Tap The Market Gaps In Your Business

The market should be big so that it can sustain the growth. It should have products existing because that will make sure that there is demand in the market. You should also have a customer base that can be easily identified. Without this, you cannot have a market to support your business.

The niche markets can be used to copy the gaps in the market. So for this suppose that you see that some other business owner has filled a niche gap in a particular industry then you can recreate this and use it similarly in your business. Like suppose you have seen someone enter the woman’s clothing industry you can do similarly in the kids clothing industry.

The legislations that are pending

There could be changes in the industries because of many legal uses. The state and the federal legislation may end up creating gaps in the market. This could lead to many changes in that industry. If you are able to predict those changes successfully then this will let you identify the gaps in the market early and you can then do it on time and take advantage of them.

To be able to make use of this you need to be aware of the industry laws. You can check the updates that are put out by the trade organizations.

Solve the problems that are unsolved

You need to be able to get the essence of the market. You will then have to answer the questions that are yet to be solved. This will let you get close to customers and your products will start to get sold to them.

You could approach your customers and ask them about what they think is missing in the market. You could also look at the trend in the industry for this. The customer surveys give you a lead into this direction. You could also do research on how your competitors are doing and understand what they are doing wrong. This will give you a chance to do the things better.

When you focus on a gap in the market you make sure that you do not get into a market that is already heavily saturated. If the market is already saturated then this is a dead end for your business. You thus check this before you decide to tap a gap in the market.

Find more info on ways to be profitable by making use of the gaps in the market and using it to grow your business.

How market pricing is done and what is its relevance?

It is important for a person who is hell-bent on learning forex trading to understand how a market functions and how well money can be managed. Similar to this scenario is the need to understand each step and what are the basic guidelines to indulge in the trading. The process of learning in these markets involves getting to know about a small number of new terms and understand what each of them means and intends to be. This introduction is an absolute necessity while considering forex trading and their respective money making techniques. 

With learning the basics it becomes quite easier to calculate profit and this makes the currency trading easier and faster as well. It is always better to analyze and understand the profit ratios which makes it possible to ensure that the currency pairs are good enough to make them a substantial profit.

Rather than waiting for opportunities come to you, you should ensure that one way or the other we have to maximize the profit based only on reliable prices and exceptional trading strategies. The opportunities in the market are entirely increased only based on how sensible you are in your trades and strategies.

There are global trading platforms that are a popular means to make more money and it is an easy way of indexing and sharing the commodities through relevant details in the way the investment needs to be done. The demands of the customers are quite high and they do want to make a change in the market one way or the other. This selection of an appropriate trading platform means there is a good chance that the professionals have intended it to be a success.

Another widely acceptable alternative to single handed investment is the role of trusted brokers who can guide a person especially if the investor is an amateur and wish to make profits. The possibility of having a good broker is high as there are rewards in the way a broker will play out in making money. There will be maximum reliability in the trading policies, along with strategies for executing trades and at the same time using sophisticated tools for trading which can predict the market properly without much difficulty and the prediction will be almost always successful. The guidance is a professional one and which helps for a stronger financial background and so the regulations are in place that helps investors to find this to be the optimal technique in itself.

Why future trading is better than trading in stock

Futures are a derivative instrument that derives its value from another financial asset like the bond, stock index or traditional stock.  Futures are an ideal way through which a trader could manage and hedge risks.  If you are interested to earn a profit by means of speculation, futures are the right choice for you.   However, if you are a beginner to trading, you can take the help of different online platforms that help you take the right decision while trading.  This Site is an example of a reputed online trading platform.

Future contracts have many advantages over stock trading because of the way it is traded and structured.  Listed below are few of them.

Execution and commissions costs are low- The commission on the future trades are quite low and it would be charged only when the position gets closed. The total commission or brokerage is normally just 0.5% of the value of the contract. However, it also depends on the service level offered by the broker. The online trading commission will be bare minimum as compared to the full-service brokers.

Speculators could make quick money- Investors who are good in making the right judgment could easily make money trading futures as he is trading with much more exposure as compared to the normal stock market. Also, the price tends to move quickly in the futures market than in sport or cash markets. However, there is a chance of losing money. The loss could be minimized by opting for the stop-loss orders.

Future markets are fair and more efficient- In future markets, it is quite tough to trade using the inside information. For instance, no one can predict the weather or the next government action policy.

