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The Daily Dish for Mar30.2012

Bloged in Afghanistan/Pakistan, Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Friday March 30, 2012 at about 11:30 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [my favorite Klari dish so far]

Did Bales have help?  More Panjawi Massacre survivor stories claiming there were more than one US Army kiddie-killers.   This video by an Australian reporter Yalda Hakim who is an Afghani expat is disturbing, but odd.  The survivors are claiming 15-20 perps were involved, but the two guards clearly say Bales came and went from the base alone.  I’ve been wondering what Bales meant when he returned to base and said “I was the one who did it.”  Does that mean there was someone else who could have “done it” but didn’t?  Note that the US tried to keep Hakim and her cameraman away from the villages until Karzi intervened.  The Army is saying it cannot get into the villages to conduct an investigation, and Bales’ lawyer is saying, unless you have bodies, you don’t have a case.

Fulminating fratricide.  It would be bad enough if your kid came home from Afghanistan in a bag after having taken a round from the Taliban, but what if he was killed by his “comrade”?  Fire Dog Lake claims 1/3 of all deadly attacks on US forces in Afghanistan are not from the enemy but from the Afghan Army, which is supposed to be on our side.  Or we are supposed to be on their side.  Or whatever.  Now US bases are required to post an armed guard to watch our ally’s guys.  I can remember in Vietnam how we felt the ARVN were inept, poorly trained, poorly motivated, and couldn’t be trusted to hold up their end of a firefight.  But I don’t remember the ARVN ever opening fire on us.  Maybe if they had we would have left a lot sooner and as a result there would be fewer names on The Wall today.   

Prostitute blames McD’s  You knew this story was going to come from either CA or FL.  A whore has sued McD’s in California state court because . . . well, because her husband who owns a McD’s franchise in CA “forced” her into prostitution in Nevada.  O. . .K. . . . (She was really a very nice girl before getting tied up with this burger-bum.)  While this approach at sucking money out of McD’s may get high marks for novelty and creativity, why not just dump hot coffee on your crotch or plant a cockroach in your fries?

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