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Logophere Daily Dishes for December, 2012

Bloged in America, BigBro, Good cop/Bad cop, Constitution DoA by Gutter Grunt Sunday December 16, 2012 at about 6:25 pm

Post #538 — Paul C. Garner — Orly Taitz wanna’ be — sues TEPCO in a US federal court over the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami 

USS Ronald Reagan

Paul C. Garner, a NY lawyer licensed in California, has just filed a lawsuit against the Japanese nuke company TEPCO in behalf of 10 US Navy personnel and one baby girl.  If you are into ignoramus lawsuits, you’ll want to dig into this one.  Here’s the summary from Courthouse News, but don’t be a sucker and buy their copy of the complaint.  Those rat-bags will charge you over $30 and it cost them $3.10.  Here it is for free:  Complaint.

Updated Dec28.12

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Post #537  Estimating the minimal number of armed morons in the U.S.: Ted Nugent + 55,999 and counting.

It’s the question everyone has been asking since the Sandy Hook killings: How many armed morons are there in the U.S. anyway?  

Well, we still don’t have a handle on the maximum estimate, but we’re getting a pretty good feel for the low end of the guess.  As of the moment 56,000 people have signed the White House petition to deport Piers Morgan over his anti-assault weapon diatribe, so you know there are at least that many armed morons in the country . . . and counting. 

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Post #536  Two worrying EQ studies out of Japan

Two interesting but troubling scientific articles have been published in the last few days by Japanese seismologists.

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Post #535  Bickers and Berry: Colorado University’s Ding-Dong Duo

Absolutely nobody blinked when partisan clowns and right wing-nuts like George Will, Ari Fleischer, Karl Rove, and Dick Morris fell flat on their faces predicting Romney winning the election. Pundits, shills and other village fools fall on their faces all the time.  We just step over them and keep walking. Nobody blinked because nobody with a brain would ever have expected Will to say that Obama was going to win, even if it was a sure thing. Ditto the others.

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Post #534  Sandy Hook’s Dead Kids — Cui Bono?

Update Dec22.2012

Here is HuffPo’s list of filthy rich gun mongers.
And here is Lawrence O’Donnell’s 19-minute dissection of “cornered rat” Wayne LaPierre.

Eventually we’re going to have to have this difficult discussion. Might as well be now. In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre someone has to ask the question: Who are the idiots who get rich manufacturing and selling the high-powered weaponry that is used by whackos to kill people en masse? Who are the bolt-dolts who acquire multi-million dollar homes and who live up-scale lives by virtue of their essential roles in putting those weapons in the hands of Adam Lanza and his ilk? Who are the people who in their greed are more than willing to play their role in empowering losers like Lanza to kill children? I mean — I’m not being rhetorical here — let’s name names.

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Post #533  Video of sexual assault by Texas troopers — criminal proceedings? 

  Texas trooper Kelley Helleson, looking for a job soon if she’s not in prison for sexual assault.

The cruiser-cam vid from July13.2012 of two Texas troopers conducting illegal, warrantless body cavity searches and illegal warrantless searches of the victims’ car has gone viral, and we need to keep it going. It is clear from the video and from the resulting lawsuit that these Texas troopers – David Ferrell and Kelley Helleson – ought to be indicted for assault, battery, sexual assault, conspiracy to commit sexual assault, and, perhaps, larceny.  They are going before a grand jury in January, according to Dallas NBC., but we all know how local DA’s present cases against their pigs to grand juries in a way that will guarantee no indictment is returned.  The Kelly Thomas case (#525, below) is a good example.  This Texas case will more likely end up as a federal prosecution.  It’s already a federal civil action.  

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Post #532  Sludge-Warriors lose a leader

Maureen Reilly

The electronic age makes many things commonplace that were impossible only decades ago.  One of those things is becoming friends with people you never actually meet, if “meet” means encountering them physically, face-to-face.  Over the past few years I’ve had dozens of Em exchanges and a fair-few telephone conversations with the toughest anti-sludge advocate I know, Maureen Reilly.  But I’ve never had the chance to shake her hand or give her a “real,” i.e., non-verbal, hug.  Now that she is gone, at the age of 58, I feel like I’ve known her all my life.  That lady had, well . . . a presence where it matters most: in people’s hearts.

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Post #530  Why Nancy Lanza was right to own the guns that killed the Sandy Hook kids.

   Louie Gohmert, the Gutter Grunt’s Idiot Texan of the Year nominee

Welp, there was little doubt that even before the kids could be buried, the right wing-nuts would grab the mic and start screaming that if the teachers had been armed everything would have turned out just fine. I was expecting Allan West to be first out of the wacko-box, but an NRA nut-case Republican from Texas beat West to the draw. Louie Gohmert went on – yep, you guessed it – FOX news to spew his toxic shit about how the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School should have had an M-4 in her office, just waiting for armed loonies to come through the door so she could blow their head off – Gohmert’s phrase.

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Post #529  Juan Cole milking the Sandy Hook tragedy for all he can get

Nothing quite like the slaughter of innocent children by a heavily armed nut to bring out the polemics. The NRA has their PR goons already on standby ready to adapt the ole’ more-guns-means-a-safer-America message so that it points out that if those kindergartners had only been armed, this never would have happened.

Equally as noxious will be the lefties pounding their intermittent drum for gun control – the drum that comes out not at election time when it might do some good, but only after a bunch of people get shot up. The more people shot and the younger they are, the louder the drums.

Partisans from both sides will gnaw on each other’s asses for a while and then give it up and go home once the smell of gunpowder has cleared the air.

Juan Cole is a good example. I’ll give you a direct quote:  [Keep reading. . .]


Post #528  More California porcine perps taking out unarmed victims.

James Moody empties his clip into the body of Ernesto Duenez

James Moody, a cop for the Manteca PD, shot and killed an unarmed man named Ernesto Duenez – firing 13 rounds at the guy as he tried to get out of his truck but got his foot caught in the seatbelt. From the video it looks like murder-2 to me, but if Moody ever gets prosecuted for that it’ll be a fine day.  What was Duenez’s crime?  There was a report on him for domestic violence.  But his crime was being Hispanic in a scum-bucket California town.  Read more.


Post #527 Help Abe Foxman keep the anti-anti-semetic BS flowing 

The ADL needs your help perpetuating its “hasbara.”


Post #526  Brooklyn Satmar Orthodox Jew, convicted pedophile, now faces up to 115 years in state pen.

  Nechemya Weberman

Looking at up to 115 years in the state pen.


Post #525  The Three Little Pigs they ain’t.  Reviewing the Kelly Thomas cop brutality case.


The sad, infuriating case of Fullerton, CA cops beating homeless man to death revisited.



Fukushima alert — 5am, PST.

Fukushima being hit by blizzard of 6+ earthquakes, max’ing at 7.3 so far.  What I have so far is here.


Post #524  A question posed in behalf of Yaseen Ali and Roderick.

Yaseen Ali    Roderick

What is it about religion that turns people into sickos?


Post #523  Once again the Axis of Apartheid stand together against peace 

You’ll never guess who voted against yesterday’s UN resolution pissing on Israel because it refuses to join the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.


Post #522  Susan Rice and the Keystone XL connection 

Tar sands disaster, Ft. McMurrary, Alberta

Will Susan Rice’s huge personal investments in Keystone help her bid for Secretary of State?


Post #521  Orthodox Jews busted during the Nechemya Weberman child-sex trial.

This weird, sick case just got weirder and sicker.  Previous post on this case: #519


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