Futures are apt for hedging or diversification- Futures are a good way to manage or hedge different types of risks.  Organizations that are engaged in foreign trade make use of futures to manage the interest rate and foreign exchange risk by locking in the rate if they anticipate a future drop in rates and are planning for a sizeable investment.  Futures help in increasing the efficiency of the underlying market as they lower the future unforeseen costs of buying the assets outright.  For instance, it is much more efficient and cheaper to go in a particular asset than to purchase every stock to replicate the index.

However, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the market, economy, government policies, etc to excel in the futures market.

Raising Funds For A Start-Up

A lot of people have great ideas and want to start a company of their own. Start-ups are so named because they actually start functioning and then expand. A most common problem for a startup is of funds. A number of good ideas just fall by the wayside because of lack of funds. It is important to understand that just having or securing funds is also not enough. To utilize the funds you have is equally important. It is a continuous process and they cannot relax after receiving any funds. One big challenge is to choose the right source of funding. There are many sources and each source has its own advantages and disadvantages. Understanding your needs with the source is necessary. Crowdfunding has become a very popular source of funds in recent years. As the name suggests, you are actually asking a crowd of people to fund you. You present an idea to people and they can decide how much money they want to give. The amount can vary from very large to very small. People should feel connected in some way. Angel Investors are people who after making money want to invest in other start-ups. Angel investors not only give money but can also guide and mentor and provide a good network of connections. Some of the biggest companies today received their first round of funding from angel investors. Perhaps the most common method of raising funds is to take a bank loan. It may require a lot of paperwork and even a guarantee. For a start-up, the terms may be a bit difficult to fulfill.

A venture capitalist is different from an angel investor. The goal of a venture capitalist is to aim to invest early in a business that shows high potential for growth. The main aim is to make a profit. They usually take shares of the company in return for their funding. As they aim for big profits, they scrutinize very thoroughly before investing. Of course, getting a business partner who will bring in funding is a very common idea. One has to be very clear right from the beginning about the kind of partnership you are aiming for. Whichever option you choose,  do it carefully.  You can try something different. Use DAXRobot, an online trading platform for digital currencies. This will give you some extra income and give you some breathing space when the funds are short. Already a large number of people have made a lot of money on this platform. If you want to know more, check online for some useful reference.

Get Ready To Invest In Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized system, which is not controlled by the single governing entity. It is a crypto robot which has the unique function to generate steady and consistent daily results. It is a whole network, with its own internet browser, coding language, and payment system. Ethereum is a software that acts as a decentralized internet as well as a decentralized application store. It is a digital asset and it doesn’t need a third party to process the payment read more about Ethereum code.


Ethereum has the major advantage of being a technology that allows for computer applications to run on the network. The Ethereum network allows for smart contracts, apps, and contains the internal currency ether.


Ethereum Vs Bitcoin:

Ethereum and Bitcoin both come under the cryptocurrency aspect, but the actual goal, program, and project are completely different. While comparing Bitcoin has a hard cap of 21 min Bitcoins that can ever be created, while a potential supply of ether can be practically endless. Another major difference isBitcoin’saverage mining time is 10mins, Whereas Ethereum mining time is not more than 12 seconds, so it’s quicker when compared with Bitcoin.


In the last few years, Ethereum has become the most important project in the cryptocurrency space.


Familiar to everyone: The Ethereum blockchain is the second most popular in these has a few issues over scalability, which is nothing but the number of transactions a Blockchain can process per second. Ethereum is only able to process 15transactions per second. In earlier days it was not considered as a problem, but now there are many users and it is so popular, it has become the biggest issue the Ethereum blockchain faces.so the developers are in the process of making some significant changes.


Reduces the risk: The future there uses proof-of-stake it will reduce the risk of centralization. It also allows a group of miners to join their resources to increase their chances of winning the mining reward.


Fraud Resistance: As it is very popular worldwide, some people, company or organizations is trying to make a duplicate account. Beware of the original site and account.


Demand: The demand for using cryptocurrency will be high in the upcoming world and we need to upgrade the stability in order to meet that demand.


Conclusion: Ethereum is a strong project which has a great support from businesses across the world, with a great community and research team.

Strategies For Online Trading

Most people are interested in learning how to become profitable traders. To be successful in trading one should understand the importance of trading and need to learn about the rules, risk, types of trading and variety of trading sizes read more about Ethereum code.


Rules to be considered before trading:


  • Plan your trade.
  • Trade your plan
  • Keep you loses to a minimum.


