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The Daily Dish for Monday, Apr16.2012

Bloged in Israelis, Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Monday April 16, 2012 at about 10:35 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [See her site. She has 365 of these things!]

Pravda beats up on Israel  You know you smell like bad fish to most of the world when the Russian msm starts berating you.  Here is Pravda asking what’s the big deal w/ N. Korea ignoring UN resolutions when Israel has been doing the same thing for the same reasons for 50 years.  Note how this guy, Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey refers to the French, UK, US alignment as the FUKUS-Axis.  Brilliant, I’ve never seen that before.  But as far as all the times Israel has told the UN to FUKU here is a much more complete inventory of busted resolutions.

Meet Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, just another malicious Semite carrying an M-16:   This week’s YouTube of people with tiny testicles wielding too much local power is a Israeli senior military officer, Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, planting the butt of an M-16 in the face of an unarmed, non-violent, non-resisting peace activist.  This malicious Semite is another example of the reasons for the growing international hatred of Israel, it’s people, and it’s apartheid policies.  As a result of the inevitable extension of hatred by association, the US is finding itself as a target of this same growing hatred.  After all those M-16s are US weapons.  I hope the irony of this fat-ass being named “Shalom” will be lost on no one.

Why is Mossad killing all those Iranian nuke experts?  Here’s a story from Arms Control Wonk that pretty well explains the problem in Iran.  It is another story of how when the Bushies kicked butt in Iraq in 2003, all of the nuclear weapons development in the Middle East came to a sudden halt — except Israel’s.  What the US doesn’t realize is that it would be a lot easier to force Israel to give up its nukes and that would take the incentive away for the rest of the ME to protect itself from an Israeli nuke attack.

Body Mass Index insanity  In an attempt to lighten up a bit, here’s the latest on BMI: anything that sounds too good is.  The BMI sounds like an easy way to determine if you weigh to much for your height.  Simply divide your weight by your height and look at the table.  The only problem is this: it’s dumb.  Some are calling it the Baloney Mass Index.

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