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Bloged in America, Good cop/Bad cop, Media Fails, Potpourri, Israeli Firsters by Gutter Grunt Wednesday October 3, 2012 at about 1:18 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis.   See many more examples of this unique artwork here.


1.  Mitt Romney’s neocon Supreme Court pick

Wayne Barrett at The Nation has put up a short but frightening summary of Mitt Romney’s neocon, Muslim-baiting baggage.  I was shocked at how closely tied ole’ Mitt is to Pam Geller that toxic, hate-spewing wench who rants Ayn Rand garbage as if it were part of the Constitution.  I didn’t think to date any politician was suicidal enough to get within ICBM range of Geller.  But not Mitt, it turns out — he’s OK with one degree of separation from this Jewess Muslim-baiter.

The Romney-Geller connection is none other than John Bolton, who has his head up the backsides of both Romney and Geller.  Bolton has been on the campaign trail with Mitt and is said to be a family friend.  He has also appeared at Geller’s hate-speech rallies and in interviews with her.  He wrote the foreword to at least one of her books.  But the really scary thing about Bolton is that he is a shoe-in for Scalia’s seat on the USSCt as soon as Romney gets elected — scary if you care about the Constitution.  Here’s what I wrote for Mondoweiss:

We may laugh now, but if Romney gets elected, one of the things you’ll get is this flaming neocon John Bolton, and it won’t be as Ambassador to the UN. It will be as AG, Sec’y of State, or — most likely — USSCt justice.

The downstream consequences of who gets elected to the WH is more about the USSCt than anything else. Republican-nominated conservatives have run the Court for 20 years, which explains a lot of the mess the US is in. If Romney is elected, that control will extend for another 20 years.

Which brings us to Ginsburg. Lifetime judicial appointments is one of those (many) Constitutional innovations or oversights that makes one think the Fondling Fathers weren’t so smart after all. The problem is that the federal judges and justices get too senile to realize they should retire. Where else in all of government is the employee the only person who can make the decision about when to quit? Even academic tenure has an enforceable “use-by” date.

If Ginsburg had an ounce of brains left, she would have resigned in time for Obama to replace her with a liberal just in case he didn’t win reelection. But nooooooooooooo. Her excuse for hanging on is that her idol was uber-Zionist Louis Brandeis and she wants to serve as long as he did — 23 years. Maybe it’s a Jewish thing. Unfortunately, she is not, and never has been, 1/10th as brilliant as Brandeis.

She is 79 and has 4 more years to go to reach her goal, which means (barring death or incapacitation) Obama won’t have a chance to replace her even if he does get reelected. Hopefully, by that time either Roberts will have completed his Earl Warren metamorphosis to the left or Obama will have made at least two more appointments and it won’t matter (as much).

If your reason for staying entrenched on the highest court in the land is to put in more years than your idol, then you are, by definition, intellectually incapable of doing the job. The good news is that Douglas wasn’t her hero — he went almost 37 years and was the best living reason for a Constitutional amendment to have ever walked the face of the earth.

Yeah, OK, so Atlas shrugged, and when he farted, this was the result.


2.  Sununu goes after Obama — the irony is killing me.

In calling Obama “lazy and detached” on Hannity’s show John Sununu stopped a millimeter short of adding “step-n-fetch-it.”  Then he doubled-down on the phrase with van Sustern. Here’s Greg McDonald’s take over at NewsMax.

That the Republicans rely on Sununu for word-bombing Obama tells us how desperate they are.  This Sununu nemaotde was a freakin’ disaster as a bureaucrat and as much of a disaster as a politician.  Bush I essentially fired him as Chief of Staff in 1991 because he got caught out sucking up taxpayer money to finance his pleasure trips to ski lodges, golf clubs and Republican fund-raises.

Now, apparently running up some u-o-me credits for a position in any possible Romney administration, Sununu is going after Obama with racial slurs.  According to Sununu, Obama is the first president since Bush I that doesn’t do daily face-to-face security briefings, but he’s not really sure about Clinton and he avoids mention of Reagan because the world knows Reagan was lazy/detached incarnate.  IOW what it comes down to is that Sununu is slamming Obama because his approach is different from Bushes I & II, as if reading the daily intel reports and following up by phone is not sufficient.  When the truth is that Bushes I & II were too lazy to pick up the daily intel report and read it — they had to have someone read it to them.

