I Am Yet To Come Across Trading Software Worse Than This!

I Am Yet To Come Across Trading Software Worse Than This!


Even before I actually read about it on the internet, I knew that this was scam software:

I am so glad that I am gifted with instincts that help me determine the good from the bad. I was being spammed with continuous emails asking me to try a new world-class trading platform that is associated with the most famous Bill Gates.

I am very cautious about trading but this was something jolting!

Bill Gates, the most celebrated philanthropist would be wary of being associated with something as substandard as this in the first place. And even if we give it the benefit of doubt that he may have consented to lend his name, what is the TedX video on the software does. There are no credits on the video even; it is a blatant copyright issue and we think that the farther you stay away from this diabolical software, the better for you and your hard earned money.

Getting on to this software is like serving the crooks your money on a silver platter:

There are so many negative reviews of this terrible software on the internet. I am guessing that there have been a lot of traders who have tried this and found out how poor the software is. But the point is that so many people have lost their hard-earned money already!

If you are still not convinced, here is another fact about the software:

Recently, I had sent in a mail to its customer support asking if I could beta test the software for a review that I was writing on it. It’s been almost over a month and I am still to get a reply from them.

My experience so far says thus:

When software is legit, the creators and the managers of the software are ever welcoming reviewers to beta test their software. It gives them an opportunity to reach out to more traders and also gives them free publicity with the full review that is generated by them.

The real reason why fake and fraud software do not respond to reviewing requests is that they are scared that their secret will be out and then they will not be able to take naïve and gullible new traders for a ride anymore and spindle off their money in the name of online trading.

Be wary of this software:

We have conducted several individual inquiries and also have photographic evidence to prove that this software is a completely fake product. If you are getting on to it please be informed that there is no proof that the product is certified or that the brokers that it assigns to its traders are licensed to trade. We trust that you will use your complete discretion when trying to trade there.