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RT’s editors will have blood on their hands

Bloged in Middle East, World Events, Sports & Jocks by Gutter Grunt Sunday January 26, 2014 at about 9:58 am

Vasily Slonov

Five days ago I observed how RT had completely ignored the threats from the group of violent Muslim Mental Midgets called  Vilayat Dagestan, who warned that they will deliver a “present” to Putin at Sochi.  I wondered whether RT — a government “news” source — was just slow out of the gate on this important story or trying to bury it.  Now we have the answer:  No, RT is not just incompetent, it is negligent.  And dangerous.

What obligation does a news agency have to report threats of violence to those who patronize its principal?  Would the Canadian news outlets have had an obligation to advertise to the world threats by Muslim Idiot Extremists against the Vancouver Winter Olympics?  I would say the answer is “Definitely, yes” if, as in this case, the same Muslim Mental Midgets had just killed dozens of people in bomb attacks.  That makes it a “credible threat” as the US intel people like to say when looking for a reason to rip into someone’s communications.  The public has a right to know of such dangers to their lives, and the relevant government has a duty to be sure the public has all of the credible information required to make a decision whether or not to attend.

Not only has RT refused to comment on last week’s threats from Vilayat Dagestan, the threats since then have been a constant drone and not a word from RT.  NBC reports the latest threat coming in the form of another video posted Friday.  As of today, RT is completely mum.

RT is one of the more reliable news sources out there when it comes to bringing to light serious problems in the West that don’t get aired elsewhere.  But now we see what it really is — a source of Russian news-as-propaganda.  This is worse than the Jewish news cabal.  Whoever is running RT at the moment is focused mainly on Kiev and bringing down the Ukrainian government.  They need to focus on Russia and threats to thousands and thousands of people who will be participating in and watching the Olympics — not just to alert those people to real threats, but to stake out its position as a legitimate, independent news agency and not merely another outlet controlled by government and power.

RT, and by extension Putin, is not just being incompetent, it is being dangerously negligent.  If anything happens in Sochi, these editors will have blood on their hands.

Jan21.2104 — How “autonomous” is RT, really?

Bloged in Middle East, World Events, Afghanistan/Pakistan by Gutter Grunt Tuesday January 21, 2014 at about 8:46 am


HuffingTon of BS Post is reporting via Reuters that another group of violent Muslim Mental Midgets, Vilayat Dagestan, has posted a video warning that they will deliver a “present” to Putin at Sochi. These 3Ms also claimed “credit,” as if credit is given for such things, for the suicide bombings in Volgograd, in which 34 people were killed. This story is news this morning on many Western MSM channels, including ABC, NBC, CBC, Australian news, etc. At least one report says the two morons in this video were the ones who carried out the Volgograd attacks, but I remember quite clearly that a woman was reported as blowing the bus, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

But the reason I’m bringing this to your attention is, well . . . there’s two reasons.

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Jan12.2104 — Xeonphobia and iatrophobia both have evolutionary value

Bloged in Viral threats, Environment -- Nature screwing humans, Canada by Gutter Grunt Sunday January 12, 2014 at about 11:54 pm

We have just had one of the most significant biological events in history and all the US MSM can talk about is the George Washington Bridge. Makes you wonder, yet again, what idiots control the news.

It has just been revealed that on Jan03 a young woman in Alberta became the first person in N. America to die of the H5N1 virus. The Canadian press are on it a little late, but are on it. The US press are, like, hyperventilating about 2016 with their heads up Christie’s butt, which is big enough to accommodate them all.

The dead woman was on Air Canada flight 030 from Beijing to Vancouver on Dec27 when she had her first symptoms. Then she flew Vancouver to Edmonton on Air Canada flight 244. When she first checked into the hospital in Edmonton, they told her to go home because she wasn’t coughing. Let me repeat that . . .

We have doctors in Edmonton, Alberta who are so stupid that when a patient arrives with flu symptoms straight off of the plane from China where bird flu of every H and N description known is rampant, they tell her to go home, take an aspirin, and call us in the morning. The woman was dead 2 days later.

If you live in Canada, the scary thing is not that you might contract H5N1. Your chances are next to nil. The scary thing is that you will be treated by a doctor with less common sense than a Chinese chicken. Here is the story. And hereHere.

Jan11.2014 — MP: Yugoslavia Invasion of UK Likely

Bloged in Wing-Nuts (Right), Europe by Gutter Grunt Saturday January 11, 2014 at about 5:48 pm

Brain transplant badly needed by this right wing-nut Conservative UK MP, Nadine Dorries. According to The Independent, while ginning up fears of EU immigrants invading Britain, she claimed on live TV that:

“There has been no tidal wave but there might be tomorrow, there might be next year - we don’t know – and that is the problem.  We could have a tidal wave from Yugoslavia.”

Ha, ha, ha . . . joke’s on her.  Yugoslavia isn’t even a member of the European Union. Dumb blonde . . .

Mad Nad claims she is entitled to the mistake because she worked in Yugoslavia, but her Wiki page doesn’t mention it.  It says Zambia, so she probably got that wrong. too.

She was sacked by the Conservative Party for being on one of those survival reality shows.  I guess sacking her for having a marshmallow brain would have been too obvious.

Jan08.2013 — INCOMING!!!

Bloged in Environment -- Nature screwing humans by Gutter Grunt Tuesday January 7, 2014 at about 11:54 pm


Solar-freaks have been watching two sunspots rotate into an earth-facing direction for about 4 days now. One, so-called “1944,” is quite huge and complex. Just as 1944 got pointed right at the earth it peeled off what’s called a Class X1.2 flare. X is the most powerful classification, followed by M, if you can figure that out. Worse, this flare threw a coronal mass ejection right at us. A CME is basically a bunch of electrons and protons (mass) burped up with the usual photons.

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Jan03.2013 — More Daily Fails, and a couple of others, to kick off the New Year

Bloged in Media Fails by Gutter Grunt Friday January 3, 2014 at about 9:47 am

In a sorry attempt to keep this blog running while I finish my article on the Ghouta Massacre, here is my latest collection of idiot media fails, mostly from the greatest generator of media fails ever, the UK Daily Fail

One — We start off with one that has to win some sort of DM stupidity prize. DM front page Dec11. Just to get it straight, it was not the dead 78 yo grandmother who was high..

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