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Daily Dish for Thursday, Jun28.2012

Bloged in America, Potpourri, Courts by Gutter Grunt Thursday June 28, 2012 at about 9:53 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis

Wow, what a day this has been.  The conservatives must’a thought it was Dec21.12 already, what with Roberts writing the Obamacare opinon and the liberal justices throwing out the Stolen Valor Act. . . read on.

USSCt Obamacare opinion  Finally, the idiots at HuffPo can can their constant groaning and droning about when the USSCt will rule on Nat’l Fed. of Independent Business v. Sebelius.  Here’s the Opinion.  It’s 193 pages, so in contrast to the goof-balls at HuffPo, CNN, and FOX who have fallen all over themselves to tell the public what it says within 30 seconds of it coming out, I’ll take a few days and work my way through it.  I’ll get back to you.  The way the media has covered this whole thing forces me to change the definition of “msm” from “main stream media” to “main stream morons.”  HuffPo, CNN and FOX top the list of msm’ers.

USSCt lying “heroes” opinion.  What the main stream morons have almost universally ignored this morning is that the USSCt also handed down an opinion saying that a disgusting liar like Xavier Alvarez, who publicly claimed to have been awarded a Medal of Honor when he never even served his country, is protected by the 1st Amendment.  IOW, speech cannot be punished merely because it is lying, even where the government has an interest in preventing that lying.  Of course lying on your 1040, or lying in the witness box, or lying to that traffic cop who stopped you for running the red light are not protected by the 1st Amendment.  It is interesting that in his majority opinion J. Kennedy explicitly recommends dealing with liars like Alvarez outside the judicial system.  Sounds like open season on Xavier.  Good luck, dude.

Playing the race card — big time.  As I spouted yesterday, the Obama people are trying to spin Holder’s contempt charge as being about something other than what it is.  Today HuffPo claims that the House Black Caucus is going to walk out of the House to protest the vote on Holder’s contempt.  Talk about racists, man, there you have it.  Holder is the country’s first Black Attorney General, he was appointed by the country’s first Black President and now the country’s Black representatives are going to circle the wagons in an attempt to turn the Obama/Holder debacle into a fight over race.  The media are making a big deal that in addition to be the first Black AG, Holder is the first AG to face a contempt vote.  That honor would have gone to Gonzales, the country’s first Latino AG, had the Republicans not gotten him out of there before things got this far.  Maybe the Black Caucus should considered walking out of the House to protest Holder’s contempt of the House and of the American people.

Video proof that the US Defense Intelligence Agency is morons.  In response to an FOIA request by IRmep Center for Policy and Law Enforcement the DIA has released a video it made after the Israeli super-spy Jonathan Pollard was convicted and sent up for life. Boy, is that one scary vid!!!Scary b/c if that vid represents the level of sophistication the US intelligence agencies operate at, we are screwed. It looks like it was made by a high school thespian club. I mean the Star Wars opening . . . c’mon.  And what was the point? Why was a video required at all after Pollard was busted and sent up for life? I mean, hullllo, these are INTELLIGENCE people, didn’t they hear the news? Like, from Walter Cronkite? Wouldn’t a few staff meetings with follow-up memos be sufficient to make the point?  A FOIA was necessary to get this vid b/c the vid is so embarrassing. It proves that intelligence people are not all that intelligent.   BTW, lest we forget: Peres has come, and gone off with his little medal, and Pollard is still sitting in prison. Kudos to Obama. He was under intense pressure from the Israel-firsters. But it was Biden who famously said: Over my dead body. I’m sure Mossad’s ears pricked up when they heard that.

Daily Dish for Wednesday, Jun27.2012

Bloged in America, Good cop/Bad cop, Potpourri, Government screw-ups by Gutter Grunt Wednesday June 27, 2012 at about 9:56 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis
[Sorry, I loved this one so much, had to run it again.  The yellow against the LogoPhere pale green is perfect.  See her site.]

