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Bloged in Israelis by Gutter Grunt Wednesday March 29, 2017 at about 5:21 pm

Mar29| 2017

On Jan19 I noted what cowards the Israeli Defense Forces are as indicated by a vid of them all peeing their panties and running like scared bunnies from an alleged attack in Jerusalem.

There’s another YT now circulating that displays the institutional IDF cowardice: 15 or so of them terrorize an 8 yo boy in Hebron until a bunch of old women storm in and rescue the kid.

The vid, which was produced by B’Tselem, is up on IAK, and they give a narrative of what happens. Also, there are several copies on YT, but I have not been able to get any of these vids to play in my FireFox browser.  When I download the YT vid, it plays just fine with my VLC media player.

If you are able to get a copy to play, notice particularly the iJew soldier with his helmet cover all askew — he is the real trouble-maker here. But he will probably be awarded an Israeli medal of valor for terrorizing the Palestinian boy.

Disgusting iJews . . .it never ends.


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