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The Chevaline Murders: The Martin Theory. A LogoPhere Weekly special.

Bloged in World Events by Gutter Grunt Sunday October 28, 2012 at about 5:34 pm

After a short breather and a few more air miles, the Gutter Grunt is back at his desk.

I continue the LogoPhere non-stop coverage — non-stop except for the pauses — of the massacre at Chevaline with a formal theory of what happened.

A lot of blogger folks have squinted at Brett Martin’s story right from the git-go, and so I can’t claim the Sherlock Award for this theory.  However, this is the most complete statement of the theory– or any theory — I’ve seen.  See what you think . . . The Martin Theory.

LogoPhere’s the Daily Dish, weekend edition for Oct13-14.2012

Bloged in Middle East, America, Potpourri, Israeli Firsters, Courts by Gutter Grunt Sunday October 14, 2012 at about 8:32 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis. More of these beautiful pieces here.


1.  The Gutter Grunt is taking a break for a few days.

Because of a time squeeze on some projects, after today’s post, I likely won’t put up another one of these profanity-riddled rants until late in the month.  But please check back in a couple weeks and see what’s cookin’.


2.  Now this takes balls.

Israel is one of the worst offenders of all time when it comes to dumping cluster bombs — no where near as bad as the US, but real bad, anyway.  Israel has dumped millions of the things on Lebanon over the years, particularly in 2006 when they dropped 4 million alone and an estimated 1 million of them were “defective” and have not yet exploded.  You don’t get 25% manufacturing error unless you want it, which is to say unless you consider it part of the product.  These “defective” bombs are just lying there waiting to be detonated by children and shepherds and other innocent people, some of whom were not even born when these things were dropped.  One commentor has observed this is one way Israel occupies southern Lebanon.  This is a crime against humanity, IMO, and Human Rights Watch agrees.

Israel manufactures cluster bombs.  Israel stock piles them.  Israel uses them.  Israel has refused to become a party to the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions or any other international ban on cluster munitions.  Israel has said it considers cluster bombs to be “legitimate.”

OK, legitimate . . . right.  So I will leave it to you to gasp at the hypocrisy of the Israelis going bonkers with criticism of Assad using cluster munitions on the rebels trying to take Syria.  The inhumane things Israel does in this world are bad enough — like making and stockpiling nuclear war heads.  But its hypocrisy in trying to get political traction by pointing fingers at its enemies for doing the same things is one Israeli tactic that is making the world detest Israel and the people who run it.


3.  And you thought the Catholics are bad, how about ritualized Jewish pedophilia?

In August I reported on the Israeli Pediatric Association’s stand against the Jewish ritual called “metzita b’peh” in which the mohel, the guy who circumcises babies, orally sucks the blood off the baby’s penis.  That story has just gotten even uglier, if that’s possible.

In New York City, where there are a lot of these blood-sucking mohels, there have been some very serious problems with this ritual of orally sucking babies’ penises — the mohel’s are spreading herpes to the infants, whose immune systems cannot handle it.  At least two babies have died recently, and two have become brain damaged, which is what their parents must have been for permitting this outrage.  And so the NYC Health Board passed a rule that requires parents to give written consent before this metzita b’peh can be performed on their new born sons.

I can certainly see the wisdom in this law.  Getting the parents to sign off on this outrage means if their son becomes infected with herpes and dies, or suffers brain damage or other bodily damage, then the parents can’t say “Who me??” when the cops show up with an arrest warrant for child endangerment.  What I cannot understand is why the universal laws in all civilized societies banning oral genital contact between adults and children are not enforced against Jews who insist on this “ritual.”  Ritual my ass.  This is ritualized barbaric perversion and ought to be punished as such.  Where’s that toxic Jew Pam Geller and her hate-mongering subway posters about standing with “civilized people” against savages?  Like . . . tell us again, Pam, who are civilized and who are barbarians???

OK, that’s just the background — here’s the story.  Last Thursday a gaggle of Jews and Jewish organizations in Pam’s neighborhood — groups like the Central Rabbinical Congress of the United States and Canada and the International Bris Association — filed a federal suit in Manhattan against the NYC Board of Health claiming that the NYC parental consent law interferes with the Jews’ First Amendment right to practice their religion anyway they want.  Right, I get it.  And if the ritual was outright sacrificing every other baby boy rather than letting herpes kill just some of them, these radical Jews would claim that to be a 1st Amendment right too.

Good luck with this one, rabbinical sickos.