Fortune article on Fast & Furious  I believe it’s tomorrow that Holder faces the full House vote on contempt.  Just in the nick of time we get this article from Fortune mag arguing that FnF was not really about guns walking over the border to Mexico.  Nope . . . it was about a loose canon ATF pig named John Dodson trying to bring down his boss and about Emory Hurley, a gun-loving DoJ prosecutor who didn’t have a clue what he was doing.  Of course, the contempt charge has nothing to do with Dodson or Hurley.  It is about 1) Holder lying to Congress in Feb 2011, and 2) Holder refusing to turn over subpoenaed documents so Congress can find out what the hell is going on with the DoJ office in Phoenix.  Don’t forget, Scooter Libby didn’t get convicted for outing Valerie Plame Wilson.  He got convicted of the cover-up.  Holder, like Libby, probably thinks he’s above being charged with criminal conduct.

Down, boy, down. . .bad boyIn a dog-bites-man article vying for the Most Inane NYT Op-Ed Piece of 2012 Award, Misha Glenny has concluded that it really is a bad thing for the US and Israel to be infecting the world’s computers with Stuxnet, Flame, and who knows what the hell else is now out there.  According to Mr. Glenny, this sort of nonsense could lead to retaliation and spark a cyberwar.  Don’t be daft, Mr. Glenny . . . the cyberwar is here.  Flame is now known to have operated for years before being detected.  Whatever came after Flame is already operating but just hasn’t been detected yet.  Israel wags it’s tail — i.e., the US — and the next thing you know every computer on the planet is threatened.

Fukishima updates  There are a couple of updates on the Fukishima Resources Page, including a link to a second web cam aimed at Daiichi.

Daily Dish for Tuesday, Jun26.2012

Bloged in America, Potpourri, Israeli Firsters, Constitution DoA, Courts, Government screw-ups by Gutter Grunt Tuesday June 26, 2012 at about 11:11 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [See her site. She has 365 of these things!]

More antisemite Jews squelching academic free speech in America.  I have previously brought to your attention the disgusting attempts of antisemite Zionist Jews to cut off the academic free speech of David Klein at USC-Northridge.  Now comes this story from North Carolina State University where the antisemite Zionist Jews have been able to block a tenure appointment of a favored faculty member Terri Ginsberg, who dares to raise the question of Palestinian rights.  Generally, loss of tenure means loss of a job in academia.  Although it’s an awfully long shot to claim a tenure right in the courts, Ginsberg sued NCSU for discrimination and lost.  The NC Supreme Court has refused to review. Here are some of the groups who supported her: British Committee for the Universities of Palestine, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, Jewish Voice for Peace-Westchester, WESPAC Foundation, Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism, and Association des Universitaires pour le Respect du Droit International en Palestine.  They are not just promoting justice in Palestine; they are promoting free speech in the US.  While the antisemite Zionists, led by the likes of Abe Foxman and the Anti-Defamation League, are going after American academic Jews speaking out for justice in Palestine now, they will soon come for anyone who dares to speak out against Israeli aparthed.

Jimmy unloads again.  He was one of the first to call apartheid Israeli “apartheid.”  Now Jimmy Carter unloads on America, and it’s about time somebody did.  In yesterday’s NYT, Carter makes it absolutely clear how badly post-9/11 America has lost its way.  Although he doesn’t say why, I will: America’s moral decline is due not to terrorists, or Arabs, or Muslims, or even 9/11; it is due to the neo-cons and the Israelis.  9/11 was only their excuse.  I don’t know whether America in 2012 is more accurately described a pitiful, or sick, or a disgrace to the world, but I do know that after almost a complete term in office, Obama has only contributed to the problem.  Carter is also diplomatic enough not to say that . . . explicitly.  Carter’s reference point is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  It is well worth reading.  It should cause you to wonder how America could be so incredibly far from that ideal.  If you wonder, like I did, who drafted that incredible document, it was a Canadian.  John Peters Humphrey.

