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Bullet List Analysis

Getting to the guts of the matter

1700 PT
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The Apr04|17 incident at  
Khan Sheikhoun, Syria. 
A series of inquiries. 

KS Post #1: 
Analysis of the Shajul Islam video 

Post #2
Post #3

 Shajul Islam's rolling 10 minute selfie

One of the first videos to hit the internet on Apr04 claiming horrors of a sarin attack by Assad on Khan Sheikhoun (KS) is a 10.5 minute YourTube that I have designated as Vid-002 in my playlist of KS vids.  It is basically 10 minutes of full-face selfie of a guy named Shajul Islam wandering around in what appears to be a clinic, purportedly in KS.   I will have a full analysis of this head-chopper himself in the coming day or two. Suffice it for the moment to note that I don't refer to this terrorist as "Dr. Shajul Islam" as the MSM does, and the reason I don't is that his British medical license has been revoked and I have no information of him being licensed to practice medicine anywhere, not even the Islamic Caliphate.    

Vid-002 has been featured by enough MSM writers shouting "Sarin!!" that it requires a really close look.  The version of this vid I found was uploaded to YT at 1339:21 on Apr04|17 UST by "Erik fansclub." That would have been about 5.5 hrs after the alleged attack. The vid had only 1,336 hits as of 1048 on Apr05 PT, so I suspect there is another version of the vid running under a different URL.  

In this analysis my focus is evidence that inculpates or exculpates Shajul Islam's claim that this was a sarin attack. When I note that evidence is inculpatory of sarin, I mean that the evidence supports the accusation that sarin was used.  Evidence that is exculpatory of sarin leads a fair-minded person to conclude sarin was not responsible.

  • Description of V-002. (Times are running vid times.)

1.      00:02 -- the vid starts off in what we will call "Room 'A'". There is a bright red needle disposal box on the wall next to a bright blue spray bottle that will help identify this as room.  

The camera is in Islam's face, where it remains for much of the next 10 minutes. Islam is dressed in a dark jacket. His English is good, British, Cockney. In the background is a portly dude with a Daesh beard, glasses, wearing a black leather jacket. As the camera approaches the portly dude, we can see he is forcing air down a victim's mouth through a ventilation bag -- called "bagging."  He ignores the victim and the bag and watches the camera the entire time.

2.    00:21 -- close up of  the "victim's" eye shows how well oxygenated the victim's blood is, which is strong exculpatory of sarin. It's hard to make out the victim's pupils clearly but they may be contracted in moderate light, which would be weak inculpatory evidence. Given how easily it is to produce miosis (pinpoint pupils) and how many drugs are miotic, the presence of miosis is not even close to being sufficient evidence to establish that there was a sarin attack. And yet this idgit Islam keeps coming back to this again and again. It's all he has.

3.     00:31 -- suddenly the portly dude in the background is in a white smock and has a face mask hanging down below his nose, which means 1) it is useless and 2) he probably doesn't have a clue how to use it.

4.     00:49 -- first exterior shot.  Sudden snip to exterior view of ambulance entry; light blue, clear sky; grey/red van w/ "Ambulance" in English; ambulance workers all w/ face masks; patients and people walking around have none, suggesting the face masks are to hide identities. There is moderate traffic in street; shops open; long, strong shadows -- the sun is to the R of the camera.

NB:  Although the video is 10.5 mins long, the exterior shots tell us that it covers the span of many hours.  The shadows lengthen and move.  People in some shots wear sweat-shirts with hoods pulled up, long-sleeve shirts, jackets, and shoes or socks with their sandals.  In other exterior shots people are in short sleeves.

5.     01:15 -- a male "victim," whom I designate "M001," exits an ambulance and enters the building -- walking while holding his head. He looks a little unstable but walks on his own. He has no beard.

NB: Absolutely no signs of sarin w/ respect to M001. The workers are all dressed in new, white hazmat suits. Some have masks, which are no defense against sarin gas. Some have hazmat booties. Most are not wearing gloves.

6.      01:27 -- gurney enters clinic behind M001.  It appears to carry a woman w/ black hijab.  Patient count so far: 2 males, 1 female. 

In the background of this street-scene, there is what appears to be a shop across the street. It has a blue tarp for shade and garments or other merchandise hanging along the sidewalk as if business as usual.

7.    01:54 -- jump back to Room 'A' where about 6 men are donning new white hazmat suits; portly dude (see point 3) is still bagging the kid on the stretcher and we can see his hazmat suit includes booties. 

8.     01:56 -- view into a room where a male "victim" lying on table, his hands folded on his stomach, no distress evident; 2 male workers appear to be intubating him.  Patient count: 3 males, 1 female. 

