as a venereal disease  About 40 years ago know mega-million perverts Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt won the 1st Amendment fight for free speech and thereby got the porn industry a huge leg-up.  As a direct consequence hard-core porn is now viewed by 50% of kids by the age of 10.  Well done, guys.  Of course, we are also coming to realize that cancer is a venereal disease.  Put 2 and 2 together and ask yourself: As HPV cancers increase in young people, what does America owe these two perverts?

DIY extraction of DNA  I’ve extracted tons of DNA in the lab, but never really thought about doing it in the kitchen.  Here’s how, just in case you ever need to.

Blown away: wind turbine that produces water   Once again, the simplest ideas are the most powerful.  A wind turbine that produces electricity and also extracts water from the air could be an enormous game-changer — from the West Bank to San Bernadino.

The Daily Dish for Friday, Apr20.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis [See her site. She has 365 of these things!]

Masao Yoshida: the hero or the villain of 3/11?  When the shushi hit the fan at Fukushima Dai’ichi on 3/11, the guy at the helm was Masao Yoshida.  Unlike your average Italian cruise ship captain, Yoshido stayed at the helm.  When the only way to cool the rods was to flood the reactor w/ seawater and destroy the reactor, his bosses ordered him not to do it.  He did it anyway and has been praised for preventing — or at least delaying — even worse consequences.  He stayed at the plant for 9 months and is now undergoing cancer treatment.  The guy was a hero in the acute crisis.  But it is beginning to look like he was one of the dim-wits in the run up that caused the disaster.  He was responsible for inadequate generator back-up and for placing generators below ground-level where they would surely be flooded.  When a 2008 report predicted a tsunami could screw the plant, Yoshido buried it.  And hereAnd a former worker at Dai’ichi, Toshio Kimura, said workers regularly falsified safety data, and that he, personally, warned of a disaster in 2010.  Keep an eye on this web cam of Dai’ichi.  All four of those reactors are on the brink of a meltdown or a spent fuel rod blow-out.  Reactor #4, with 130  tons of spent fuel rods, is falling over.  If a 7.0 quake hits and these things blow, millions of people in Japan and N. America could be exposed to lethal levels of Cs 137, and we will have Yoshida and his bottom-line buddies to thank.

Maxim Vinogradov — Another IDF ghoul identified    I don’t always care for Richard Silverstein’s style, but the guy has the guts to name morons who need to be named.  Silverstein outs Maxim Vinogradov as the IDF thug who put a bullet in the head of Palestinian Ziad Jilani after Jilani side-swiped a cop car on a tight Jerusalem street.  This murder occurred only days after Vinogradov posted a threat to destroy Turkey and kill all of the Arabs.  Just the latest reason for seeing the Zionists as the sick, racists that they are and have always been.  Zionist apartheid has to end.

Allen West caught out in blatant lie by Soledad O’Brien  Allen West has the intellect of a tape-worm.  Only a place like Florida would elect a nut-case like this to Congress.  When said he believed that 78-81 of the Democratic members of congress are  members of the Communist Party, O’Brien called him on it and asked him to name one.  Did he?  No.  Could he?  No.  If he’s trying to state a fact by hiding behind the “I believe” bs, then he’s a liar.  O’Brien rightfully laughed in his face — you go, girl!

NoKo’s mobile ICBMs  Over at Arms Control Wonk, Jeffery is about to herniate over the latest NoKo post-missile-screw-up-dog-and-pony show in which they paraded what looks to Jeffery and the other experts like mobile ICBMs.  The point is serious because former Secy Defense Gates advanced a theory years ago that NoKo was developing mobile ICBMs, which would be a serious problem.

The Daily Dish for Thursday, Apr19.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis

Some great news for the Palestinians from the USSCt  When Congress passed the Torture Victim Prevention Act of 1991, it turns out they were only kidding.   The Act allows US citizens tortured in other countries to sue their torturers in US federal courts, but only individual torturers, not groups like the Palestinian Authority who kidnapped, tortured, and killed Azzam Rahim in 1995.  That’s the way the USSCt unanimously interpreted the law in a decision handed down yesterday.  In other words the law was another total waste of tax payers’ money.  How many people getting tortured are able to check the driver’s license or name tag of the guy holding the electric cords to their genitals?  And they ask us why we are ashamed of Congress . . .