Please meet the wisest person in the world.   Nurit Peled-Elhanan is a prof of education at Hebrew U. of Jerusalem.  She is working to end Israeli apartheid.  She has published a book that shows how the Israeli textbooks are brain-washing Israeli K-12 children to hate Palestinians. That doesn’t make her the wisest person in the world — many Israeli Jews are fighting hard to end Israeli oppression of the Palestinians and many write books supporting Palestinians and exposing apartheid.  But how many Israeli Jews have lost a 13 year old daughter to a Palestinian suicide bomber and have become a peace activist advocating for the rights of Palestine?  In this Guardian article from 2011 Prof. Peled-Elhanan says   “Change . . .will only come ‘when the Americans stop providing us with $1m a day to maintain this regime of occupation and racism and supremacy’”. That, to me, is the most important and the most insightful message of all. Only Americans have the wherewithal to stop the corrosive effects of Israeli apartheid, and to avert some horrible nuclear blow-out in the ME. This wonderful woman is another example of how this conflict is bringing out the best of the best Jews and the worst of the worst ones, both in Israel and the US.  Here is a You Tube of an interview with her

Daily Dish weekend edition for Jun23-24.2012

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Klari’s daily petri dishes are the best part of the Daily Dish blog.  See her site for more.]

HuffPo continues its tradition of idiot what-if “news” stories.  When it comes to the Supreme Court, HuffPo’s tradition is to run endless “what if” stories in front of important decisions.  For months they have been running “what if” stories about the disaster that will befall the country if the Supreme Court decides Obama’s health care bill is not constitutional.  Here is Jeffrey Young’s what-if.  These things are not news; they are opinionated diatribes posing as news written by people no more qualified to comment than Butt-head. Young has a BA in English, which qualifies him for . . . got me.  I’d like to see a story on what if the HuffPo just shuts up until the Supreme Court rules.

Japan’s nuclear bomb.  By way of contrast to the typical HuffPo garbage, there is Joseph Trento writing at the DC Bureau.  Here is an amazing, enlightening, and frightening piece on the history of Japan’s bomb during WWII and the history of US post-war bureaucrats providing Japan with enough plutonium and technology to build thousands of nukes. There have been lots of reports that some of that Pu was stored at Fukishima and has now spread around the world. Pu is the deadliest man-made substance.  Once it is absorbed, there is virtually no way to get it out of the body b/c it becomes locked onto proteins. Breathing in one thousandth of a millionth of a gram can be fatal. As Trento reports, beginning with Reagan, the US has transferred thousands of tons of Pu to Japan.  Trento’s story makes the point that the real evil people in a government are often not the front-page politicians.  They are often the military ghouls or the unseen, unheard-of bureaucrats, like Reagan’s nuke czar Richard Kennedy.  Evil people other evil people called “patriots.”

The US EPA is destroying America.  Speaking of evil bureaucrats, the EPA is full of them.  If you know the story about how John Walker and Alan Rubin of the EPA tried to destroy the career of David Lewis b/c Lewis blew the whistle on Walker and Rubin’s program to spread toxic sewage on America’s farmland, you’ll know what “evil” means.  Now there is an excellent in-depth Pro Publica article by Abrahm Lustgarten on how the EPA is totally screwing up again by failing to regulate 380,000 injection wells where radioactivity, sewage, toxins . . .  name it . . . are injected into the earth — like, where most of the drinking water is.  And while you’re trying to name things, see if you can name the state with the biggest problems and the worst offenders.  Yep, you got it: Texas.

Canadian Jews stealing Palestinian land  In 1967 Israel drove Palestinians off of their land all over Palestine.  Three of the stolen villages –  Imwas, Yalu and Beit Nuba — were in Palestinian territory NW of Jerusalem.  The stolen land was then essentially “purchased” by Canadian Jews through tax-exempt donations made to the Jewish National Fund. The JNF was set up in 1901 as a part of Theodore Herzel’s program to send European Jews into Palestine where they would purchase land and start a Jewish nation.  But stealing the land turned out to be more cost effective so the JNF quickly became a major player in stealing Palestinian lands.  First the Israeli army goes in and confiscates the lands and drives out the Palestinians and then the JNF, using largely foreign Jewish money, buys the confiscated land.  Today the JNF controls 13% of all Israeli land for the exclusive benefit of Jews. The Canadian Jews’ contributions led to the villages of Imwas, Yalu, and Beit Nuba being razed and the lands turned into what is today called “Canada Park,” which should be an insult to all Canadians.  But there is never an insult to politicians were shekels are involved.  Today, Jun24, Canadian Minister of Immigration and israeli-firster Jason Kenney is being “honored” with the JNF’s diversity award.  That an apartheid Israeli organization like JNF, which excludes Arabs from the very lands that were stolen from them by the JNF, presents a “diversity” award to anybody is an irony to end all ironies.  That a Canadian governmental official would accept such an award is another disgusting example of how politicians all over the world suck-up for shekels.

