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LogoPhere’s Daily Dish weekend edition for Sep29-30.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. More of these beautiful pieces here.


1.   Harvest moon
Last night was the harvest moon, if you didn’t notice.  According to Wiki, where the photo below comes from, it’s called a harvest moon b/c full moons nearest the autumnal equinox rise only 30 minutes later than the previous night, and only 30 minutes earlier than the following night, instead of almost an hour difference.  This means that right around harvest time there are a few days when farmers can stretch the day by virtue of an early rising full moon.

Last evening I was at the local tennis courts pounding the balls against the block wall, and sometimes over it.  I got there about an hour and a half before dark.  I looked up and saw a river of crows headed south to north, as I was out in the open and had clear view all the way to the southern horizon.  Looking out from my office onto the Canadian Rockies I often see a comparatively small stream of crows headed east in the late evenings, but what I saw last night was spectacular.  A few times during my work-out I paused and looked up to check on the crows, and they just kept on coming and coming.  Finally, I just quit playing and watched and counted.  For a solid hour and a half this band of crows a couple hundred yards wide flew right over me.  I’ll bet I saw 5,000 crows winging north until just before dark when a final straggler went by.  By then the harvest moon was well up.

I’m breathin’ a lot easier this harvest moon.  I’ve fretted for months that an Israeli attack on Iran (that could easily lead to a regional and then a world war) would most certainly come on or near a new moon to take advantage of the dark sky.  This year it would most likely have come just prior to the election for a number of reasons I won’t go into again.  Although there is still one more new moon — Oct15 — before the election, I think that will be too late to do the Israelis any good in getting Obama into a corner where he has to support the strike for the sake of the election.  So I’m breathin’ easier for the moment but sometimes I wish I was a crow and could just fly over it all.


2.  Some chuckles before the agony

While on the topic of Bibi bombing Iran, I thought I’d dedicate the rest of this post to some of the great spoofs of Bibi’s UN fiasco this week.  Someday we won’t be laughing about this, but for now it’s funny.  Laugh when you can because you don’t have a choice about when you cry. (Thanks, Mondoweiss and its regulars)

The actual idiocy, trying to out-do Colin Powell in graphic stupidity


Der Freitag


“About here, there’s no more chips. Just air.” by Constantin Lauri


by Amir Schiby


No attribution

Logophere’s the Daily Dish for Friday, Sep28.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. More beautiful petri dish pieces here.


1.  NBC’s good, bad, and ugly

Here are a couple of articles that illustrate how wildly divergent the quality of work can be from one source, NBC.

First there is  Ben Popken’s Sep27.12 piece asserting that the “bacon shortage” story is a hoax.  Well, he may be right, but his economic reasoning is plain, flat nutto.  I quote one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read, even for the MSM:

Let’s look at some basic economics.

First, as long as prices are allowed to rise and fall freely, there can be no shortage. Shortages only occur when the government fixes prices and consumers want more supply than exists. That results in rationing. There’s zero evidence to suggest the government would do that, or that there would be any “runs on the pork bank.”

OK, so right away we can guess that Ben Popken is a high school kid punking us all.  In his view if gasoline production gets cut 80% by a war with Iran and pump prices go to $30/gal and the likes of Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey have the country’s roads to themselves, that would not be a “shortage” of gas.  That would just be Adam Smith jerking around with us all — except for the very wealthy, that is.  Sure, according to Ben, “shortage” is impossible for filthy rich people because they will always be able to afford everything no matter how high prices go.  As for those not so wealthy, like the 99%, well . . . as the headless lady said, there may be a shortage of bread but there’s never a shortage of cake.  So suck on a piece of it, Ben.

By comparison, today NBC ran a beautifully written piece by Maggie Fox on a newly discovered virus called Bas-virus.  The piece was a perfect mix of necessary background and what the new discovery is all about.  And unlike phony bacon shortages, there is nothing easy about writing a piece about viruses for laymen.

What the new discovery is all about, by the way, is a potentially nasty, nasty viral critter that killed a couple of kids in the Congo in 2009.  A very large group of researchers isolated the virus and sequenced its DNA using a new technique called “deep sequencing.”  What they found was something no one had seen before.  I hope no one sees it again.  It is related to rabies virus but it produces symptoms and death as if it were Ebola.  The original paper is here. The scary part is that it looks like this Bas-virus was passed from one of the dying kids to a nurse.  The nurse survived, but a deadly virus capable of human-to-human transmission is probably what is going to wipe out the human species, if the Zionists don’t do it first with their nukes.

Just by coincidence the Guardian today published an excerpt from David Quammen’s new book on the viral threat.  In that excerpt Quammen quotes virologists as saying how devastating a rabies virus would be if it could be transmitted like the flu.  The Bas-virus may be that virus, heaven forfend.

I am not a great fan of Quammen and the Guardian excerpt hasn’t changed that.  Quammen seems to just take what’s already been written by scientists or other writers more qualified than he is and re-work it.  My guess, from reading the excerpt is that this book is not going to have anything in it that Laurie Garrett didn’t say in her 1994 masterpiece “The Coming Plague.”  But it would not be fair of me to judge Quammen’s entire book just on one excerpt.  Someone who has read Garrett please buy Quammen’s new book, read it, and let me know if it was a waste of money.


