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NYT’s Paul Krugman — “frazzled, sleepless, depressed” — on suicide watch after botched market-collapse prediction

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Left), Elections by Gutter Grunt Wednesday November 16, 2016 at about 8:14 pm

Lighten up, Paul, one outa’ two ain’t that bad. 

A Mickey Mouse coin-flip:
Krugman goes one for two

A fella’ would have to be a moron not to see that Paul Krugman is one, too. In this LogoPhere Bullet List Analysis I want to ’splain why that is, relying on Krugman’s sequence of four risible post-election articles published Nov09-Nov14.


A few points to mull during post-election purgatory

Bloged in America, Elections by Gutter Grunt Saturday November 12, 2016 at about 6:11 pm

A LogoPhere Bullet List Analysis

Apparently not

There is an awfully lot to unpack during these days of political purgatory between the election and the inauguration. Here is a start, emphasizing a few insufferable “deplorables” floating in a basket in the perennial swamp of ponderous idiocy that is the Democratic Party:

  • Kiki Ginsburg is probably a nice lady, but she’s an idiot.

  • Nate Silver is a probably a nice guy, but he’s a huckster and a charlatan.

  • Pussy-IED blows up in the face of David Fahrenthold, a deplorable nonpareil

  • The good news for everyone: no real IEDs went off on election day

  • Talk about ponderous idiocy, here come the loser Democrat morons crying about the electoral college

  • The Democrats have a long way to get back to the Democratic Party of Will Rogers, but if they don’t, then they should stop calling themselves “Democrats”


The HuffPoo steps in it again

Bloged in America, Media Fails, Elections by Gutter Grunt Saturday November 12, 2016 at about 6:07 pm

The October IED that backfired 

Once  it became clear last year that Huffington Post’s coverage of the 2016 presidential election was nothing more than a huge in-kind, campaign contribution from Arianna Huffington to Hillary Clinton Hilton and a continuation of the free-ride given pervert Bill Clinton Bilton for many years, I took the HuffPoo propaganda site off my list of tabloids to keep an eye on. My position is that if media want to endorse a candidate, then do it openly and keep it on the opinion page. And when you’ve got a disgusting international, mega-tabloid like the Daily Fail attacking HuffPoo for shoddy sensationalist propaganda, that tells you just about all you need to know about how deep in the gutter HuffPoo has sunk.

The object of the D Fail’s discontent was an idiot Nov02|16 article by HuffPoo reporter Ryan Grim: Donald Trump Is Accused of Raping A 13-Year-Old. Why Haven’t The Media Covered It?


The Ryoko-registry: Murder Victims Decide the Death Penalty Question

Bloged in America, Courts by Gutter Grunt Wednesday November 2, 2016 at about 9:07 pm

Liliana Sergura at The Intercept has posted a must-read article on the two death-penalty propositions Californians will vote on next Tuesday: Prop 62 takes the death penalty off of the table entirely; Prop 66 puts post-sentencing proceedings in death penalty cases on a fast track. 

With these two mutually exclusive propositions, the issue of how California deals with its muddled death sentence situation could not be placed before the voters more clearly. The almost 800 convicted murders on California’s death rows will be sleeping uneasily from now until next Wednesday morning.

But, as is virtually always the case with important policy issues, California’s either-or options and the wholly-within-the-box thinking eclipse and, ultimately, obviate discussion of more imaginative solutions to these incredibly difficult moral questions, such as: Who should determine whether or not a convicted murderer pays with his/her life? And how can those decisions be made in a way that filters out bias due to the gender, race, and ethnicity of the murderer?


Short-shots and Follow-ups

Bloged in Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Wednesday November 2, 2016 at about 9:04 pm

A few quick news-stories, observations,
and follow-ups to keep us focused.

~  Hilton has a problem, and it’s bigger than Trump or Emails

~  Pennsylvania heading to become full-on Stasi police state with HB1538

~ Slate’s Franklin Foer is beginning to look like a blithering idiot over his
Trump-Russia spoof


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