4.  Speaking of toxic, hate-mongering barbarians, meet this one . . .


You probably don’t know this guy Maulana Fazlullah, but he’s been in the news for years and he was in the news again this week.  He’s the Taliban prick who ordered the hit on the 14 yo Pakistani schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, because she has become internationally known for championing education for girls.  Fazlullah’s cowards with Kalashnikovs went on a school bus, asked which of the girls was Malala, and shot three of them when no one responded.  The report from the Swat Valley is that the Pakistani cops have arrested suspects.  Fazlullah, like all his vermin friends, is hiding in some hole in eastern Afghanistan.  The guy is one of those reptiles that is really hard to get a bullet into.  At least once he was reported as being hit by a drone.  Not so.  Not yet.  Obama’s looking.
The girl Malala survived the assassination attempt, but the news of her condition is all over the place.  First they said critical, then they said she is much improved and they flew her to a more stable location and better medical care, but al Jazeera is reporting her chances of survival are slim.


In the mean time Madonna steps in with more of her slut-antics to try and garner some publicity off of this horrible act.  As you probably know on her MDNA tour she has a strip routine, as if anyone would want to look at this aging slut with no clothes on.  But to get them to look in Los Angeles last night, she preceded the strip with a “heart-felt” rap on Malala’s shooting and even had “Malala” written across her bum when she got all her clothes off.  Real nice, Maddy.  We’re really impressed with your sensitivity and ability to express it.


Psst . . . want a good deal?

John Williams “Will” Coates, ex-Esquire

For a great deal, just steal $670,000 from children who are under you guardianship and risk only six months in jail.  I mean, who wouldn’t risk half a year in soft time sweeping the local court house for over half a million?  Of course, you have to be a lawyer to get a deal like this, particularly a Texas lawyer. . .
What this cretin creep lawyer Will Coates of Austin, TX did was to siphon off $670,000 from his trust account for children who were under his care as a guardian ad litem, which is a lawyer who is supposed to represent and protect the interests of children in divorces or other instances where the parents cannot act.  Felonies normally call for prison time, and this was prosecuted as the worst – a first degree felony.  But the deal this creep got was 6 months in the county jail and 10 years probation.  Although the news article says Coates is required to do restitution, I can find nothing to that effect in either the plea bargain [link ] or the judgment [link ].

Of course, the lawyers and judges in any town all know each other.  The prosecutor,  Gail Van Winkle, and the judge, Mike Lynch, were no doubt two of Coates’ many comrades on the local or state bar, maybe even friends.  If Coats had been a black kid walking out of Wal-Marts with a $500 stolen iPod in his pocket without any local judges or prosecutors for friends, Van Winkle and Lynch would have made damn sure the did real prison time.  But for a lawyer stealing more than half a million from kids he is responsible for  . . . well, justice sometimes works in strange ways, don’t it?


Chevaline Murders — A dedicated webpage

Bloged in Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Thursday October 11, 2012 at about 11:09 pm

Oct11.2012. I have set up a new webpage dedicated to the Chevaline Murders. Here.

This is an attempt to keep the information organized as it continues to come in, although now at a trickle.  The information is table-driven, with tables for links, players, facts, timeline.

Updates to the tables will be noted here at the main LogoPhere site.  This present post might be a good meeting place for folks who want to post comments, theories, corrections to facts, etc.  Just add a comment below.

I’m just getting this going, so the tables are still rough, especially the timeline, which is turning out to be difficult to construct for the time-range of the murders.  Stay tuned.

LogoPhere’s the Daily Dish for Tuesday Oct09.2012

Bloged in Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Tuesday October 9, 2012 at about 11:03 pm

You can see many more of these beautiful petri dish paintings at Klari Reis’ Daily Dish site, and please do.


The Chevaline Murders: A Theory Cloaked as Fiction (to Protect the Innocent)

In the vain and totally unrealistic hope of becoming the world’s next great mystery writer, I would like to present an excerpt of a fiction story I have concocted based on the Chevaline murders.  Of course, this is just a game, and I’m talkin’ to all you defamation lawyers out there who represent ex-RAF pilots when I say that.  There are no accusations here whatsoever, least of all against bicyclists who know how to fly military aircraft, and to the extent that this fiction seems to represent anything or anyone in real life, it is just opinion as to one way these murders could have come down – take it as a guess as to what a fiction writer might come up with given four bodies found in a lay-by along a twisting road in the French Alps on a September afternoon.  So far as I know, all of the witnesses in the real life Chevaline Murders are wonderful, peaceful people who probably don’t even know what a 7.65mm round is.