2.  The WaPo doing a dirty on us?
The folks over at Mondoweiss are really getting annoyed with the Washington Post’s pro-Israel bs.  The latest beef is that WaPo published an opinion piece by Jeffery H. Smith and John B. Bellinger III setting forth the legal argument for bombing Iran.  The problem is that these two suits work for the law firm Arnold & Porter, which has taken millions of Israel’s shekels to do their legal work in the US.  This obvious conflict was ignored by the WaPo.  PeeeUuu.

Here’s what one regular Mondoweiss contributor, yours truly, had to say:

Can’t imagine this piece appeared as a result of editorial incompetence or ignorance. WaPo is absolutely complicit in not revealing this conflict of interest, which borders on fraud.

Folks here should durn well let the WaPo ombudsman know what they think of this.
202.334.7582 or ombudsman@washpost.com

Having said that, the opinion piece itself didn’t strike me as particularly lop-sided toward Israel. Smith/Bellinger do push the point that ‘Bama would do well to get Congress to sign off on any attack before he pulls the trigger. That may satisfy US law but it would not mean a thing as far as international law.

If you recall Phil’s Sep26 post regarding the Joint Senate Resolution — I believe 41 was the number. While that resolution explicitly states that it is not a declaration of war, and while it does not do much more than “strongly” support US policy toward Iran, it leaves little doubt that if ‘Bama asked Congress to sign off on an attack on Iran, the Senate, at least, would be all too willing to go in with both feet and flags flying — i.e. here we go again. More Americans dying for Israel.

One point S/B fail to address is the goose/gander problem. If, as they argue, it would be legal under international law for Israel or US to throw a preemptive punch at Iran on the grounds of “self-defense,” then a preemptive attack by Iran against Israel/US on the same grounds would be equally legitimate. In fact, it is Israel and the US who have made all the specific threats here, Israel going so far as to “leak” a whole attack scenario. So Iran has an a priori argument of self-defense based on years and years of threats — an argument that is much weaker for Israel/US. This is sort of like the water-boarding issue. Once someone like Bush or ‘Bama determines that water-boarding is legal (in an attempt to protect the US creeps using it), then water-boarding immediately becomes legal when it is used by al-Qaeda against captured US troops.

Another short-coming of this opinion piece is that while S/B discuss international legalities w/ respect to the UN Charter, there is nary a mention of the Geneva Convention. Surely these two well known, well placed experts, one of whom was general counsel for CIA, could not be collectively brain-ded to the point they unintentionally neglected the impact of the Geneva Convention in determining whether a preemptive attack would be “legal.” But hold on . . . could be that they are that brain-ded.

Here’s a quote from their opinion. See if you can believe that an ex-general counsel to the CIA would say this in public:

“A military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities . . .would surely be regarded by Iran as an act of war.”

“[W]ould surely” ??? WTF? Wait until Jon Stewart gets a hold of this!! Who are these guys talking down to, third graders? This sounds to me like something that would be said by either Sarah Palin, George Bush, or Ronald Reagan or by a government hack who is used to having to employ ridiculous understatement to explain simple concepts to brain-ded politicians like Sarah Palin, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan .


3.  Trigger-happy cop stories are almost as endless as the Israel apartheid stories

Meet Scottsdale, AZ cop James Peters.  According to Terry Greene Sterling’s The Daily Beast article, Peters had already racked up 6 fatal shootings while on duty before shooting an unarmed grandfather in the head while he was holding his grandchild.  What did the Scottsdale chief do?  Retired the trigger happy prick before disciplinary proceedings could get going.

But not so fast.  The ACLU has filed suit against Peters and the chief and the city.  As one criminologist said, Peter’s large number of shooting is “completely atypical.”  Atypical that is except for that group of bottom-feeding, fuck-wit cops who think they are Dirty Harry.  I would just love to know how many innocent people have died with a cop-bullet in them because of those moronic, vengence-not-justice Eastwood movies.

James Peters, Scottsdale’s own Harry Callahan.

LogoPhere’s the Daily Dish for Tuesday, Sep25.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. I would call this one “Chromic Lucidity.”  More here.

1.  How courts and cops filter “free” speech — a tale of two tales.

One would think that after a number of deaths, including a US ambassador, and millions of dollars of property damage, Google would at least apply the same standards against Islamophobic videos as it does against anti-Semitic videos or videos that deny the Jewish Holocaust and remove the Islamophobic crap.  But Google, which owns YT and, as I have already pointed out, was founded and is run by Jews Sergey Brin and Larry Page, has turned a cold-shoulder to reason.  YT continues to broadcast and promote multiple incendiary (literally) versions of Innocence of Muslims all around the world, with a few exceptions where individual countries have intervened.

Google had an opportunity to acquiesce to reason when one of the actresses of IoM, Cindy Lee Garcia, sued Google in California state court to try and stop the viral madness.  She moved the court for an emergency injunction against Google to force it to take down IoM immediately before she or others get hurt.  However, Superior Court Judge Luis Lanvin denied Garcia’s emergency request to make YT take down IoM.   Of course Brin and Page could have pulled IoM from YT on their own and directed their lawyers to agree to the motion, but since the speech is anti-Muslim and not anti-Semitic, they figured the “free speech” issues were too important and challenged Garcia’s motion.  And prevailed.   Free speech is alive and well in the US, so long as it’s not anti-Semitic.

The UK and a number of other countries go about this objective of filtering “free speech” in a different way.  The UK, Germany, Sweden, and Canada. etc. use anti-hate speech laws to “adjust” the content of speech so that people say only what the authorities say they can say.  Again, anti-Semitic speech is favored over most other types as a target for such enforcement, but you wouldn’t want your speech to piss the cops off, either, as Neil Swinburne found out.