Why you should add the Daily Mail to your favorites list.  Speaking of brain dead American msm, do you ever read the UK’s Daily Mail Online?  I link to its articles regarding events in the US often for the simple reason that over and over again the Daily Mail has the full story when the other US msm either still have their heads up their butts or shy away from identifying culpable idiots.  For example, today MSNBC reported a story out of Utah where an idiot juvenile court judge, Scott Johansen, ordered a mother to cut off the hair of her 13 year-old daughter in court in order to get a sentence-reduction.  The MSNBC story was embarrassing compared to the DM story, which had a full explanation of the facts and provided photos of the daughter’s hair, the mother, and, most importantly, the idiot judge:

  Utah Juvenile Judge Scott Johansen

Daily Dish for Friday, Jun22.2012

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis, Potpourri, Nuclear threats, Technology by Gutter Grunt Friday June 22, 2012 at about 10:52 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis

Never trust apartheid Jews — not even on paper.   On May14.12 Israel agreed to a number of conditions to end the mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners, many being held by endless “administrative detention” orders — the kind Obama now uses for US citizens.  One of the conditions of the Israeli agreement was that the detention order for Hassan Safadi would not be renewed, which means he would either be charged/tried or released.  Safadi had endured 71 days of starvation to protest being held without charges or trial for nearly a year.  Yesterday we learned that the IDF has broken the agreement and has renewed Safadi’s detention order for another 6 months.  Safadi, not yet out of critical condition, has renewed his hunger strike.  He is not the first victim of Israel’s lies.  Israel also reneged on their promise to free Samer Barq, Husam Khader, and Hussein Abu Kweik, all of whom went over 70 days in the hunger strike and have resumed.  Israel has also reneged on the other promises, like allowing family visits. These people likely will die.  What will Israel do then?  How will this look to a world that is becoming increasingly and justifiably disgusted by Israel’s dishonesty? When this deal was announced in May,  I cautioned “Get it in writing.“  I was wrong.  One cannot even trust the signature of an apartheid Jew.

Fukishima update  TEPCO is going to start removing the 1500 rods from Reactor #4 a year faster than planned — admission that there is a major problem here.  See Fukishima Resources Page.  The problem is this: we now know these TEPCO and government people are not competent and they are liars.  We know this is a threat to every country north of the equator.  When will the UN and the US stop pissing around with this disaster and send an international consortium of experts in there at take over this recovery operation?

Why Israel will attack Egypt before it attacks Iran.  In case you haven’t noticed, Israel is in trouble.  Israel and the CIA are creating havoc in Syria in hopes of getting Hezzbolah-back Assad out.  If that fails, there will be hell to pay.  Israel’s one-time ally to the north, Turkey, is now a serious enemy after Israel stupidly killed 9 peaceful Turks on the Mavi Marmara.  Israel’s comatose buddy to the south, that vile Mubarak, is now even less helpful to Israel than that equally vile and comatose Ariel Sharon.  The of Israel getting 40% of its gas supply from Mubarak’s company at a discount of 70% over the market price are long gone.  The gas has been cut off.  If the Muslim Brotherhood’s victory in the Egyptian elections cannot be squelched by Egypt’s military’s “Supreme Council of the Armed Forces,” which is backed by Israel and hated by Egyptians, Israel is in for a very long haul.  Today Tahrir Square is filling up again with thousands of Egyptians demanding the end of SCAF power and the implementation of the constitutional reforms they ousted Mubarak to get.  Israel is beginning to panic.  The Brotherhood stands with Palestine; the murderous criminal Mubarak could have cared less.   The Israeli press [i.e. the IDF’s mouthpiece] is already blaming the most recent missile attack from Gaza on the Brotherhood, preparing the world for a retalitory attack on Egypt.  Israel cannot afford to face-off with Iran until it gets Turkey and Egypt under control.

Daily Dish for Tuesday, Jun19.2012

Bloged in America, Good cop/Bad cop, Potpourri, Government screw-ups by Gutter Grunt Wednesday June 20, 2012 at about 12:05 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [See her site. She has 365 of these things!]