Mo & Ma are mates, both keen bicyclers who belong to the same bicycle club in the French Alps.  They sometimes ride together and are pretty well matched.  On this beautiful day in early September, they decide to meet at Chevaline to ride the mountain road south of town called Route Forestere Domainale de la Combe d’Ire.  They meet as arranged, take their bikes off of their cars, and begin their climb to the top of the mountain, as far as the paved road goes.

Near the top Ma says he needs a break, and so they stop at a lay-by next to a small stream.  As Mo gets off of his bike, Ma pulls a semi-automatic pistol out of the back pocket of his riding jersey and smokes Mo with 7 rounds.  [Of course, the first 3 chapters develop the motive.  Knowing my audience like I do, I’d probably use something rude, like Ma having an affair with Mo’s wife, or vice versa.  Possibly an international weapons sort of thing, but why pass on the most common reason for murder — sex.  Besides, it sells.]

Just as Ma finishes Mo off, Al and his family come into view as they are driving their BMW up the hill.  They have been out larking about for the day and decide to see what the Combe d’Ire is all about.  They don’t quite see the actual murder but they hear the shots and when they come around a curve, there is Ma standing over Mo, pistol still smoking.  They are suddenly unwitting witnesses to a crime they are about to become a part of.  There is no way around Ma on the narrow road, so the panicked Al backs into the lay-by to try to turn around and head back down the hill.  But Ma is on him.  He puts three rounds through the windscreen.  All Al can do is floor the car in reverse, but he hits the embankment.  He’s trapped.   It’s the end.

Ma tries to finish off the entire family, but runs out of ammo — he hadn’t shot that many rounds since his last trip to the practice range and he didn’t expect to have to wipe out a whole car load.  The only one still moving is a young girl in the front seat who is winged.  He pulls her out and begins pistol whipping her to finish her off.  But he hears a car coming up the road.  “Damn,” he mutters in his British accent, “What is this, Piccadilly Circus?”

Ma realizes that the car’s passengers will see Mo lying by the road, and the two bicycles, so he leaves the girl, now unconscious, puts his empty gun back in his pocket and starts down the road toward the car, feigning disbelief and horror as he stops it short of the murder scene.  There are three hikers in the car, so he knows he can’t overpower them.  Thus, begins his unexpected role as an international hero/witness.  Were it not for these hikers he would have ridden back to Chevaline, put his bike back on his car, gone on home, turned on the TV, and spent the rest of his life an anonymous murderer.  Sometimes life just don’t work out the way we plan it.  Nor death.

LogoPhere’s the Daily Dish for Saturday, Oct06.2012

Bloged in World Events, Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Friday October 5, 2012 at about 10:58 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis.

I have been posting these petri dish pieces for months and they still do not fail to stun me.  More of these beautiful pieces here.

Guest post from Tim Veater on the Al Hilli (aka Chevaline) murders

Oct05.2012.  You may have noticed, as I have, that the MSM and blogosphere have gone cold on the Chevaline murders, which happened just a month ago.  I guess the world has more important matters to keep it occupied like cartoon bomb rants in the UN and two huge egos vying to the position of the most powerful man in the free world.

But while the free world has no end of huge egos wanting to lead it, it also has at least one murderer on the loose who I would dearly love to see tracked down and if not executed on the spot, then tried and executed later.  It is this ghoul who killed four people near Chevaline, France, and who shot and pistol whipped the little girl of two of murdered victims, Mr. and Mrs. Al-Hilli, to within a millimeter of her life.  Previous extensive reports on LogoPhere are here and here and a facts summary table with time-line, which I will be updating based on today’s post.

While most of the world has called this grisly crime the “Al Hilli murders,” it seems to me that because only four of the people killed were named Al Hilli a more accurate name should be applied.  So not to confuse things more than they already are, I have decided to call them the “Chavaline murders” because that is the closest town to the crime scene.

I admit that like most folks I have not been focused on this crime like I was for the week after it happened.  But, thankfully, some folks are keeping up on this.  I have received an Email from Tim Veater who, as you will see, has done a remarkable job of pulling the published facts together and asking relevant, biting questions.  He presents a lot of facts here that I don’t remember seeing before.  If you are interested in this crime and hoping, like I am, that the cops corner this perp or these perps before the end of the year, Tim’s piece will fascinate you.