Use recent technology: As technology advances, you should update yourself, as it helps you to trade advanced using fully automated trading software for futures stock investments executes trades in the financial markets without your involvement.


Plan when to afford and what to afford: One should know how much they can spend and when to spend. The trader must never allow themselves to think they are borrowing money from other important obligations. One must be prepared to lose all the money allocated. A real trader should look after these things like liquidity, volatility, trading volume, real-time news services.,


Stop trading if any difficulty: Ineffective trading plan and an inefficient trader results in unsuccessful trading business. Day to day market activities will change, the trader should re-evaluate the trading plan and should make necessary changes or to start a new trading plan. As the unsuccessful trading plan is a problem that needs to be solved.


Control your emotional aspects: Good trader should always accept winning and losing part of the business. Remain unemotional otherwise, it will lead to stress, depression, lack of physical activity, poor habits and lack of social well-being. Stay cool, there are times when the stock market tests your nerves. The decision should be taken by logic and not by an emotion.


Setting goals: setting realistic goals is an essential part to keep trading work with what you have and remain stable. Don’t take a risk by trading with a big amount.


Timing Plan: Trading requires time management, you need to spare at least limited hours. A trader should track the market activities which can arise anytime during trading hours. Do not make moves as soon as the market opens in the morning, it is better to read the market without making moves for the first 15 to 20 mins.


Conclusion: Understand strategy and importance of trading rules, and learn how they help you to do better business. It’s must that trader should have discipline, skills, and patience to follow those risk which results succeed in trading business.

Ways To Earn Cryptocurrencies

Ways To Earn Cryptocurrencies

The new is the cryptocurrency, everyone talk and discuss it. there is nobody who isn’t aware of the ever-growing crypto coin, and if there is someone who isn’t aware, then it must be the people who have no aims in life, who aren’t bothered about earning.

The people who invested in cryptocurrencies, back 5 years ago, have now made it to the list of millionaires in a very short span of time. Though now the prices are like saturated, yet there is enormous growth spur seen behind the coins, in the next decade. So, it’s never late to invest and reap benefits from the cryptocurrency.

There are many ways you can earn bitcoins, here are the few ones that will help you analyze and take into action. Smaller earnings methods like the websites have now started paying the micro earnings in bitcoins though it’s a small amount that is collected and time-consuming, it’s one of the easiest ways to earn bitcoin. Be it a small fraction, money is money and its value will never deteriorate. Few micro earning ways for your references:

Click and get paid:

These are like being paid for your likes and comments on YouTube, you even get paid to like the web pages and sites, links and views and so on. There are many websites that pay you in small amounts, yet in crypto mode. Would you say no to this? Well, not at all possible!!

When someone is voluntarily paying you in bitcoin, then what more do you want? Be it in bits and pieces, its value will never come down. You will only get a lesser share. In the coming years, its value is surely going to surge higher and you will be worthy in a lesser span of time.

Trading with crypto:

This is the trending aspect of crypto. Many are restoring to this method, to earn more during the growth years. We never know what the market holds tomorrow and what new technology would come up in place of the crypto, so make money while the opportunity is still available. You can trade like any other commodity or stocks, or other currency. Trading requires knowledge and experience, but this crypto is now possible using robotic systems that don’t need anything apart from registration and your little money with little time. This post will give you complete details about the best platform in cryptocurrency trading.







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The Apr04|17 incident at Khan Sheikhoun, Syria. A series of inquiries.

Bullet List Analysis

Getting to the guts of the matter

1700 PT
Revised with additional content Apr06|17, 1034 PT
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The Apr04|17 incident at
Khan Sheikhoun, Syria.
A series of inquiries. 

KS Post #1: Analysis of the Shajul Islam video 

Post #2

Shajul Islam’s rolling 10 minute selfie

One of the first videos to hit the internet on Apr04 claiming horrors of a sarin attack by Assad on Khan Sheikhoun (KS) is a 10.5 minute YourTube that I have designated as Vid-002 in my playlist of KS vids.  It is basically 10 minutes of full-face selfie of a guy named Shajul Islam wandering around in what appears to be a clinic, purportedly in KS.   I will have a full analysis of this head-chopper himself in the coming day or two. Suffice it for the moment to note that I don’t refer to this terrorist as “Dr. Shajul Islam” as the MSM does, and the reason I don’t is that his British medical license has been revoked and I have no information of him being licensed to practice medicine anywhere, not even the Islamic Caliphate.    