The UK had a horrible tragedy where a one-eyed freak named Dale Cregan, who was wanted for two murders, killed 2 female cops.  As England was overcome in spasms of media-hyped remorse for the dead officers, Facebook pages supporting Cregan began appearing.  The 22 yo Swinburne put one up saying “So a pair of coppers got killed, who gives a shit?”  It’s a rhetorical question, but it’s also a fair question in a country where cops are becoming notorious for blowing away unarmed people, sometimes holding them down and shooting them point-blank in the head as they did to Jean Charles de Menezes.  So, in my book at least, “who gives a shit?” is not an unreasonable question.

But the UK authorities see their role as preventing such questions from being asked in public discourse.  They busted Swinburne and charged him under the 2003 Communications Act , presumably under Section 127’s provision that

A person is guilty of an offence if he— (a)sends by means of a public electronic communications network a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character

Pretty subjective sort of stuff, which is, of course, the point.  But even if the cops can’t get the charge against Swinburne to stick or if they eventually drop it, they have accomplished their goal merely by prosecuting him, for the prosecution is itself punitive, and the cops know that, which is the whole point.  It’s also the whole point of why people hate them so much and why they post rhetorical questions like “Who gives a shit?” when two of them get killed.  And so it goes.


2.  Another day, another plane full of customers screwed by AA

Man, I am really beginning to think NBC is as disgusted by AA’s (Asshole Airlines) business model as I am.  The model is: Screw the customer for as much money as you can, and then just screw the customer. I have already reported on three NBC reports blasting AA just this month.  Here, here, and here. Now we have a fourth.

The problem this time was an idiotic/infantile on-board spat between two hostesses.  One of them went through the normal protocol of telling everyone to turn their gizmos to the off position for the duration of the flight while the other one kept talking on her gizmo, which led to a verbal altercation between the two pre-adolescent women and the fight returning to the gate for 4 hours until replacements could be found.  Of course AA lied to the media about the whole thing, saying the flight was delayed “a short while.”  It was a 30 minute flight delayed for four hours, or for long enough that the passengers could have driven to their destination.

On Sep18.2012 Scott McCartney at the Wall Street J., wrote an article about how AA pilots are sabotaging the company.  Less than 50% of AA flights arrive on time, and then the pilots to the go-slow bit on the ground.  AA keeps cancelling large numbers of flights due to pilots calling in sick.  The deal is that AA is in bankruptcy and the pilots want to push it over the edge so it will have to merge with another company, probably US Airways, which offers them a better deal.  And then these idiot AA employees will get to fuck up yet another company.  As McCartney concludes: It is probably a good idea to avoid AA. McCartney’s trying to push them over the edge, too.  Welcome, Scott, your pain is our pain.


3.  Slut-bombs away!!  Madonna is now certified psychotic.

Like, oh, yeah . . . I’m going to change my vote to Obama because our favorite stage-slut Madonna endorses him.  The scary thing is that any human could possibly exist who would change their vote b/c of what this worn out old stage slut says, but if there is any country on earth where you could hope to find people brain-ded enough to take political advice from uber-slut Madonna, it is America.

Naming her tour MDNA is symptomatic of fulminating psychosis — as if we needed any more symptoms to make the diagnosis — but telling her audience that Obama is a “black Muslim” and they “better vote for fucking Obama . . . goddamnit” pretty well eliminates any possible alternative diagnoses.  She’s now bona fide and certified.  All we need is for that other uber-slut, GaGa, to come in here and tell us to vote for Romney, goddamnit.  That will really screw up some twisted some minds — those who are fans of both.  If you want to take political advice from entertainers who have no qualifications or knowledge whatsoever for giving such advice, I suggest you listen to Clint.

LogoPhere’s The Daily Dish, weekend edition for Sep22-23.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. More of these beautiful pieces here.


1.  Now it’s the Iranians banging the war drums

Just when it appears that Bibi Netanyahu has given up on, or at least chilled some, on the “let’s kick the shit out of Iran” rhetoric, Iran reaches for the volume knob.

Last week Gen Mohammad Ali Jafari, head of the Revolutionary Guard, began rattling Israel’s cage when he warned that nothing will be left of Israel after an Israel-Iran exchange.  Yesterday he took it a step further: war with Israel is inevitable, he said.   Today Iran’s top nuke guy, Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani Abbasi-Davani [not kidding, that’s his name] accused the IAEA of passing secrets to Israel, which sounds awfully likely.  FA-DA-D, threatened to take Iran out of the IAEA.I’d be surprised if that happens.  Iran needs those IAEA inspectors in Iran the way miners need their canaries.  If the IAEA suddenly pulls the inspectors out, Iran will know Israeli F-16s are on the way.

We have passed the dark nights for September as the moon is now about half and waxing.  If an Israeli strike comes, it will likely be on a moonless night, which won’t happen again until late October.  An international crisis just days before the election will work for Obama, even if he does not support an Israeli attack.  Americans might change horses mid-stream, but not if the stream is in flood.  So my guess is that they’ll be no attack until late November, because I don’t think that’s what Bibi wants ‘Bama re-elected, unless all of these Bibi-’Bama bust-ups lately have been a ploy.


2.  Proof that NBC are idiots.

Talk about wasting everyone’s time with dog-bites-man stories, I just wanted to draw your attention to what idiots are calling shots over at NBC.  They actually had the gall to run a nationwide story about a woman who found her neighbor’s dog and sold it on CraigsList for $50.  Rather than repeat the details here I will give you the link because I know you are dying to know.  You can thank me later.