I am presenting it in the old LogoPhere Weekly .pdf format because of its size and because .pdfs are easier to download and print.

Thanks, Tim.

The Unanswered Questions Surrounding
the Al Hilli Murders – by Tim Veater

Why I Dislike Israel by Philip Giraldi

Bloged in Israelis, America by Gutter Grunt Friday October 5, 2012 at about 9:14 am

Oct05.2012.  Over the next few days I will be re-publishing some important articles from other blogers verbatim here on LogoPhere.  These are pieces that are too important and/or too well written to be paraphrased by me.  Please accept this as an admission that sometimes — most of the time — other people can express my sentiments more clearly and more eloquently than I can, and they don’t use as many F-bombs.

An excellent example is the following piece published yesterday by Philip Giraldi in Antiwar.org.

  Philip Giraldi

Even those pundits who seem to want to distance U.S. foreign policy from Tel Aviv’s demands and begin treating Israel like any other country sometimes feel compelled to make excuses and apologies before getting down to the nitty-gritty. The self-lacerating prologues generally describe how much the writer really has a lot of Jewish friends and how he or she thinks Israelis are great people and that Israel is a wonderful country before launching into what is usually a fairly mild critique.

Well, I don’t feel that way. I don’t like Israel very much. Whether or not I have Jewish friends does not define how I see Israel and is irrelevant to the argument. And as for the Israelis, when I was a CIA officer overseas, I certainly encountered many of them. Some were fine people and some were not so fine, just like the general run of people everywhere else in the world. But even the existence of good upstanding Israelis doesn’t alter the fact that the governments that they have elected are essentially part of a long-running criminal enterprise judging by the serial convictions of former presidents and prime ministers. Most recently, former President Moshe Katsav was convicted of rape, while almost every recent head of government, including the current one, has been investigated for corruption. Further, the Israeli government is a rogue regime by most international standards, engaging as it does in torture, arbitrary imprisonment, and continued occupation of territories seized by its military. Worse still, it has successfully manipulated my country, the United States, and has done terrible damage both to our political system and to the American people, a crime that I just cannot forgive, condone, or explain away.

The most recent outrage is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s direct interference in U.S. domestic politics through his appearance in a television ad appearing in Florida that serves as an endorsement of Republican candidate Mitt Romney. The Netanyahu ad and his involvement in the election has been widely reported in the media and has even been condemned by several leading Jewish congressmen, but it has elicited no response from either Obama or Romney. Both should be condemning in the strongest terms the completely unprecedented intervention by a foreign head of government in an American election. That they are saying nothing is a testament to the power that Israel and its friends in Congress and the media have over the U.S. political establishment. Romney might even privately approve of the ads, as he has basically promised to cede to Netanyahu the right to set the limits for U.S. policy in the Middle East.

And why is Benjamin Netanyahu in such a lather? It is because President Barack Obama will not concede to him a “red line” that would automatically trigger a U.S. attack on Iran. Consider for a moment the hubris of Netanyahu in demanding that Washington meet his conditions for going to war with Iran, a nation that for all its frequently described faults has not attacked anyone, has not threatened to attack anyone, and has not made the political decision to acquire a nuclear weapon in spite of what one reads in the U.S. press. At the U.N., Netanyahu’s chart showing a cartoon bomb with a sputtering fuse reminiscent of something that might have been employed by an anarchist in the 1870s failed to pass any credibility test even for the inevitable cheerleaders in the U.S. media. If the U.S. is to go to war based on a Netanyahu cartoon then it deserves everything it gets when the venture turns sour, most likely Iraq Redux, only 10 times worse.

Even more outrageous, and a lot less reported in the media, were the comments made by Patrick Clawson, director of research for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), an organization founded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). WINEP is widely viewed as a major component of the Israel Lobby in Washington and is closely tied to the Israeli government, with which it communicates on a regular basis. Clawson heads WINEP’s Iran Security Initiative. At a briefing on Sept. 24 he said, “I frankly think that crisis initiation is really tough, and it’s very hard for me to see how the United States … uh … president can get us to war with Iran.… The traditional way America gets to war is what would be best for U.S. interests.”