Disturbing piece on the direction the FBI is going under Obama.  Here is an ugly, ugly piece about the way Obama and Holder are turning America into a police-state cess-pool and the FBI into a 21st century Stasi.  Worse than what it was under Hoover. Another indication of how the terrorists are winning this war, hands down.  And Obama was a professor of constitutional law . . . my ass.

Lindsey Powell, US Dept Justice lawyer, argues it is reasonable for DEA to pull children out of bed and hold guns to their heads.  Speaking of the US government under Obama becoming a collection of violent losers, here is a case from CA in which Obama’s DoJ lawyers argued that a DEA agents acted reasonably in dragging two children out of bed, cuffing them, and  holding a loaded gun to their heads.  It’s even more egregious because, again, the dip-shit DEA agents had the wrong address on a SWAT attack conducted before dawn.  Not the first time.  They seem to get the wrong addresses more than right ones.  But then again, they’re dumb-ass cops.  The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeal found against Obama with respect to the question of whether holding a gun to the head of a 13 year old girl you just pulled out of bed is reasonable.  The court said it’s up to the jury to decide.  Holding guns to the innocent parents’ heads was OK, I guess the court figured they were Mexicans, so what the hell.  The fact that Obama and Holder fought this case is more than sufficient reason for concern as to the kind of country they are turning America into.  To Lindsey Powell, the lawyer arguing the case, I can only hope that someday the DEA gets it wrong yet again and comes for you and your kids or your grand-kids, should you ever have any.

Please. . . It’s almost the last week of June.  Summer is here.  The US Open is over, the All Star Game is not far off.  Won’t someone tell the tattoo’d morons of the NBL to quit dribbling and go home?  Enough, already.

The Daily Dish for Monday, Jun18.2012

Bloged in Israelis, America, Good cop/Bad cop, Europe, Israeli Firsters, Race by Gutter Grunt Monday June 18, 2012 at about 11:23 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [The forms of colors are infinite — all within the most beautiful and simple form of all: the circle.  See her site.]

Well. . .what’s the answer?  In Dec. 2008 Israel Defense Forces carried out 22 days of murder against the people of Gaza, ultimately killing 1400, including 300 children according to Amnesty Intl.  Operation Cast Lead.  Last week a medical professor at Paris’ Diderot University included a question on an exam as to whether Cast Lead can be classified as genocide.  Professor Christophe Oberlin asked the students of his humane medicine course the question, using the example of the deaths of 22 members of the same family during Cast Lead: “To what extent does it constitute a perpetual crime (war crime, crime against humanity, genocide crime)?” The local French Jews, and now Israeli Jews (and soon the US Israel-firster Jews) went ballistic.  OK, that’s entirely expected . . . but what’s the answer to the question?  I’d have to say that Cast Lead broke just about every law against crimes against humanity on the books and that what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is very definitely genocide.  Wonder if I would have passed the exam.

Kabbalah/Israel-apartheid filth-peddler Madonna’s MDNA tour.  On Jun01.2012 super-slut Madonna kicked off her latest tour in Tel Aviv with as much controversy as would be expected for an “entertainer” who has to scratch the bottom of the gutter to find a substitute for talent.  She started the tour by super-imposing a swastika over the picture of a French member of parliament.  The controversy was not the showing of the swastika in Israel, but not superimposing it over Netanyahu’s picture where it belongs.  Then it was on to Istanbul where the aging slut pranced around in her underwear some more and popped out her tit either as an insult to her Muslim audience or b/c she thinks she is still a porn star and somebody would get excited.  Ho hum.  Then it was on to Rome where, still prancing around in her bra, she dropped trou to show the audience her ass.  All of which begs the question: Why was it Whitney Houston who had to end up in the bathtub?  Does the Israeli mafia control these things?  They certainly took out Tupac according to FBI files available here.  So, does Madonna play Israel so they won’t take her out, too?

