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The Gutter Grunt's Chevaline (aka al Hilli) Murders Home Page

This site is essentially a collection of tables set up in an attempt to keep the information organized regarding the quadruple murders at Chevaline, France on Sep05.2012

List of tables

LogoPhere Posts on the Murders

Date Post
Sep10.2012 Al-Hilli Murders -- Post #1
Sep13.2012  Al-Hilli Murders -- Post #2
Oct05.12 Guest post from Tim Veater on the Al Hilli (aka Chevaline) murders
Oct09.12 The Chevaline Murders: A Theory Cloaked as Fiction (to Protect the Innocent)
Oct11.12 The Chevaline Murders -- A dedicated webpage
Oct28.12  The Martin Theory
Mar24.2013 Daily Mail continues jerking the public around with the Chevaline Massacre story.
Jun24.2013 Chevaline Murders: stupidity of Daily Mail and French cops mucking it up even more (if that’s possible).
Oct13.2013 The latest from Tim Veater on Chevaline
Oct17.2013 Occam’s Razor looks like it will bag the answer to Chevaline
Feb19.2014 This guy is probably innocent, he just looks guilty.
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The Kill Site -- 45°43'45.52" N 6°13'27.81" E

   Red route is the one taken by al-Hillis
Orange routes are possible escape routes

Thanks to  Alexander Cartier for driving the route to the kill site with his GoPro on.  With that YT it is possible to pin-point the spot of the murders exactly.  Alexander's vid.   The climb begins at the 5:20 mark and the kill site is at the 11:00 mark. 

The distance from the start of the climb where the cops stopped traffic is almost exactly 2 miles.  The climb for that 2 miles was only 750 ft -- not much of an effort for experienced bicyclists like Mollier and Martin. 




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