Note that Clawson states his conviction that initiating a crisis to get the U.S. involved in a war with Iran and thereby fooling the American people into thinking that it is the right thing to do is actually a “U.S. interest.” He cites Pearl Harbor, Fort Sumter, the Lusitania, and the Gulf of Tonkin as models for how to get engaged. Which inevitably leads to Clawson’s solution: “if the Iranians aren’t going to compromise it would be best if someone else started the war … Iranian submarines periodically go down. Some day one of them may not come up…. We are in the game of using covert means against the Iranians. We could get nastier at that.” Clawson is clearly approving of Israel’s staging an incident that would lead to war, possibly even a false-flag operation carried out by Israel that would implicate the United States directly, or he is urging the White House to do the job itself.

Clawson not surprisingly has never served in the U.S. military and has a Ph.D. in economics from the New School for Social Research, which would at first glance seem to disqualify him from figuring out how to set up a covert operation to sink a submarine and thereby start a war. He might be seen as moderately ridiculous, but like many of his neoconservative colleagues he is well wired into the system. He writes regularly for The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal; appears on television as an “expert”; and is a colleague at WINEP of the ubiquitous Dennis Ross, sometimes called “Israel’s lawyer,” who was until recently President Obama’s point man on the Middle East. Clawson is a useful idiot who would be registered as an agent of the Israeli government if the Justice Department were doing its job, but instead he is feted as a man who tells it like it is in terms of American interests. The distortion of the foreign-policy decision-making in this country is something that can be attributed to Clawson and his host of fellow travelers, all of whom promote Israel’s perceived interests at the expense of the United States. And they do it with their eyes wide open.

I will deliberately avoid belaboring another Israel Firster Pamela Geller and her New York subway posters calling Palestinians savages and Israelis civilized, as I am sure the point has been made about how any lie that can serve the cause of Israel will be aggressively defended as “free speech.” A poster excoriating Jews or blacks in similar terms as “savages” would not have seen the light of day in New York City, another indication of the power of the Lobby and its friends to control the debate about the Middle East and game the system.

And then there are the reasons to dislike Israel and what it represents that go way back. In 1952’s Lavon Affair, the Israelis were prepared to blow up a U.S. Information Center in Alexandria and blame it on the Egyptians. In 1967, the Israelis attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty, killing 34 crewmen, and then used their power over President Lyndon Johnson to block an investigation into what had occurred. In 1987, Jonathan Pollard was convicted of spying for Israel with investigators determining that he had been the most damaging spy in the history of the United States. In the 1960s, Israelis stole uranium from a lab in Pennsylvania to construct a secret nuclear arsenal. And the spying and theft of U.S. technology continues. Israel is the most active “friendly nation” when it comes to stealing U.S. secrets, and when its spies are caught, they are either sent home or, if they are Americans, receive a slap on the wrist.

And Israel gets away with killing American citizens — literally — in the cases of Rachel Corrie and Furkan Dogan of the Mavi Marmara. And let’s not forget Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians which has made the United States complicit in a crime against humanity. Tel Aviv has also played a key role in Washington’s going to war against Iraq, in promulgating a U.S.-led global war on terror against the Muslim world, and in crying wolf over Iran, all of which have served no U.S. interest. Through it all, Congress and the media are oblivious to what is taking place. Israel is a net recipient of over $123 billion in U.S. aid and continues to get $3 billion a year even though its per capita income is higher than that of Spain or Italy. No one questions anything having to do with Israel while Congress rubber-stamps resolution after resolution virtually promising to go to war on Israel’s behalf.

I have to admit that I don’t like what my own government is doing these days, but I like Israel even less and it is past time to do something about it. No more money, no more political support, no more tolerance of spying, and no more having to listen to demands for red lines to go to war. No more favorable press when the demented Benjamin Netanyahu holds up a cartoon at the U.N. The United States government exists to serve the American people, no more, no less, and it is time that our elected representatives begin to remember that fact.

The Gutter Grunt’s Election Debate Special, Oct04.2012

Bloged in America, Media Fails by Gutter Grunt Thursday October 4, 2012 at about 1:51 am

  Stay with radio, Jim.

In the wake of last night’s abysmal, chaotic debate, I would like to offer a humble, simple solution to the Commission on Presidential Debates for how to make the candidates behave on stage.  But before that, a few observations.

First, the audience was marvelous.  Not a single cheer, laugh, ring-tone, or fart.  Thank you, well done.  More on farts later in this post.

