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Thanks, Nino. Thanks, Leroy.

Bloged in America, Courts by Gutter Grunt Sunday February 14, 2016 at about 11:43 pm


Antonin Scalia, 1936-2016

Leroy Hassell, Sr., 1955-2011

Criminal lawyers deal with Nino Scalia’s opinions and dissents on a regular basis, and will understandably have an ambivalent emotional reaction to his death because Scalia could occasionally lean as far to the left as he did to the right. But I wonder how many of the millions of accused who have been even more directly affected by Nino’s views on the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments ever recognized the role he played in their lives. I was one of those, in an off-handed sort of way.


Three scenarios/outcomes for Hillary Clinton and her federal prosecution, vel non

Bloged in America, Elections by Gutter Grunt Wednesday February 10, 2016 at about 5:48 pm

As  a man much smarter than myself once said: 50% of politics is about payback. There is a deep current of payback running through the population, and the Clintons will reap what they’ve sown. I think wanting to dock their clock once and for all is more of a factor for most women than any feminist/gender bias.


If Victoria Sharp is lying, she needs to stop.

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Right) by Gutter Grunt Thursday February 4, 2016 at about 12:39 am

Right  off the bat I want to make it clear that in this post I am not going to get into my whole Christian, Ten Commandments, Thou Shall Not Lie, anti-righteous right-wing pricks thing.  I’m not even going to mention, for instance, that Victoria Sharp is advertised as an 18-yo “Christian singer” or that she was singing Christian hymns with the Malheur dildos shortly before Robt. LaVoy Finicum was gunned down by the FBI on Jan26|2016.  I mean, if these armed Christian Tea Party “patriots” have figured out a way to lie and be Christians at the same time, like a lot of priests and bishops we’ve all read about, then, who am I — as a non-Christian, non-Muslim, non-Jew, non-armed-to-the-teeth Tea Party patriot,  Big Lebowsky-style do-you-have-any-khalua pacifist — to be casting the first, proverbial stone?  All I’m saying is that if Victoria Sharp is lying, she needs to stop.  Oh, sorry — already said that in the headline.


A close-up timeline of the Robt. LaVoy Finicum ambush

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Right), Good cop/Bad cop, Government screw-ups by Gutter Grunt Tuesday February 2, 2016 at about 6:51 pm

On  Jan26|2016 the FBI and Oregon State Troopers ambushed a white pick-up truck carrying the wacko leaders of Citizens for Constitutional Freedom who invaded the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Jan02|2016.  A fat, left-handed cop in dark uniform short sleeves stole up behind Robt. LaVoy Finicum and shot him dead. Finicum, according to the FBI, was armed with a 9mm pistol, and it looks like he was reaching for it. Finicum had said previously that, in effect, he would never be taken alive. He wasn’t. 


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