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Posts for February, 2015

 Morons teaching your children

There was a time when teachers, like cops, were assumed to be paragons of virtue, but that was a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.  Today a teacher raping her students is almost as common a news story as a cop beating and killing innocent people, or ripping off thousands of dollars from motorists through an "asset forfeiture" program.  There are excellent teachers, just like there are excellent cops, but have no doubt: some teachers and education administrators teaching your children are pedophiles and morons, as the following stories suggest:

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Jews pissing on angels: 
The zionist villification of Kayla Mueller and Rachel Corrie

At first I didnít get it, but it smelled unpleasant, vaguely zionist. And that's what it turned out to be. 

Yesterday the CNN website home page headlined an article by senior correspondent Dana Bash: "Mueller possibly paired with ISIS fighter, officials say." Early today CNN changed the home page headline to something more sexually explicit Ė "Mueller may have been ISIS bride" Ė and I thought, OK here we go, there will be a pack of cretinous Jews going after this dead woman for sure.  (Later today CNN took down the front-page headline, but not the article.)

Bashís article, co-authored by Pamela Brown, was a hit piece on Kayla Mueller, the 26 yo American woman who was kidnapped by ISIS in August 2013 and whose death was confirmed this week. Bash relied on unnamed "officials speaking on condition of anonymity" to make Mueller into an ISIS whore.

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The media-led swift-boating of Brian Williams

In case you have never heard of it, the Huffington Post is an online trash-tabloid that runs "news" stories alongside soft porn and articles on how to clean your windows and the vaginal art scene. HuffPo is pitched at women, particularly those on the cusp of lesbianism who are looking for a push.  Almost daily they feature Jon Stewart's The Daily Show -- yeah, the same Daily Show that specializes in skits showing Jason Jones having sex with a dog, as I've recently noted. 

Arianna Huffington nee Stassinopoulos, the founder and editor-in-chief- of HuffPo apparently has it in for Brian Williams. The one time conservative diva now turned liberal diva has been screaming for Williamsí head for almost a week now. Every day brings new HuffPo articles, each getting increasingly strident and idiotic. The template is this: HuffPo reporter goes out and interviews octogenarians about how safe Williamsí neighborhood was in the 1970's or about how their American Legion post feels about Williamsí comments.  Then the reporter comes running back to her computer to write stories about "new proof" that Williams is a liar, based on what the octogenarians think. I mean, when this Arianna tags your ass, she donít let go.

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On March 3rd the real America-Firsters in Congress 
won't be in Congress

Perhaps you will recall my post of Jan30.2015 in which I asked if the iJews are running Congress.  The answer is going to be quite clear come March 3rd when "chickenshit" Bibi fronts up to Congress.  And the way you're going to know who is running the place is by counting the Congressmen and Congresswomen present. The more there are, the tighter Israel's control because the ones who are there will be Israel-Firsters.  

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 Pulling the plug on Jon Stewart and the Daily Show

Well, itís been nearly a month now since I pulled the plug on Jon Stewart and I just wanted to let you how itís going in case you're trying to de-tox, too. But before I get into a description of my Daily Show withdrawal symptoms, vel non, let me tell you why Iíve booted Americaís favorite funny-Jew off of my Christmas card list.

I may not be Clint Eastwood, but I got a purty strong stomach. Iím a combat vet and Iíve worked some very unpleasant hours in an ER, and so at my age thereís not a whole lot thatís gonnaí make me gag. But pedophilia and bestiality will do it every time. And watching Jason Jones screwing a dog on the Daily Show on Jan08.15 (Comedy Network) told me everything I need to know about Jason Jones, Jon Stewart, and the producers of the Daily Show Ė they are a bunch of sickos. These kinds of perverts I donít need. So Iíve bid them adieu, which is French for "piss off."

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 2015 Media Fails, Page 02

That he could abuse so many children is sickening.  That he could do it at the Crown Court is utterly disgusting.  Where was the bailiff??? (That the Daily Fail gets its editors out of the Dempsty Dumpster is beyond dispute.) 

 [ continue ]


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