Second, I have another observation you are not going to see on the blogosphere or MSM: both of these gentlemen have superb minds.  We tend to forget that people who stand up in front of millions of other people and talk off the cuff have brass balls, even Hillary.  I could never do it.  If I had to stand up in front of 70 million viewers, the only thing that would come out in response to the first question would be urine.  I don’t care if they did prepare for 2 years for this debate, they completely mastered the material they studied.  Unfortunately, that material was not relevant to all of the questions asked and so they both just kept spewing out the same arguments regardless of the question.  Totally typical for these debates.

Third, ‘Bama has been an embarrassment and a disappointment for nearly four years, and tonight did nothing to change this blogger’s humble (but indisputably accurate) opinion.  If you bought into the Hope and Change crap, I Hope you have Changed your view about this guy to something more realistic.  Where the fuck was he all night?

With Obamacare, why did he not tell the nation:

“At least you know what you’re getting with Obamacare and we are still trying to improve on it.  Give me a Democratic congress and we will do just that.  With Romeny’s plan all you know is that the states will be in control, which is to say you don’t have a clue what you’ll get. Are you folks in Wisconsin going to rely on your state government to sort out something this complex?  They can’t even sort out their budget.  Are you folks in Florida going to trust your state government to do the right thing when that government has been trying to destroy the voting rights of thousands of people?  You can vote for Obamacare or you can vote for Romney’s pig in a poke.”

Why did he not go after the Republicans as the party of NO?  Why did he not hammer the 47% – a gift for him if ever there was one. Where was he on the outrageous campaign finance rules that drive these stupid elections?  Where was he on the banks and bankers who have raped Americans for decades, and will continue to do so because nobody puts them in jail.  Where was he on Romney’s secret taxes?  Why didn’t he tell the people that a vote for Romney is a vote for 20 more years of a Nazi-dominated Supreme Court and outrageous conservative decisions like Citizens United.  Why did he stand there for 90 minutes with his head up his ass when there are important and scandalous topics Americans want to hear about?  Well . . . Democrat Americans anyway.

Fourth, with respect these guys almost coming to blows with each other and Lehrer over the time, let me say that if I voted — and I don’t, haven’t since Nixon won by a landslide in 1972 — I would vote against the guy who hogged the clock the most.  It seems like a little thing, but it’s not for it tells you just about all you need to know about their real personalities. It’s like driving.  If you ride shot-gun with someone in traffic for 30 minutes you can learn all you’ll ever need to know about them.  I have dumped more than one girlfriend on the basis of this test.  It’s the little things in the way we treat other people that tells the most about who we are.   And judging from what we saw tonight, Mitt is a much, much bigger asshole than ‘Bama.

Having said that, I would like to point out that this debate was not at all uncharacteristic in this regards.  All of these debates I have seen are about huge egos trying to grab as much “red time” as possible – red time being the time the speaker’s red light is on meaning it is time to shut-up.

And having said that, I would like to get on with this humble, simple solution for Commission on Presidential Debates.  There are two, actually:

The speakers have three lights: green, which means keep talkin’, yellow, which means the fuse is getting short, and red, which mean shut up it’s the other guy’s chance now.  The speakers, or course see these lights, that’s how they know when they’re supposed to shut up.  The TV audience should be able to see them, too.  That is the first suggestion.  The red overtime lights should be on the TV screen so there is no question in the viewers’ minds who is hogging the time.

The second suggestion is that as soon as a speaker’s red light comes on, a secondary clock should start running to keep track of that speaker’s functional accumulated red time, or FART.   (I call it “functional” simply to make a relevant four-lettered acronym.) This FART clock should be shown to the candidates and the TV audience.  At the end of each topic or segment the moderator then determines the difference in the FARTs and balances things out.

Let’s say that at the end of the first segment Mitt’s FART was 6.9 accumulated minutes of red time, and ‘Bama’s was 4.2.  The difference is 2.7 more minutes hogged by Mitt than by ‘Bama.  And so ‘Bama is given 2.7 minutes of free time to address any topic raised in that segment and equalize the talk-time while Mitt stands there with his mouth shut.  Then the FART clocks are reset to 0 for the next segment.  Maybe in the next segment ‘Bama hogs the clock and so Mitt has some extra FART minutes at the end to . . . well, fart, which is mostly what they both did last night.  But the point is that everyone wants the last word, and this system gives it to the guy who stays within his time limts.

It’s a simple solution to Jim Lehrer’s total inability to keep these egos on the clock.  Otherwise, give it up, Jim.  After moderating 12 debates it’s time to hang up your spurs if tonight is as good as you can do.