3.  Mitt gets a taste of Chicago-style dirty politics

The story floated by the Democrats is that Jimmy Carter’s grandson, James Carter IV, just happened to stumble over the now infamous Mitt Romney 47%-sucks talk on YouTube.  Just happened to find this thing.  I mean . . . just happened that way.   We are told absolutely nothing about the person who planted the camera at the private function and who posted it on YT.  Ole’ Jimmy IV says he didn’t know her, he just got lucky, found the vid, and tracked her down.

If you believe that, Karl Rove has a bridge to sell you in Manhattan.  This is in every way equivalent to James O’Keefe bringing down ACORN with his disgusting, surreptitious taping of unsuspecting targets, and you remember what a stink the liberals made over that.  But what are they saying now?  Not much.  Moral relativism it’s called.  Or hypocrisy.

I would bet good money that the Democrats have similar tapes on every single Republican candidate that was trying to get the nomination before Mitt sewed it up.  They would have gotten the material during the time when the Republicans were pitching themselves as far to the right as possible in order to use it in the general election.  The next tape to emerge will be one of Ryan, just about the time this situation cools down.

Dirty politics is dirty politics and should be condemned regardless of whether your party is responsible or is the target.  I have yet to hear of one Democrat distancing themselves from this scummy tactic.  President Jimmy Carter, the Nobel Prize winner and holier than thou moralist, was absolutely delighted with little Jimmy’s role in filth-politics.  And so it goes.

LogoPhere Special Edition: Commemorating the Second Jewish Holocaust

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis by Gutter Grunt Friday September 21, 2012 at about 1:48 pm

30th anniversary of the Sabra/Shatila shoah

[Friday, Sep21.2012]  There are at least two “Jewish Holocausts.”  There is the one that was carried out against the Jews by the Nazis in WWII.  This one has been so effectively promoted by the Jewish controlled movies and media that it needs no further description here.  But the second Jewish Holocaust has been suppressed by the Jewish controlled movies and media.  You might do well to bring yourself up to speed on it through some online research.  Let me get you started.

The second Jewish Holocaust is not one carried out against Jews; it is one carried out by Jews against Palestinians and other Arabs.  It has been on-going since at least 1930s when the Jews began their terrorist attacks on Palestine in order to drive out or kill Palestinians whose families had occupied the land for a thousand years.  This second Jewish Holocaust is sometimes the Nakba by the Palestinians.  Nakba Day, May15,  is the Palestinians’ remembrance day for those murdered and those driven from their homes by the Zionists.

The 1982 massacre at Sabra/Shatila, which is part of the second Jewish Holocaust, is yet another Israeli act of genocide that should shame every Jew who calls Israel “home.”  This year is the 30th anniversary of the Sabra/Shatila shoah – “shoah” being the Hebrew word for “massacre.”  Here is a short history of the massacre reconstructed from the Wiki article and from a 45-minute BBC documentary, transcript here because the dialog can be hard to follow in the video.  


On Sep15.1982 Israeli Defences Forces had completely surrounded the Palestinian/Lebanese refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila outside Beirut (33° 51′ 46.08″ N, 35° 29′ 54.24″ E), completely controlling entry to/exit from the camps.  Israeli tanks began shelling the camps.  The next day (then Defense Minister) Ariel Sharon and (then Chief of Staff of IDF) Rafel Eitan – two of the most bloodthirsty Jews to have ever walked the face of this planet – turned the operation over to their Maronite Christian buddy, Elie Hobeika, who hated the Palestinians almost as much as Sharon and Eitan did.

Elie Hobeika, burning in hell, if there is one.


Ariel Sharon, before becoming an obese pig

Hobeika began moving his terrorists into the camps before dark and, supported by IDF illumination rounds, they began the execution of thousands of unarmed Palestinians.  The massacre continued for 48 hours.  The IDF continued to guard the exits of the camps to insure no one could escape.  Women and children were executed under direct order of Hobeika, backed by the IDF officers, such as Eitan, Amos Yaron, and Avi Grabowsky, who had ultimate control and responsibility.  Finally, Eitan, under pressure from American diplomats, ordered Hobeika to end the massacre and clean up the mess as best they could.  Thousands of bodies have never been found.

When foreign journalists were eventually allowed into the camps, they found a few remaining bodies  — victims that had been castrated, tortured, mutilated, scalped.  Some had Christian crosses carved into their bodies.  American journalist Janet Lee Stevens wrote this:

I saw dead women in their houses with their skirts up to their waists and their legs spread apart; dozens of young men shot after being lined up against an alley wall; children with their throats slit, a pregnant woman with her stomach chopped open, her eyes still wide open, her blackened face silently screaming in horror; countless babies and toddlers who had been stabbed or ripped apart and who had been thrown into garbage piles.

In the aftermath of the Sabra shoah, the world went ballistic, as well they should have.  Even though 300,000 Israelis demonstrated against the massacre it was apparently just for show;  Sharon became a hero, inciting the al-Aqsa intifada and being elected as Prime Minister, at which that point Belgium decided to try Sharon for crimes against humanity.  Elie Hobeika was scheduled to testify against Sharon in that trial, claiming that he had conclusive evidence of Sharon’s role in the genocide.  However, days before he was to testify, Hobeika was murdered by a car bomb – almost certainly planted by Mossad.

