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  Posts for May, 2015

[Entries for March and April were suspended while I drove to Charleston, S.C. 
to view the Walter Scott murder scene.  A post will follow soon.] 

CNN, Peter Bergen & Lewis Carroll’s Bong:
Dissecting Seymour Hersh’s OBL Bunker-buster

Part Two of Two Parts
A Cakewalk in Abbottabad


Pete Souzas photo became an instant icon once the CIA released it. It needs no introduction here. It will find its way into American history books for generations to come. We all know that Hillary Clinton had confidential documents spread out on her laptop and they had to be pixellated before Souza’s photo could be released, but does anyone know what all those white people and that black guy are staring at so intently? Could be an NBA play-off game for all we can tell.

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CNN, Peter Bergen & Lewis Carroll’s Bong:
Dissecting Seymour Hersh’s OBL Bunker-buster

Part One of Two Parts
Brier Rabbit in Abbottabad

Peter Bergen over at CNN has some problems. One is his mouth. Another is, to paraphrase Seymour Hersh, because Bergen interviewed Osama bin Laden, aka OBL, almost 20 years ago, he now exudes an attitude that he is the sole trustee of everything having to do with OBL. And the third problem is Bergen’s fatal dependence on the smoke-screen that Barrack Obama and his crowd have blown into the face of the entire world about the killing of OBL. Should that smoke-screen be lifted, the resulting truth lurking behind it could very well sink Bergen professionally, making him more of a 4th Estate pariah than even Dan Rather. The sum of these problems, IMO, amounts to some very serious questions about Peter Bergen’s and CNN’s competence and honesty in their attempts to take down Hersh.

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LogoPhere's Short Shots


Mug shots of Whacko, TX bikers start appearing 


What I'm lookin' for is a motorcycle gang with the balls to pick a truthful name and 
no false advertising in their colors.  Like "The Cretins."  Maybe "MORON" on the bottom rocker. 


This Arab is freaking me out.

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the new king of Saudi Arabia 
is turning out to be one scary prick.


Jon Stewart returns to his dog-sex addiction

HuffPost headline May12.15

I guess America's favorite funny-Jew is using his final days 
on the show to promote his favorite fetish.

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Now that Beau Biden is out of office, new Del. AG, Matt Denn, gets 
indictment on white cop, Tom Webster IV, 
videoed drop kicking black man in the face.

This prick, Cpl Thomas Webster IV, 
should be doing time IMO

Here we've got an open-and-shut case where one cop's dash cam clearly shows another cop, Tom Webster IV, brutally drop-kicking a suspect full in the face as the suspect is getting on the ground as ordered.  Even though the first cop re-adjusts his car so the cam is no longer on the beat-up suspect, there are no ifs, ands, or buts as to what happened. There are no excuses and no valid defenses.  This was out and out felonious assault and battery by a cop and Webster's ass should have been locked up a long time ago.  The victim, Lateef Dickerson lost consciousness and before the car was moved the vid briefly shows him lying limp on the ground.  His jaw was busted. 

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Using RICO to bring down the Blue Wall of Silence

Unarmed teenager Michael Brown was dropped by a hail of bullets from officer Darren Wilson’s SigSauer in Ferguson, MO. [Link] Unarmed and mentally ill Kelly Thomas was beaten to death in Fullerton, CA by three rogue cops, one of whom told Thomas before beating him, "See these gloves? They’re going to fuck you up." [Link] Unarmed Eric Garner, who was selling individual cigarettes, had his neck was broken by NYPD cops on Staten Island. [Link] In Pennsylvania Officer Lisa Mearkle shot unarmed David Kassick in the back while he was lying face down, showing his empty hands. [Link] Officer Michael Slager shot unarmed Walter Scott in the back as Scott was running away in Charleston, SC. [Link] And, as we are currently reminded by the smoke still lingering over Baltimore, unarmed Freddie Gray’s vertebral column and voice box were crushed while he was in the custody of "Baltimore’s finest," photos above.

I could go on and on, and, in fact, Wikipedia does go on and on with their lists of people killed by America’s cops. They list 619 for 2014, 330 for 2013, and 63 for 2009. But such data are notoriously incomplete. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates the annual average of homicides by cops at between 930 and 1240 – and even those are low ball figures according to a recent analysis. [Link]  For any moderately conscious and fair-minded person, all of these killings point to one question: What the fuck is going on?

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