LogoPhere’s The Daily Dish for Wednesday, Oct03.2012

Bloged in America, Good cop/Bad cop, Media Fails, Potpourri, Israeli Firsters by Gutter Grunt Wednesday October 3, 2012 at about 1:18 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis.   See many more examples of this unique artwork here.


1.  Mitt Romney’s neocon Supreme Court pick

Wayne Barrett at The Nation has put up a short but frightening summary of Mitt Romney’s neocon, Muslim-baiting baggage.  I was shocked at how closely tied ole’ Mitt is to Pam Geller that toxic, hate-spewing wench who rants Ayn Rand garbage as if it were part of the Constitution.  I didn’t think to date any politician was suicidal enough to get within ICBM range of Geller.  But not Mitt, it turns out — he’s OK with one degree of separation from this Jewess Muslim-baiter.

The Romney-Geller connection is none other than John Bolton, who has his head up the backsides of both Romney and Geller.  Bolton has been on the campaign trail with Mitt and is said to be a family friend.  He has also appeared at Geller’s hate-speech rallies and in interviews with her.  He wrote the foreword to at least one of her books.  But the really scary thing about Bolton is that he is a shoe-in for Scalia’s seat on the USSCt as soon as Romney gets elected — scary if you care about the Constitution.  Here’s what I wrote for Mondoweiss:

We may laugh now, but if Romney gets elected, one of the things you’ll get is this flaming neocon John Bolton, and it won’t be as Ambassador to the UN. It will be as AG, Sec’y of State, or — most likely — USSCt justice.

The downstream consequences of who gets elected to the WH is more about the USSCt than anything else. Republican-nominated conservatives have run the Court for 20 years, which explains a lot of the mess the US is in. If Romney is elected, that control will extend for another 20 years.

Which brings us to Ginsburg. Lifetime judicial appointments is one of those (many) Constitutional innovations or oversights that makes one think the Fondling Fathers weren’t so smart after all. The problem is that the federal judges and justices get too senile to realize they should retire. Where else in all of government is the employee the only person who can make the decision about when to quit? Even academic tenure has an enforceable “use-by” date.

If Ginsburg had an ounce of brains left, she would have resigned in time for Obama to replace her with a liberal just in case he didn’t win reelection. But nooooooooooooo. Her excuse for hanging on is that her idol was uber-Zionist Louis Brandeis and she wants to serve as long as he did — 23 years. Maybe it’s a Jewish thing. Unfortunately, she is not, and never has been, 1/10th as brilliant as Brandeis.

She is 79 and has 4 more years to go to reach her goal, which means (barring death or incapacitation) Obama won’t have a chance to replace her even if he does get reelected. Hopefully, by that time either Roberts will have completed his Earl Warren metamorphosis to the left or Obama will have made at least two more appointments and it won’t matter (as much).

If your reason for staying entrenched on the highest court in the land is to put in more years than your idol, then you are, by definition, intellectually incapable of doing the job. The good news is that Douglas wasn’t her hero — he went almost 37 years and was the best living reason for a Constitutional amendment to have ever walked the face of the earth.

Yeah, OK, so Atlas shrugged, and when he farted, this was the result.


2.  Sununu goes after Obama — the irony is killing me.

In calling Obama “lazy and detached” on Hannity’s show John Sununu stopped a millimeter short of adding “step-n-fetch-it.”  Then he doubled-down on the phrase with van Sustern. Here’s Greg McDonald’s take over at NewsMax.

That the Republicans rely on Sununu for word-bombing Obama tells us how desperate they are.  This Sununu nemaotde was a freakin’ disaster as a bureaucrat and as much of a disaster as a politician.  Bush I essentially fired him as Chief of Staff in 1991 because he got caught out sucking up taxpayer money to finance his pleasure trips to ski lodges, golf clubs and Republican fund-raises.

Now, apparently running up some u-o-me credits for a position in any possible Romney administration, Sununu is going after Obama with racial slurs.  According to Sununu, Obama is the first president since Bush I that doesn’t do daily face-to-face security briefings, but he’s not really sure about Clinton and he avoids mention of Reagan because the world knows Reagan was lazy/detached incarnate.  IOW what it comes down to is that Sununu is slamming Obama because his approach is different from Bushes I & II, as if reading the daily intel reports and following up by phone is not sufficient.  When the truth is that Bushes I & II were too lazy to pick up the daily intel report and read it — they had to have someone read it to them.