And so, we look at what happened to these violent ghouls – Sharon, Hobeika, Eitan – and we must wonder.  Sharon has been in a coma since 2006 — violence incarnate reduced to a vegetable.  A very fat vegetable.  Hobeika was murdered by his former genocidal Jewish masters.  Eitan drowned when he was flicked off of a pier by a large wave shaped like the middle finger of the hand of God.  Yes, it makes you wonder.  And the thing I wonder is this: Are Hobeika and Eitan suffering in the same hell that is awaiting Sharon?  My hope is that they are, and that their hell is being reincarnated as Palestinians in the West Bank or Gaza.


On Dec15.1982 the UN General Assembly passed resolution 37/123 (text here and with footnotes here ) with a vote of 123 – 0, declaring the Sabra/Shatila to be an act of genocide.  Wikipedia’s lop-sided version of the Sabra/Shatila shoah discusses the UN resolution primarily in terms of complaints by the nations who abstained from the vote.  Shamefully, Wikipedia, which is run by Jews, claims that the perpetrators of the Sabra/Shatilla shoah were the “Kataeb Party militia under Elie Hobeika

Here are some excerpts from the UN resolution:

The General Assembly . . .
Noting further that Israel has refused, in violation of Article 25 of the Charter, to accept and carry out the numerous relevant decisions of the
Security Council, the latest of which was resolution 497 (1981), thus failing to carry out its obligations under the Charter,

1.   Strongly condemns Israel for its failure to comply with Security Council resolution 497 (1981) and General Assembly resolutions 36/226 B and ES-9/1;

2.   Declares once more that Israel’s decision of 14 December 1981 to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the occupied Syrian Golan Heights constitutes an act of aggression under the provisions of Article 39 of the Charter of the United Nations and General Assembly resolution 3314 (XXIX);

3.   Declares once more that Israel’s decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the occupied Syrian Golan Heights is null and void and has no legal validity and/or effect whatsoever;

4.   Declares all Israeli policies and practices of, or aimed at,annexation of the occupied Palestinian and other Arab territories, including Jerusalem, to be in violation of international law and of the relevant United Nations resolutions;

5.   Determines once more that all actions taken by Israel to give effect to its decision relating to the occupied Syrian Golan Heights are illegal and invalid and shall not be recognized;

6.   Reaffirms its determination that all the provisions of the Hague Convention of 1907 and the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, of 12 August 1949, continue to apply to the Syrian territory occupied by Israel since 1967, and calls upon the parties thereto to respect and ensure respect of their obligations under these instruments in all circumstances;

7.   Determines once more that the continued occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights since 1967 and their effective annexation by Israel on 14 December 1981, following Israel’s decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on that territory, constitute a continuing threat to international peace and security;

8.   Strongly deplores the negative vote by a permanent member of the Security Council which prevented the Council from adopting against Israel, under Chapter VII of the Charter, the “appropriate measures” referred to in resolution 497 (1981) unanimously adopted by the Council;

9.   Further deplores any political, economic, financial, military and technological support to Israel that encourages Israel to commit acts of aggression and to consolidate and perpetuate its occupation and annexation of occupied Arab territories;

10.  Firmly emphasizes once more its demands that Israel, the occupying Power, rescind forthwith its decision of 14 December 1981 to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Syrian Golan Heights, which has resulted in the effective annexation of that territory;

11.  Reaffirms once more the overriding necessity of the total and unconditional withdrawal by Israel from all the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem, which is an essential prerequisite for the establishment of a comprehensive and just peace in the Middle East;

12.  Determines once more that Israel’s record and actions confirm that it is not a peace-loving Member State, that it has persistently violated the principles contained in the Charter and that it has carried out neither its obligations under the Charter nor its commitment under General Assembly resolution 273 (III) of 11 May 1949;

. . .

Appalled at the large-scale massacre of Palestinian civilians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps situated at Beirut,

Recognizing the universal outrage and condemnation of that massacre,

Recalling its resolution ES-7/9 of 24 September 1982,

The General Assembly

1.   Condemns in the strongest terms the large-scale massacre of Palestinian civilians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps;2.   Resolves that the massacre was an act of genocide.

. . .

The General Assembly,

1.   Condemns Israel’s continued occupation of the Palestinian and other Arab territories, including Jerusalem, in violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the principles of international law and the relevant resolutions of the United Nations, and demands the immediate, unconditional and total withdrawal of Israel from all these occupied territories;2.   Reaffirms its conviction that the question of Palestine is the core of the conflict in the Middle East and that no comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the region will be achieved without the full exercise by the Palestinian people of its inalienable national rights and the immediate, unconditional and total withdrawal of Israel from all the Palestinian and other occupied Arab territories;

6.   Deplores Israel’s failure to comply with Security Council resolutions 476 (1980) of 30 June 1980 and 478 (1980) of 20 August 1980 and General Assembly resolutions 35/207 of 16 December 1980 and 36/226 A and B of 17 December 1981, determines that Israel’s decision to annex Jerusalem and to declare it as its “capital”, as well as the measures to alter its physical character, demographic composition, institutional structure and status, are null and void and demands that they be rescinded immediately, and calls upon all Member States, the specialized agencies and all other international organizations to abide by the present resolution and all other relevant resolutions, including Assembly resolutions 37/86 A to E;

7.   Condemns Israel’s aggression and practices against the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territories and outside these territories, particularly Palestinians in Lebanon, including the expropriation and annexation of territory, the establishment of settlements, assassination attempts and other terrorist, aggressive and repressive measures, which are in violation of the Charter and the principles of international law and the relevant international conventions;

8.   Strongly condemns the imposition by Israel of its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, its annexationist policies and practices, the establishment of settlements, the confiscation of lands, the diversion of water resources and the imposition of Israeli citizenship on Syrian nationals, and declares that all these measures are null and void and constitute a violation of the rules and principles of international law relevant to belligerent occupation, in particular the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, of 12 August 1949

LogoPhere’s The Daily Dish for Wednesday, Sep19.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. Much more here.