Vid-002 has been featured by enough MSM writers shouting “Sarin!!” that it requires a really close look.  The version of this vid I found was uploaded to YT at 1339:21 on Apr04|17 UST by “Erik fansclub.” That would have been about 5.5 hrs after the alleged attack. The vid had only 1,336 hits as of 1048 on Apr05 PT, so I suspect there is another version of the vid running under a different URL.

In this analysis my focus is evidence that inculpates or exculpates Shajul Islam’s claim that this was a sarin attack. When I note that evidence is inculpatory of sarin, I mean that the evidence supports the accusation that sarin was used.  Evidence that is exculpatory of sarin leads a fair-minded person to conclude sarin was not responsible.

  • Description of V-002. (Times are running vid times.)

1.      00:02 — the vid starts off in what we will call “Room ‘A'”. There is a bright red needle disposal box on the wall next to a bright blue spray bottle that will help identify this as room.  

The camera is in Islam’s face, where it remains for much of the next 10 minutes. Islam is dressed in a dark jacket. His English is good, British, Cockney. In the background is a portly dude with a Daesh beard, glasses, wearing a black leather jacket. As the camera approaches the portly dude, we can see he is forcing air down a victim’s mouth through a ventilation bag — called “bagging.”  He ignores the victim and the bag and watches the camera the entire time.

2.    00:21 — close up of  the “victim’s” eye shows how well oxygenated the victim’s blood is, which is strong exculpatory of sarin. It’s hard to make out the victim’s pupils clearly but they may be contracted in moderate light, which would be weak inculpatory evidence. Given how easily it is to produce miosis (pinpoint pupils) and how many drugs are miotic, the presence of miosis is not even close to being sufficient evidence to establish that there was a sarin attack. And yet this idgit Islam keeps coming back to this again and again. It’s all he has.

3.     00:31 — suddenly the portly dude in the background is in a white smock and has a face mask hanging down below his nose, which means 1) it is useless and 2) he probably doesn’t have a clue how to use it.

4.     00:49 — first exterior shot.  Sudden snip to exterior view of ambulance entry; light blue, clear sky; grey/red van w/ “Ambulance” in English; ambulance workers all w/ face masks; patients and people walking around have none, suggesting the face masks are to hide identities. There is moderate traffic in street; shops open; long, strong shadows — the sun is to the R of the camera.

NB:  Although the video is 10.5 mins long, the exterior shots tell us that it covers the span of many hours.  The shadows lengthen and move.  People in some shots wear sweat-shirts with hoods pulled up, long-sleeve shirts, jackets, and shoes or socks with their sandals.  In other exterior shots people are in short sleeves.

5.     01:15 — a male “victim,” whom I designate “M001,” exits an ambulance and enters the building — walking while holding his head. He looks a little unstable but walks on his own. He has no beard.

NB: Absolutely no signs of sarin w/ respect to M001. The workers are all dressed in new, white hazmat suits. Some have masks, which are no defense against sarin gas. Some have hazmat booties. Most are not wearing gloves.

6.      01:27 — gurney enters clinic behind M001.  It appears to carry a woman w/ black hijab.  Patient count so far: 2 males, 1 female. 

NB: In the background of this street-scene, there is what appears to be a shop across the street. It has a blue tarp for shade and garments or other merchandise hanging along the sidewalk as if business as usual.

7.    01:54 — jump back to Room ‘A’ where about 6 men are donning new white hazmat suits; portly dude (see point 3) is still bagging the kid on the stretcher and we can see his hazmat suit includes booties. 

8.     01:56 — view into a room where a male “victim” lying on table, his hands folded on his stomach, no distress evident; 2 male workers appear to be intubating him.  Patient count: 3 males, 1 female. 

9.     02:12 — M001 is stripped down and sitting in kitchen area, may be vomiting. This could be inculpatory of sarin.  M001’s color is good, which would be exculpatory of sarin.

He is sitting upright w/out help, also exculpatory. There is also a patient with some brown paint like smeared on his face and he looks fazed as if he has thrown up and is gasping for breath because his mouth is full of that brown puke kind of material. Close analysis reveals chocolate slim like thing is smeared on his face and I have confirmed the appearance like how it looks on the site http://szepseg-egezseg.com/chocolate-slim/

. 10.     02:15 — close-up of patient who appears to be the woman seen at bullet 6, above. She is being bagged but she does not appear to be responsive.  Someone reaches in and pulls back her eye-lid for the camera, but you can’t see her pupil. A woman’s voice can be heard behind the camera. 