Of course, the Republicans will always do their best to spin spilled blood into political gold and Sununu tries to do that when he alleges Obama’s laziness for not having someone read the intel report to him is what got Ambassador Stevens killed.  According to Sununu, the president is responsible for everything that happens on his watch.

Uh . . . hang on here, John.  Like, on which president’s watch did the WTC crumble into a hole in the ground, even though plenty of intel was passed to the WH house about a possible attack?  Lazy and detached?  Don’t remember you throwing that one out in September 2001.


3.  Calling a spade a spade and a slut a slut

James Molinaro, Borough President of Staten Isl. went out of his way in a political speech to make the point that GaGa is a slut, and made himself famous worldwide in the process.  He even gave a poster show to prove his point.  As I noted here, it was Mike Stock who got this slut-dialog rolling, and we really need to have a national debate on the effect these sluts are having on the country’s moralities, particularly the teens and pre-teens.

Good on you Jim.  Call ‘em like  you see ‘em, and this one ain’t too hard to see, which is why I’ve been expressing the same opinion of the slut repeatedly on this blog.  So how come I’m not famous worldwide?


4.  Idiot Daily Mail headline of the week

Ya’ gotta’ wonder if the Court TV cameras caught that one.  Article.


5.  Idiot blurt of the week goes to Larry Marrero

Meet Detective Larry Marrero, of the Miami Beach Police Dept..  According to Ari Ozder of NBC Miami this guy cost the taxpayers a whole lot of money by being, basically . . . well, shall we say, less than totally competent.

  Larry Marrero, Miami Beach’s own Barney Fife.

The case against the ghoul Joel Lebron should have been pretty simple.  Lebron and his buddies left DNA all over the place when the gang  raped, sodomized, and murdered teenager Ana Maria Angel ten years ago after kidnapping her at random off the street.  The others in the gang were Cesar Mena, Victor Caraballo, and Jesus Roman.  Cesar, Victor and Jesus were convicted.  Victor got the death penalty, but, what with this being Florida and all, that sentence was over-turned on appeal because the prosecution wrongly put a mental health expert on the stand during the sentencing phase.  The sentence is, apparently, being re-tried, but the conviction itself holds.  So far.  A fifth alleged member of the gang, Hector Caraballo, is still waiting for his trial, so the jury is literally not in yet there and he may be found innocent.  Just close your eyes for a moment and try to envision what this girl was up against.

Lebron, who executed the girl along side I-95, actually gave a confession, but the bumbling detectives pushed the wrong button on the tape recorder and got a blank tape.  They didn’t even realize it for weeks.  Not only that, they failed to read Lebron his Miranda rights prior to the confession.  The judge threw the non-taped, non-Mirandazied confession out, but on appeal that decision was over-turned and the state was permitted to use the confession, at least as much of it as the detectives could remember.  So get this: you’ve got detectives going to the stand to testify as to what Lebron confessed, based on their memory, which can’t be all that great given that the reason they have to recall what Lebron said is because they’re so thick they can’t even remember how to operate the tape recorder.  This is a disaster in the making.

So it was hardly a surprise that detective, Larry Marrero, took the stand and blurted out to the jury that Lebron’s buddies had already been convicted.  “Foul ball!!” cries the judge, “Mistrial!!”  Absolutely brilliant, Larry.  Like, whose side is this guy on?    Here’s a shot of Lebron looking pretty happy about the mistrial.

If the term “colon-scum” fits, wear it.

And so Lebron gets another bite at the apple at the taxpayers’ expense.  The poor girl’s mother now has to sit through this excruciating testimony again about how her beautiful daughter was repeatedly raped, sodomized, and then executed by these colon-scum.  The girl’s boy friend has to once again testify how he was beaten while his girl friend was being raped, then stabbed multiple times and left for dead.  Miraculously, in his second appearance Marrero got it right and Lebron got a murder-one conviction – it took the jury an hour.

The odds of this perp escaping the death sentence are about 1000 to 1.  Half the state of Florida will be lining up for tickets to the execution.  It’s one they ought to televise on CSPAN or during the Super Bowl – if they’re still holding Super Bowls when Lebron is finally injected because there is a world of difference between being sentenced to death and being executed.

The problem is that with all the screw ups by the cops, Lebron has a record for appeal that will take decades to resolve.  Not only did these Keystone cops force the state taxpayers to pay for a re-trial, the taxpayers will have to pay for who knows how many appeals and years of feeding, medical care, and housing this piece of slime.  Eventually, justice sometimes prevails.

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