1.  What is a “red line?”

What is a “red line,” anyway? A subway line to Quincy on the “T?” Is Bibi’s “red line” what we used to call a “line in the dirt?” These were never red . . . until after they were crossed.

When I was a kid, you took a stick; you scratched a line in the dirt; you said to your (smaller) enemy: “Step across that line and I’ll bloody your nose.” If your enemy was bigger than you, there were problems. If he stepped across the line, then you drew another line and said: “OK, tough guy, eh? Well, step across that line and I won’t like you anymore.”

Of course, if you were a skinny kid with glasses, like me, you could still draw lines in the dirt as long as your big brother was 210 lb and the varsity full-back. And this pretty well sums up the current situation with Israel. More precisely, Bibi, as always, would rather talk his big brother into drawing the line and he [Bibi] will just sit the whole thing out, as he’s done in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the big brother was Geo. Bush and his gaggle of neocons, it was easy for Israel to get lines drawn and Americans killed. Now – finally – the big brother has some brains and is even thinking about getting a paternity test.

Jeffrey Lewis at Arms Control Wonk has a very interesting analysis of this “red line” situation. Also check the comments. These guys are non-proliferation engineers. They go through the calculations of how much stuff Iran really has available to build a nuke and how many nukes they’ll be able to build when they enrich what they have, etc. etc. It seems like most of the technical issues are resolved. The limiting factor is U-235.

Lewis concludes that Iran is already there. Based on IAEA reports, Lewis thinks Iran has 20 kg of fissile U-235 at or near bomb-grade; i.e., what they need to be in a “break-out” position. So if that is Bibi’s “red line,” too late. link to lewis.armscontrolwonk.com

On Sep13 Landler and Cooper at NYT reported on a “one hour” conversation w/ an Obama official who insists that the administration’s “red line” is constructing an actual nuke. This seems pretty consistent with what BO has been saying all along. Along this topic of a timeline for assembling a bomb, the Lewis wonks discuss what are the chances of an untested nuke actually working the first time. Answer: pretty durn high. If an actual bomb is BO’s line in the dirt, then Iran will obviously just sit on its pile of fissile stuff, and dig it deeper into the mountain while tweaking its ICBMs. I guess this would be sort of a soft deterrence position. Israel would know that an attack on Iran would be reciprocated not in seconds or minutes, but by the weekend, for sure.  link to nytimes.com

It is very difficult to envision a way out of this morass that doesn’t involve thousands of dead people, virtually none of whom will know the difference between U-235 and U2. If I was in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan, I think I’d just sit tight a while longer.


2.  U.S. non-defense domestic agencies continue to arm themselves

This poor guy Alex Jones at InfoWars.com is peeing his pants just about every week anymore.  As I reported earlier Jones has been tracking some really weird purchase orders for US domestic agencies like Social Security and NOAA — they are buying ammo like it was gold at 1980 prices.  And not just target ammo — included in the billions of rounds of ammo bought this year are millions of rounds of hollow-point bullets, which is used for one thing only: to kill people.

Yesterday Jones posted the latest order information for what he says is even more ammo, although I’m not so sure about this part.  I mean, 25,000 of these rounds are blanks. Order #1. That makes for a lot of noise but not much blood.  OTOH, 176,000 rounds of this “new” order are .308 hollow-points. Order #2.   What’s .308?  Here’s Wiki:

the most popular short-action, big-game hunting cartridge worldwide. It is also commonly used for civilian target shooting, military sniping, and police sharpshooting.

And I’m not sure this is something that has come up as suddenly as Jones seems to be hyperventilating about.  On Order #2 you can find a link to further vendor information, and on that document yet another link to a table showing where the rounds are to be sent to.  That last document is dated 2011, suggesting this is not a sudden arming of the Social Security secretaries to fight of geriatric, extremist Muslims.  But who knows what’s up.  I mean, even if these rounds are being delivered all through this year, why do these non-defense agencies need enough ammo to shoot every person in America 5 times?
The other issue I don’t see being addressed by Jones is the guns.  Ammo almost always needs a gun to get fired.  Has there not been a commensurate increase in the number of guns being shipped to US domestic agencies, or have those SS secretaries been armed all these years?

Finally, if Jones would do some homework maybe he could tell us whether the military, particularly the National Guard units, are being supplied with unusual mountains of ammo.  The ammo Jones has been reporting on is just the stuff ordered by Homeland Security.


3.  “Peace loving” Israel: Discussions of nuke-free Middle East are unthinkable as long as we are the only one with a nuke.  Shalom.

A Reuters article dated today that does not identify its authors, reports that Israel plain, flat rejects any assertions that the Middle East is more dangerous because it [Israel] has nukes.

In a nicely timed Harretz article by Amir Oren,  Israel is also reported as expressing “strong opposition” to a joint initiative between Arab countries and Obama for a meeting to get a nuke-free Middle East debate going.  Now, that’s consistency.  Here is Oren’s article, as it can be hard to open at Harretz.

Israel expressed its strong opposition on Wednesday to an Arab initiative, supported by the Obama administration, to hold a conference that would debate the possibility of a nuclear-free Middle East.