11.     02:30 et seq — watching closely you can tell the camera leaves the room with the woman, enters a large hallway with black & white tiles, and then turns back toward the doorway of the same room as two women in black hijabs leave. These are the only two female workers I see — among at least a couple dozen males.

12.     02:46 — intubated male pt. on gurney being brought into Room ‘A’ through hallway. No beard, just stubble. Patient count: 4 males, 1 female.

13.     02:54 — again, Islam reaches in and pulls back the patient’s eyelid, but you can’t see his pupil.  Islam now has white lab coat on over his dark jacket.

14.     03:34 — the male pt. on gurney appears unresponsive; he has what could be blistering or burns on R arm; facial color excellent. Exculpatory of sarin.

15.     03:52 — out in the hallway someone is passing out plastic bags from a roll, the bags are marked in English “POLICE EVIDENCE BAG” — Islam is explaining the clothes will be collected as evidence. “This is, no doubt, organo phosphate.” 

NB I’m like, WTF?? If the clothes were contaminated w/ sarin, all of these guys handling the “evidence” would be in convulsions by now and the floor would be covered with feces and puke.

16.     04:20 — second exterior shot.  Yellow ambulance; street looks very busy with lots of traffic – no indication of attack. 

NB: Islam is complaining that they have to turn away the patients in the ambulance, and yet he has time to be making a video and yabbering his BS about pinpoint pupils. 17.     04:50 — third exterior shot. Grey van. There is a 44 L. gas bottle on the ramp during this shot only.

18.     05:15 — after Islam’s dramatic statement that the clinic cannot take more patients, a male on a gurney is rolled into the clinic and into Room ‘A,’ which appears empty of patients. It is noteworthy that the camera shows mostly people just standing around in small groups grab-assing.  

19.     05:31 — the male has miosis, which is mildly inculpatory of sarin; his facial color is excellent and his eyes are bloodshot, which are strongly exculpatory. No beard.

20.     05:37 — something odd appears on this male’s nose — a circle of white spots; looks like camera artifact; he has a non-bleeding gash or scar under his R eye. Patient count: 5 males, 1 female.

21.     05:50 — a counter upon which about 20 amber vials are being set up; the vials are full and have their tops snapped off; a person behind the counter seems to be snapping the vials; no labels are visible on any of the vials 

22.     05:55 — camera scans past the vials to a clear plastic box that appears to contain similar amber vials and a hand-written card “Atropin” — that’s right, English for the viewing audience, although there is also some Arabic writing. 

23.     06:13 — the counter with the vials is shown in background, including the face of the worker behind the counter

24.     06:23 — another look at the counter from the same angle — all of the open vials are gone as is the plastic box with the “Atropin” label.

25.     06:47 — boy (“B005”) on orange gurney is rolled into the clinic and Room ‘A’ while being bagged; he has excellent color; tape w/ markings on chest, reminiscent of the “Caesar photos;” no indication of blood; no indication of sarin. Patient count: 6 males, 1 female.

NB:  B005 is seen in another video in what appears to be a different clinic.  See here.

26.     08:08 — male on gurney in a room; good view of miosis unreactive to light,  mildly inculpatory of sarin; man is intubated and responsive. No beard. Patient count: 7 males, 1 female.

27.     09:00 — Islam moves from patient to patient rudely demonstrating miosis — it’s the only sarin-like symptom they have. Two more males, both with just stubble, no beard.  Patient count: 9 males, 1 female.

28.     09:53 — infant; good color; kicking and crying; no women around; Islam reaches in for the kid’s eyelids, but it looks like the pupils are dilated so Islam let’s it go without his constant droning about “pinpoint pupils.”

29.     10:16 — fourth exterior shot.  Same grey/red van as point #4.  Shadows much shorter than previous views and the sun is now behind the camera; beautiful blue sky. No gas tank on the ramp. At this point in the day they are still bringing patients in.

30.     10:27 — male patient on gurney; very good face color; no beard; face flushed red. Patient count: 10 males, 1 female, 1 infant . Dozens of male workers, 2 female workers.