Of course, the Republicans will always do their best to spin spilled blood into political gold and Sununu tries to do that when he alleges Obama’s laziness for not having someone read the intel report to him is what got Ambassador Stevens killed.  According to Sununu, the president is responsible for everything that happens on his watch.

Uh . . . hang on here, John.  Like, on which president’s watch did the WTC crumble into a hole in the ground, even though plenty of intel was passed to the WH house about a possible attack?  Lazy and detached?  Don’t remember you throwing that one out in September 2001.


3.  Calling a spade a spade and a slut a slut

James Molinaro, Borough President of Staten Isl. went out of his way in a political speech to make the point that GaGa is a slut, and made himself famous worldwide in the process.  He even gave a poster show to prove his point.  As I noted here, it was Mike Stock who got this slut-dialog rolling, and we really need to have a national debate on the effect these sluts are having on the country’s moralities, particularly the teens and pre-teens.

Good on you Jim.  Call ‘em like  you see ‘em, and this one ain’t too hard to see, which is why I’ve been expressing the same opinion of the slut repeatedly on this blog.  So how come I’m not famous worldwide?


4.  Idiot Daily Mail headline of the week

Ya’ gotta’ wonder if the Court TV cameras caught that one.  Article.


5.  Idiot blurt of the week goes to Larry Marrero

Meet Detective Larry Marrero, of the Miami Beach Police Dept..  According to Ari Ozder of NBC Miami this guy cost the taxpayers a whole lot of money by being, basically . . . well, shall we say, less than totally competent.

  Larry Marrero, Miami Beach’s own Barney Fife.

The case against the ghoul Joel Lebron should have been pretty simple.  Lebron and his buddies left DNA all over the place when the gang  raped, sodomized, and murdered teenager Ana Maria Angel ten years ago after kidnapping her at random off the street.  The others in the gang were Cesar Mena, Victor Caraballo, and Jesus Roman.  Cesar, Victor and Jesus were convicted.  Victor got the death penalty, but, what with this being Florida and all, that sentence was over-turned on appeal because the prosecution wrongly put a mental health expert on the stand during the sentencing phase.  The sentence is, apparently, being re-tried, but the conviction itself holds.  So far.  A fifth alleged member of the gang, Hector Caraballo, is still waiting for his trial, so the jury is literally not in yet there and he may be found innocent.  Just close your eyes for a moment and try to envision what this girl was up against.

Lebron, who executed the girl along side I-95, actually gave a confession, but the bumbling detectives pushed the wrong button on the tape recorder and got a blank tape.  They didn’t even realize it for weeks.  Not only that, they failed to read Lebron his Miranda rights prior to the confession.  The judge threw the non-taped, non-Mirandazied confession out, but on appeal that decision was over-turned and the state was permitted to use the confession, at least as much of it as the detectives could remember.  So get this: you’ve got detectives going to the stand to testify as to what Lebron confessed, based on their memory, which can’t be all that great given that the reason they have to recall what Lebron said is because they’re so thick they can’t even remember how to operate the tape recorder.  This is a disaster in the making.

So it was hardly a surprise that detective, Larry Marrero, took the stand and blurted out to the jury that Lebron’s buddies had already been convicted.  “Foul ball!!” cries the judge, “Mistrial!!”  Absolutely brilliant, Larry.  Like, whose side is this guy on?    Here’s a shot of Lebron looking pretty happy about the mistrial.

If the term “colon-scum” fits, wear it.

And so Lebron gets another bite at the apple at the taxpayers’ expense.  The poor girl’s mother now has to sit through this excruciating testimony again about how her beautiful daughter was repeatedly raped, sodomized, and then executed by these colon-scum.  The girl’s boy friend has to once again testify how he was beaten while his girl friend was being raped, then stabbed multiple times and left for dead.  Miraculously, in his second appearance Marrero got it right and Lebron got a murder-one conviction – it took the jury an hour.

The odds of this perp escaping the death sentence are about 1000 to 1.  Half the state of Florida will be lining up for tickets to the execution.  It’s one they ought to televise on CSPAN or during the Super Bowl – if they’re still holding Super Bowls when Lebron is finally injected because there is a world of difference between being sentenced to death and being executed.

The problem is that with all the screw ups by the cops, Lebron has a record for appeal that will take decades to resolve.  Not only did these Keystone cops force the state taxpayers to pay for a re-trial, the taxpayers will have to pay for who knows how many appeals and years of feeding, medical care, and housing this piece of slime.  Eventually, justice sometimes prevails.

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