The conference would take place in Helsinki toward the end of 2012, or early in 2013. Brig.Gen. (Res.) Shaul Horev, director of the Israeli Nuclear Energy Committee, who reports directly to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, immediately trashed the idea.

President Barack Obama had promised to promote the move at the 2010 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Horev expressed Israeli opposition at the 56th general convention of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, saying that the idea of a nuclear arms-free Middle East, which been met with reservations by Israel, was now even less possible, due to the “volatile and hostile situation” in the area.

“In order to realize this idea there is need for prior conditions and a complete reversal of the current trend in the area,” Horev said. “This is an idea born in other areas and alien to the reality and political culture of the area. Nuclear demilitarization in the Middle East, according to the Israeli position, will be possible only after the establishment of peace and trust among the states of the area, as a result of a local initiative, not of external coercion.”

Horev began his address by criticizing Iran and Syria, whom he described as the centers of negative processes in the area, due to their covert moves to obtain nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction. He added that Iran is creating a “hollow impression” that it intends to cooperate, but the international community’s moves actually have had no effect on the Iranian nuclear plan. Moreover, “Iran might be searching for an excuse to withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty,” Horev said.

According to Horev, Israel is not indifferent to Iran’s direct and vitriolic threats on its existence, and warned that the Assad regime in Syria might use chemical arms against the rebels, or transfer it to Hezbollah. Horev added that Israel supported Jordanian use of nuclear power for civilian use.

LogoPhere’s The Daily Dish for Tuesday, Sep18.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. Klari’s home page


1.  More idiocy from my favorite airlines — AA

I’m beginning to think NBC has it out for AA – Asshole Airlines.  Maybe NBC has a financial interest in United?  Can AA really be as stupid and as greedy as the MSM keeps telling us they are?

Following close on the heels of two previous scathing flames by yours truly –  here and here – now AA has shystered a family into a situation by changing their seating arrangements to move the 5 yo girl to the other side of the plane and then offering to let the family sit together if they cough up another $60.

This type of scam apparently goes beyond AA.  According to Bob Sullivan’s article on NBCnews.com, a congressman from NY has introduce a “Families Flying Together Act.”  WTF??  Are the airlines so stupid they need Congress stepping in to be sure kids can sit next to their parents?  AA is turning out to be as stupid as the Romney campaign.


2.  Israeli star attack

As Bibi the Yahoo continues to urge the US to send its sons and daughters to war against Iran to insure that Israel remains the only nuclear power in the Middle East, we need to take a breath.  Is there another option here to Israel being the only nuke power?

How about  this: the US sending its sons and daughters to war against Israel to strip it of its nuclear arsenal and make the Middle East nuclear-free.  That sounds like a winner if Bibi and AIPAC and the Israel-firster congresspeople insist on a war in the Middle East.

In support of this option, please recall that dark night in May.2011 when Israel scrambled its jets and attack helicopters to meet an aggressor.  The only problem was that the “aggressor” was actually two stars in the constellation Cassiopeia.

If the Israelis don’t have the technology, judgment, and intelligence to distinguish incoming MIG fighters from Cassiopeia, they don’t have the technology, judgment and intelligence to be sitting on hundreds of nukes pointed at targets all over the Middle East, Europe, and North America.  Getting rid of those nukes is where Obama’s — and America’s — red line ought to be.

“Sam M. Bacile” — Part IV — Putting faces to names

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Here is the flow chart from my previous post with some images added.

“Sam M. Bacile” — Part III — Who is A. Edward Ezor?

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As the facts and connections continue to flow out of the blogosphere and MSM regarding Sam M. Bacile, aka Nakoula Nakoula, it gets harder and harder to keep track. So I have produced a flow chart of connections to help get this morass of names, pseudonyms, connections, companies, and felonious idiots under control. Downloadable .pdf here.

In this diagram, direct connections I have been able to make are indicated by the arrow-heads. If you count the number of arrow-heads between a person or company and the riots/deaths, you can do a sort of degrees-of-separation analysis. Clearly, there are a lot yet to come, both in terms of players and connections.

One interesting connection that seems to be appearing here first is A. Edward Ezor connceted to Lady Chatterley. Rocco Castoro at vice.com has done some great work. He shows some real estate records indicating a March.2009 transfer of property from Edward Ezor/Jill Ilana Wizel to Robt. Alan Brown, who is the director of Innocence of Muslims. Brown’s real name is Brownell — he is another flaky character who uses multiple aka’s. A few months after Ezor transferred the propterty to Brownell (Brown), the property is transferred back again from Brownell (Brown) to Ezor, August.2009. A 5-month turn-around.

The property is a townhouse located in a gated community at 5906 Etiwanda Ave, Unit 8, Tarzana, CA, 91356 — 34°10′39.44″ N 118°31′50.90″ W. The prices of those transactions are not recorded, but the property sold for $260k in Jan.2012.

None of this would be particularly interesting except for the fact that Ezor has alternative connections to Brownell (Alan Brown). Edward Ezor was some sort of producer for a no-go stud movie in the 1980’s called “Cage,” although normally he’s a lawyer working out of an office in Pasadena. But the fascinating thing is that Ezor is connected to one of Brownell’s movies — Young Lady Chatterley II”, which Brownell directed and produced under the name Alan Roberts. The credits of YLC-II give a thanks to Edward Ezor — for what, we don’t know.