London pig goes on trial for manslaughter.  During the 2009 riots at the G-20 conference in London, a newspaper vendor, Ian Tomlinson, was the target of an unprovoked attack by London cop Simon Harwood, photo below.  The video shows that at the time he was attacked by Harwood, Tomlinson was walking home with his hands in his pockets.  Harwood sneaks up behind Tomlinson and brutally hits him with a baton and pushes him to the ground.  Tomlinson got up with help from a protestor and then collapsed.  The London pigs then prevented a medical student from helping Tomlinson and he died of internal bleeding and blunt force injury while the cops stood around with their collective thumb up their collective ass.  Today, 3 years later, Harwood goes on trial for manslaughter.  This was an attack clearly intended to cause grievous bodily harm carried out by a rouge cop with a history of multiple disciplinary problems. If their roles had been reversed, Tomlinson would have been sent to prison within months of the attack and would sit there for the rest of his life.  In the absence of video evidence, these dumb-ass, vicious pigs have de facto immunity, and, as usual, the cops and coroner did their best to cover up this crime.  The Wiki article is brutal.  But cops need to be punished for their crimes just like anyone else, especially when the evidence is as clear as this.

  Simon Harwood

The Daily Dish weekend edition for Jun16-17.2012

Bloged in Israelis, America, Potpourri, Israeli Firsters by Gutter Grunt Monday June 18, 2012 at about 12:25 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [See her site. She has 365 of these things!]

Jon-boy Pollard sits tight for now   Shimon Peres got his Presidential Medal of Freedom last week, but in spite of the blistering pressure from the Israel-firsters like Chas. Schumer and Abe Foxman, Obama refused to set mega-spy Jonathon Pollard free as part of the ceremony, maybe b/c Biden has said “over my dead body.”  [Mossad, please ignore that hyperbole.]  Of course, the Israelis went ballistic.  The head of one of the many political parties called on Peres to refuse to take the medal while former Israeli ambassador to the US Itamar Rabinovich concluded there must have been a conspiracy regarding the Pollard conspiracy, otherwise Obama would have released him.  And then there was the Sabra lawyer who unsuccessfully defended John Demjanjuk and then wrote a book about it.  Today Sheftel is making a hit with the Israeli press by calling Obama an anti-Semite for refusing to release Pollard.  Imagine that, a Jew calling someone they disagree with an anti-Semite! What won’t they think of next??  Of course, Ivan-the-Terrible Demjanjuk was convicted and then died. I guess if your client gets convicted and dies and you can’t bill him anymore, one way to keep your cash flow positive is to write a book about him. And you keep your name in the press by calling the most powerful man in the world an anti-Semite.

Swedish fems pissing people off.  Remember those Swedish fems like the Feminazi prosecutor Marianne Ny from Sweden who is after Assange?  Well, they have won another one.  The high court in the UK will not hear the appeal of his extradition, which extradition in not based on any charges of wrong-doing but is just about Ny wanting to ask him some questions.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Now Sweden’s feminazis want to keep Assange from pissing while standing up when they get him back to Sweden.  You heard it.  The feminist party, Vänsterpartiet, is trying to get urinals outlawed.  All I can say is that Julian is in big trouble if he gets extradited by this crowd ball-busters.  He’ll be lucky if he has anything left to piss with.

Israel generals go on trial for Mavi Marmara murders.  Hidden deep in the bowels of the blogosphere and msm is this report from late last month that Turkey has indicted 4 Israeli generals for the Mavi Marmar murders.  If Julian Assange can be extradited through Interpol for questioning about sleeping with Swedish feminists, then surely Israeli generals can be extradited to stand trial for murder. Needless to say, Israel’s goon-platoon of Irgun wanna’ be’s is going through the roof over this.

The Daily Dish for Thursday, Jun14.012

Bloged in Israelis, America, Potpourri, Israeli Firsters, Courts by Gutter Grunt Thursday June 14, 2012 at about 9:58 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [If you have ever streaked a petri dish, please do yourself a favor and check out Klari’s site.  You will love her work as much as I do.]

Some helpful medical news from Medscape (registration required)Eat breakfast and reduce your chances of stroke.  While eating breakfast  include chocolate, it could also reduce your chances of stroke even more.  Re-think your use of statins — they are causing fatigue in millions of people.

