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"I told you. I wake up every day, right here, right in Punxsutawney, and it's always February 2nd, and there's nothing I can do about it.." 
- Phil Connors
I've never seen a President -- I don't care who he is -- stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn't writing any­thing down. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens certainly don't have any idea what goes on.”
-- Admiral Thomas Moorer, ex-Chariman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff


Posts for October, 2015

Why Huffington Post ain't worth the paper it's written on:
Reasons 1 - 3


Huffington Post may lead the left wing blathering about Citizens United and they may cry "foul ball" on the mega-donations to Republicans from the Koch brothers or Sheldon Aldeson, but the sort of corporate contributions HP is making to Clinton's campaign go far, far beyond the millions of dollars contributed by the likes of the Kochs or Aldeson.  HP is donating a Clinton ad campaign worth millions and millions to capture the hearts, minds, and votes of the country's bimbo blondes, and I hope neither the irony nor the oxymoron of that assertion go unnoticed.





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