Interestingly, the credits of YLC-II also give a thanks to Harold Wizel, to whom it is dedicated “in loving memory.” Imagine that, a porn movie posthumously dedicated to you — that warms the cockles of my heart. But more interesting than my warm hear cockles is the fact that Harold Wizel is connected back to Ezor through Jill Wizel, who was a co-grantor (with Ezor) of the property to Brownell (Alan Brown). When Brownell transferred the property back to Ezor a few months after the original transfer, Jill Wizel doesn’t appear to have been in the transaction, but the property was, apparently, immediately transferred by Ezor to Lydia Wizel b/c she transferred it in May.2010. So the effect seems to be that this property was transferred from J. Wizel to L. Wizel through Brownell, the director of IoM and YLC-II, who is independently connected to Ezor.

These pseudonyms make me dizzy . . . which is why they are used. They are not normally used by honest people doing honest business deals. They are often used by crooks, for whatever that opinion of this lawyer is worth. My online persona is “The Gutter Grunt,” but my real ID is always available. Not so with some of these sleaze balls in LA, which is one of the reasons I don’t live there anymore. Flakiest place on earth.

Keep diggin’, folks. There’s an awfully lot of shit buried in LA County regarding the cretins who produced IoM.

Logophere’s The Daily Dish Weekend Edition for Sep15-16.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. Must-see. Klari’s home page

1.  OK, listen up, you government attorneys . . .

. . . here’s a way to get your conviction, especially if you have a Nazi like Thomas Whelan for a judge and a Mexican alien for a defendant.  What you do is you take the defendant’s witnesses and you – da da! – deport them.  That’s right, dude and dudesses, if you really want to screw a Mexican defendant, just deport all the defendant’s witnesses so they can’t come back into the country and testify.  You can get a conviction easier than putting a wad of cash in a judge’s hand.  The San Diego US Attorney is a pro at this selective witness deportation trick ‘cause they’ve got caught at it more than once. Getting caught the second time at this game means the U.S. Court of Appeals “rebukes” you, which is the polite way of saying the court tells you you’re either a dishonest prick or brain ded.  That’s what 9th Circuit Judge Alex Kosinski told US attorneys Laura E. Duffy, Bruce R. Castetter and David T. Curnow.  They should have been locked up for obstruction of justice along with USDC Judge Whelan.  Kosinski repeatedly referred to the activities of the US attorneys in suppressing evidence such as the testimony of other witnesses as “suspicious.”  OK . . . suspicious.  To me that indicates reason for investigation, grand jury, etc.   If anybody is deported in this case, it should be Whelan and the US attorneys.  Russia sounds like where they belong.

The case is US v. Leal-Del Carmen, 9th CA, 11-50094.  As so often in Kozinski’s opinions, the meat’s in the footnotes.


2.  While we’re talking about getting screwed by attorneys, look out for your own.

When Morad Elusta sued Chicago cops for excessive force, his lawyers, David Cerda and John De Leon, wanted 40%.  Sounds like a lot to me – 33% is the standard.  Elustra went to new counsel, Zane Smith and Shelia Genson who got a $40,000 jury award, even though the city had offered to settle for $100,000.  The judge, who is, of course, to lawyers what a madam is to whores, then said Elustra owed Smith/Genson $83,000 and Cerda/DeLeon $40,000.  Lawyers get the big win, client gets roughed up by the cops and then the lawyers and then the judge.

Now . . . how is he going to appeal this thing without more lawyers screwing him??


3.  Another HuffPo hit piece on “incoherent” Clint Eastwood.  Arianna should be so coherent. . .

Remember HuffPo Luke Johnson’s hit piece on Clint Eastwood for daring to have some fun at the Republican Convention?   Well, HuffPo just can’t let the thing go.  Dumb asses that they are, they have now put up another Eastwood hit, this one by some nameless HuffPo high-school hack about Eastwood’s recent CNN interview.

Eastwood was even more brilliant in his CNN interview than he was at the convention, if that’s possible.  And the main reason it might not be possible is Nischelle Turner, the CNN bubble-head running the interview.  Not only did HuffPo not have the balls to identify its own hack, its article didn’t even identify Turner.

But Eastwood nailed it again.  Nischelle Turner – who is black – had her panties in a twist b/c Eastwood didn’t idolize Obama, who is also black.  Eastwood, who is white: we don’t have to idolize these politicians; they’re there to do a job for us.  Bingo.


4. Latest whistle-blower to keep an eye on.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been a fiasco since the day it was conceived.  It exists mainly to be sure enough nuclear energy is pushed down the throats of Americans that plutonium for bombs keeps coming.  Everyone thinks Fukishima is over, but it hasn’t even begun — just wait until the next 7.5 earthquake hits that damaged reactor #4 and the US West Coast gets splattered with cesium-137 from Blaine to San Ysidro.  Tsunami not required this time.  But you would think that the NRC would have gotten a message — apparently not.

While I usually find little to praise HuffPo’s D-level tabloid writers, this article by Tom Zeller has a lot of work in it and is well done.  The story is about an NRC engineer’s letter complaining about the way the NRC is white-washing reports of dangers lurking in America’s reactor — and particularly the Oconee triple-reactor in S. Carolina.  The idiots built a lot of these reactors at the bottom of dams and nuke safety engineer Richard Perkins is pointing out that if the dams give, the result will be a whole lot worse than Fukushima, and the odds of a dam bursting are a whole lot higher than the odds of a tsunami hitting Fukushima.  Well . . . you see where he’s going with this thing.

Basically, if you have any brains, leave S. Carolina.  And don’t got to Louisiana, they are sinking into huge salt caverns.

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