Why Iran needs to hook up with India  No, not just crude oil contracts.  Yesterday India launched its Angi-V ICBM, which is easily capable of hitting Tel Aviv.  What the Middle East needs most is a way to destroy Israel’s 400 nuke warheads.  Short of that, it needs deterrence to keep the lid on Israel.  IOW, Iran needs India or Pakistan covering their back.  We note, as China did, that although the US went ballistic over NoRoK’s failed missile launch, it said not a word about India’s.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Gulf Coast!  You’re dying.  Tomorrow marks 2 years since Deepwater Horizon blew, killing 11 people and precipitating one of, if not the, worst environmental disaster ever.  And it’s just beginning. The litigation is likely to go on for 20 years, and we are just now beginning to understand the scope of the biological damage, which is far from over.  Al Jazeera takes a look at the human toll, and here is a convenient inventory of indicia that this biological disaster is just warming up.
The Jews’ exclusive right to mention Hitler, Nazi, or holocaust.  Back in October I blew off about the way the uber-Zionist group Anti-Defamation League attacked  Susan Sarandon because she had the gall to mention the Jewish holocaust without actually being a Jew.  It is clear that some of these Jews think that only Jews have a right to refer to Hitler, Nazis, or the Jewish holocaust.  Comes now yet another example.  The ADL has attacked a Catholic bishop for comparing Obama’s health insurance rules to Stalin and Hitler’s anti-Catholic programs.  True to form, the ADL jumped in to criticize the bishop because he mentioned Hitler without first consulting and getting permission from ADL.  The other thing that yanks my muzzle is the term “The Holocaust,” as if there has only been one, thereby implicitly diminishing the worth of the millions of lives killed in Armenia, Cambodia, Uganda, . . .  What is “special” about the Jewish holocaust is the unending PR that followed it as set forth in Norman Finklestein’s “The Holocaust Industry.”

The Daily Dish for Wednesday, Apr18.2012

Bloged in Good cop/Bad cop, Potpourri, Iranians, Nuclear threats by Gutter Grunt Wednesday April 18, 2012 at about 11:34 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis

Ahmadinejad’s Nixon’s moment  In 1970 Nixon made an unexpected and un-scripted visit to Ohio State University.  As his car pulled into the campus he was swamped by students, and he climbed up on the hood of the car and flashed his stupid 2-digit vees.  Security is almost as lax in Iran.  Here a couple of irate Iranians stop Mahmoud’s car, apparently demanding food, and one courageous young woman climbs up on the roof and lectures him.  It is rather amazing how the security goons let these people blow off steam.  This would never happen in any democratic, free-speech country I know of.  It would certainly never happen in Israel — the woman would have gotten an M-16 butt in the face.  After Iran’s clamp down on Internet traffic, it’s also amazing this vid got out.

Another fuck-head, gun-happy Texas cop  Here is another cop-car video that’s going viral — some fuck-head Austin, TX cop blowing away some guy’s dog.  First, the cop was so stupid he couldn’t get the right address.  Then he goes into the guy’s yard with his gun drawn and he “pops” (his word) the guy’s dog in his own yard because the dog was barking.  It’s over in 30 seconds.  This moron-cop then berates the dog’s owner because he didn’t have control of the dog after being ordered to put his hands up.  The number of stupid people carrying guns in Texas is worrying.  The number of them that are cops is terrifying.    