  • Observations, particularly comparing this incident with the Ghouta Massacre

31.     This vid was uploaded about 10 hours or so after the attack was alleged to have occurred.  From the way the shadows shift during the external shots, it is clear that many hours passed while the video was in the making.  And then, of course, there is editing, which must have taken hours given all of the snips that are evident. Consequently, the video itself raises serious questions that it may have been pre-produced days prior to the alleged attack. For all we know everyone in this vid is an actor, or a drugged captive/prisoner, a suggestion that may give context to the observation that all of the victims shown are men except for two. 32.     The vid shows 12 “victims” out of what has been advertised by the MSM as 100 to 300 victims total, including fatal and non-fatal injuries. 

33.     The gender bias of 10:1 for males is both huge and suspicious. While there appeared to be more male victims than females in the Ghouta Massacre videos, it was nowhere near 10:1.

34.     The most prevalent action of the workers in the Ghouta videos was them incessantly throwing and rubbing water into the faces of victims. That weird, inexplicable behavior is not seen in this video.

35.     I give no evidentiary weight one way or the other to the vials stacked on the corner. They are obviously supposed to be atropine and therefore suggestive of a sarin event, but one would have to be a sucker to buy that. First, the vials are not labeled; they could be anything, including water. Second, a hand written card in English saying “Atropin” would hardly be proper pharmacy practice, least of all in Syria.  Third, the sequence smells like a spoof staged as an embellishment for a false-flag video — as noted above, in the blink of an eye all of the vials disappear.

36.     Virtually no blood is seen on the patients, the floor, the gurneys, etc.  There is no evidence of high explosives, such as cement dust in the victims’ hair or on their bodies.

37.     None of the adult male “victims” have beards, another statistical anomaly.  It is hard to make a comparison between victims and the dozens of workers because many of the worker are wearing masks, but just on the basis of the workers whose faces are not covered, only a very small number of them are beardless.

38.     Contrary to news reports that 30% of the victims are children, in this sample of 12 “victims” there were only two children (17%), and one of those was a young man in his late teens.   

  • Conclusions

39.     There is next to no evidence in this video to support the allegation that sarin had anything to do with this incident in Khan Sheikhoun.

40.     More specifically, the lack of the 5 primary clinical signs of organophosphate poisoning — hyper-salivation, hyper-lacrimation, uncontrolled micturation, uncontrolled defecation, violent vomiting — presents more than a reasonable doubt that sarin was in anyway responsible for these patients’ problems. 

41     Moreover, the positive clinical features of these people, particularly their bright red skin color, virtually guarantees this was not sarin.

42.     Given that the time to produce the video was only 10 hrs. while the video itself spans many hours judging by the changing shadows in the exterior shots, and given the warped demographics of the “victims,” the shaved beards, the symptoms consistent with cyanide poisoning — well, all of this suggests to me a much more sinister explanation than the quotidian “Assad gassed his own people.”

43.     Based on just this one video and 12 subjects, the clinical picture appears to me to be more consistent with intoxication by cyanide, which is consistent with my conclusions of what caused the fatalities in the Ghouta Massacre. I would venture to guess, given the similarities in these two events, that a careful analysis of videos from both incidents will reveal “workers” and “medics” who appear in both performances.

44.     The twisted demographics we see in Islam’s video could very well mean that the whole thing was orchestrated by someone too stupid to pay attention to details. You know, like someone who thinks all he has to do is show the world a bunch of people with pinpoint pupils and the world will buy his bullspit about sarin.

45.     A stronger hypothesis than the sarin hypothesis is the hypothesis that after failing to draw the US into the Syrian civil war by staging the Ghouta Massacre, these Wahhabi terrorists waited until the American voters put someone in the White House who would likely be a lot more easily manipulated by false-flag adventures and shocking allegations of Assad gassing his own people than Obama was. So last Tuesday they figured it was time to run the old sarin false-flag up the pole once more to see if they could sucker the US into attacking Assad. And judging by Trump’s bluster today, the Wahhabis are getting the effect they wanted. Of course with Russia’s Su’s and SAMs protecting Syria, Trump’s bluster could well end up being blow-back that the entire world comes to regret.

Someone — Russia, the CIA, Jordan . . . who knows? — was able to get to Obama and Kerry during the 2013 crisis over the Ghouta Massacre and explain to them what really happened in Ghouta. And the reason we know that is that suddenly, about spring of 2014, both Obama and Kerry quit accusing Assad of gassing his own people, and we never heard that accusation from them again.  Let’s hope someone gets the right information to Trump, and let’s hope Trump takes the time to collect all the facts and all the opinions before pulling the trigger on Assad.  And Putin.

Thanks for reading and for giving this important issue some serious thought.  

— Denis O’Brien, PhD/Esq


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