Michael Oren admitting Israel is not a democracy  Here is an interesting commentary on the problems faced by Israel.  It was written in 2009 by Michael Oren, now Israel’s ambassador to the US.  Oren, as is typical for a Zionist, completely twists the history of Israel, even to the point that when he gets to 1967, you will gag.  So that part is not so interesting, but he does have an interesting take on Israel’s Arab problem.  He says Israel can only be a democratic state if the majority of Jews stays above 70%.  IOW, he is admitting that Israel is a “democratic state”, not by virtue of democratic ideals, but by virtue of the fact that people get to vote.  As long as most of the people voting are Jews, that works.  Otherwise, screw democracy.

Who are the AIPAC Israel firsters in Congress? — mostly Democrats  Here is a summary of the Jewish members of congress.  Every single one of them an Israel-firster, as far as I can see.  America has a wonderful sub-population of Jews who passionately oppose the human rights disaster of apartheid Israel, but I don’t believe a single Jewish congressperson is among them.  Why?  There are 40 Jews in Congress, or 7% of the total votes.  This is 3.5x the Jewish representation in the general population, about 2%.  Why?  As far as the Supreme Court, Jews fill 22% of the seats, so they are over-represented by a factor of 10 there.  Have you ever wondered why Jews are so grossly over-represented in 2 of the 3 branches of government?  I mean, it is so extreme it cannot be a statistical anomaly.  There has to be a reason.

The Daily Dish for Monday, Jun11.2012

Bloged in America, Potpourri, Constitution DoA, Courts, Government screw-ups by Gutter Grunt Monday June 11, 2012 at about 9:41 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [See her site. She has 365 of these things!]

Taxpayers get screwed yet again.  All of the money that is used to buy land to preserve for parks comes from taxpayers and donors, mostly taxpayers.  Investigate West has a multi-part series on how parks purchased with federal tax money are being sold by local governments to local developers.  So the taxpayer pays his/her tax; the tax buys the land; the government develops the park and gives it to the local government to maintain; the local government gets stretched for cash and sells the park to a developer who turns it into a place for rich people to live.  Wonderful.  Those parks that you are paying for are chances for your kids to have great outdoors experiences and they are being turned over to rich people so their kids can have a great place to live.  Here is a link to the Land and Water Conservation Fund that manages all this federal park money and is supposed to be sure this sort of illegal nonsense doesn’t happen.  There is a strong inference that some government folks somewhere and at some level are getting paid off.

One nasty judge; two nasty courts.  If you are locked up in Gitmo on bogus charges or no charges at all, you can just forget the thought of ever getting out.  Today the USSCt rejected about seven appeals of inmates seeking habeus relief.  After having ruled that detainees have a right to file a petition for habeus relief, the USSCt is now saying the habeus petition doesn’t mean anything.  Here’s a good overview of the situation.   Along the way most of these cases passed through the Circuit Court of Appeal for DC, as close to a pack of robed Nazis as you’ll see this side of the USSCt.   One of these judges, Judge Silberman, went out of his way to try and destroy what remains of the debilitated concept of human rights in post-9/11 America.  Silberman’s opinion is that just an unverified allegation that you have talked to someone associated with al Qadea or that you were ever in the Tora Bora area — just the allegation — is enough to get you locked up for the rest of your life.  In Silberman’s world the rule of law takes second seat to the government’s right to lock people up on flimsy suspicions of non-criminal but suggestive activity.  Sick, sick, sick.   Here is another opinion, Latif v Obama, from the same sick circuit court that is nearly as bad.  The most famous case turned down today by the USSCt was Padilla’s lawsuit against the US for torturing him.  Unfortunately, 9/11 has turned Americans into the same pack of sick animals with no rule of law that carried out the attack.  The terrorists won.

US military hi-technology compromised by parts from China’s Ebay.  One would think that the people producing hellfire missiles and Hercules transport planes and F-22’s would have enough brains to check the critical electronic parts to be sure they’re not used junk from China.  Apparently defense contractors have no brains.  The US Senate Armed Services Committee has completed an investigation showing that millions of re-cycled parts from China form the backbone of America’s great hi-tech military.  Have you read about this in the US media?  Didn’t think so.  You have to go to Canada to get the news.  Their military gear comes from the US, so they’re infected with the same disease.  The Chinese must be laughing their asses off.

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