Kenichi Ohmae, MIT nuke engineer, warns no nuke plants are safe.  As the spent fuel pool of Fukushima reactor #4 teeters on the edge of a species-threatening melt-down, the Japan Times publishes an excellent summary of what went wrong last year.  The problem with Fukushima, according to Ohmae, is the probabilistic thinking that underlies all nuke reactors — they are built with the presumption that a disaster probably won’t happen.  We cannot build and operate these things safely unless we presume the opposite, and plan for inevitable disasters.  Instead of presuming a tsunami will not happen because the probability is so low, one presumes a tsunami will happen and plans accordingly. A video with English captions of Ohmae summarizing his points is, somehow, more effective than the news article.  Click the tiny “CC” button for the captions.  However, Ohmae’s thinking fails very significantly in that he asserts that terrorist attacks can be planned for in the same way earthquakes and tsunamis can.  Wrong.  Any plans for dealing with a terrorist attack can be overcome by the terrorists.  Tsunamis don’t have goals, malice, or intellect.

The Daily Dish for Tuesday, Apr17.2012

Bloged in Israelis, Wing-Nuts (Right), Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Tuesday April 17, 2012 at about 11:29 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [These pieces just get better.  The best part of this site!]

Wither goeth HuffPo?  Yesterday, Apr16.2012, HuffPo ran a top of the page banner “Was Dan Rather Right?”  However it was a dead link to something called Texas Monthly.  Today, the headline is gone, the banner is gone, the “story” is gone, the link is gone . . . no comment by HuffPo.  Did they get scammed?  Or is HuffPo punking us?  Don’t know.  But I’ve tracked down the story on Rather.  The story is by Joe Hagan, and is very well done.  Now the story within the story within the story is why did HuffPo suddenly pull Hagan’s excellent reporting?

Now the mal-Semite Lt. Col. tries to justify unjustifiable violence.  As reported in yesterday’s Dish, Shalom Eisner is the idiot IDF Lt.Col videoed busting unarmed, non-resisting peace protestor in the face with the butt of an M-16.  As all the world gasps and the Israeli politicians feign disapproval, disgraced Eisner doubles-down: it was a mistake to flatten the kid, but only because it was in front of the cameras.  Not surprising.  This guy is the son of a rabbi, so it’s not surprising the Israeli rabbis have gone rabid over Eisner getting sacked.

This is not Petri dish art by Klari Reis.  This is IDF douche-bag Shalom Eisner.

The Daily Dish for Monday, Apr16.2012

Bloged in Israelis, Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Monday April 16, 2012 at about 10:35 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [See her site. She has 365 of these things!]

Pravda beats up on Israel  You know you smell like bad fish to most of the world when the Russian msm starts berating you.  Here is Pravda asking what’s the big deal w/ N. Korea ignoring UN resolutions when Israel has been doing the same thing for the same reasons for 50 years.  Note how this guy, Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey refers to the French, UK, US alignment as the FUKUS-Axis.  Brilliant, I’ve never seen that before.  But as far as all the times Israel has told the UN to FUKU here is a much more complete inventory of busted resolutions.

Meet Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, just another malicious Semite carrying an M-16:   This week’s YouTube of people with tiny testicles wielding too much local power is a Israeli senior military officer, Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, planting the butt of an M-16 in the face of an unarmed, non-violent, non-resisting peace activist.  This malicious Semite is another example of the reasons for the growing international hatred of Israel, it’s people, and it’s apartheid policies.  As a result of the inevitable extension of hatred by association, the US is finding itself as a target of this same growing hatred.  After all those M-16s are US weapons.  I hope the irony of this fat-ass being named “Shalom” will be lost on no one.

Why is Mossad killing all those Iranian nuke experts?  Here’s a story from Arms Control Wonk that pretty well explains the problem in Iran.  It is another story of how when the Bushies kicked butt in Iraq in 2003, all of the nuclear weapons development in the Middle East came to a sudden halt — except Israel’s.  What the US doesn’t realize is that it would be a lot easier to force Israel to give up its nukes and that would take the incentive away for the rest of the ME to protect itself from an Israeli nuke attack.

Body Mass Index insanity  In an attempt to lighten up a bit, here’s the latest on BMI: anything that sounds too good is.  The BMI sounds like an easy way to determine if you weigh to much for your height.  Simply divide your weight by your height and look at the table.  The only problem is this: it’s dumb.  Some are calling it the Baloney Mass Index.

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