9.     02:12 -- M001 is stripped down and sitting in kitchen area, may be vomiting. This could be inculpatory of sarin.  M001's color is good, which would be exculpatory of sarin. He is sitting upright w/out help, also exculpatory.

10.     02:15 -- close-up of patient who appears to be the woman seen at bullet 6, above. She is being bagged but she does not appear to be responsive.  Someone reaches in and pulls back her eye-lid for the camera, but you can't see her pupil. A woman's voice can be heard behind the camera. 

11.     02:30 et seq -- watching closely you can tell the camera leaves the room with the woman, enters a large hallway with black & white tiles, and then turns back toward the doorway of the same room as two women in black hijabs leave. These are the only two female workers I see -- among at least a couple dozen males.

12.     02:46 -- intubated male pt. on gurney being brought into Room 'A' through hallway. No beard, just stubble. Patient count: 4 males, 1 female.

13.     02:54 -- again, Islam reaches in and pulls back the patient's eyelid, but you can't see his pupil.  Islam now has white lab coat on over his dark jacket.

14.     03:34 -- the male pt. on gurney appears unresponsive; he has what could be blistering or burns on R arm; facial color excellent. Exculpatory of sarin.

15.     03:52 -- out in the hallway someone is passing out plastic bags from a roll, the bags are marked in English "POLICE EVIDENCE BAG" -- Islam is explaining the clothes will be collected as evidence. "This is, no doubt, organo phosphate." 

NB I'm like, WTF?? If the clothes were contaminated w/ sarin, all of these guys handling the "evidence" would be in convulsions by now and the floor would be covered with feces and puke.

16.     04:20 -- second exterior shot.  Yellow ambulance; street looks very busy with lots of traffic - no indication of attack. 

Islam is complaining that they have to turn away the patients in the ambulance, and yet he has time to be making a video and yabbering his BS about pinpoint pupils.

17.     04:50 -- third exterior shot. Grey van. There is a 44 L. gas bottle on the ramp during this shot only.

18.     05:15 -- after Islam's dramatic statement that the clinic cannot take more patients, a male on a gurney is rolled into the clinic and into Room 'A,' which appears empty of patients. It is noteworthy that the camera shows mostly people just standing around in small groups grab-assing.  

19.     05:31 -- the male has miosis, which is mildly inculpatory of sarin; his facial color is excellent and his eyes are bloodshot, which are strongly exculpatory. No beard.

20.     05:37 -- something odd appears on this male's nose -- a circle of white spots; looks like camera artifact; he has a non-bleeding gash or scar under his R eye. Patient count: 5 males, 1 female.

21.     05:50 -- a counter upon which about 20 amber vials are being set up; the vials are full and have their tops snapped off; a person behind the counter seems to be snapping the vials; no labels are visible on any of the vials 

22.     05:55 -- camera scans past the vials to a clear plastic box that appears to contain similar amber vials and a hand-written card "Atropin" -- that's right, English for the viewing audience, although there is also some Arabic writing. 

23.     06:13 -- the counter with the vials is shown in background, including the face of the worker behind the counter

24.     06:23 -- another look at the counter from the same angle -- all of the open vials are gone as is the plastic box with the "Atropin" label.

25.     06:47 -- boy ("B005") on orange gurney is rolled into the clinic and Room 'A' while being bagged; he has excellent color; tape w/ markings on chest, reminiscent of the "Caesar photos;" no indication of blood; no indication of sarin. Patient count: 6 males, 1 female.

NB:  B005 is seen in another video in what appears to be a different clinic.  See here.

26.     08:08 -- male on gurney in a room; good view of miosis unreactive to light,  mildly inculpatory of sarin; man is intubated and responsive. No beard. Patient count: 7 males, 1 female.

27.     09:00 -- Islam moves from patient to patient rudely demonstrating miosis -- it's the only sarin-like symptom they have. Two more males, both with just stubble, no beard.  Patient count: 9 males, 1 female.

28.     09:53 -- infant; good color; kicking and crying; no women around; Islam reaches in for the kid's eyelids, but it looks like the pupils are dilated so Islam let's it go without his constant droning about "pinpoint pupils."

29.     10:16 -- fourth exterior shot.  Same grey/red van as point #4.  Shadows much shorter than previous views and the sun is now behind the camera; beautiful blue sky. No gas tank on the ramp. At this point in the day they are still bringing patients in.

30.     10:27 -- male patient on gurney; very good face color; no beard; face flushed red. Patient count: 10 males, 1 female, 1 infant . Dozens of male workers, 2 female workers.

  • Observations, particularly comparing this incident with the Ghouta Massacre
31.     This vid was uploaded about 10 hours or so after the attack was alleged to have occurred.  From the way the shadows shift during the external shots, it is clear that many hours passed while the video was in the making.  And then, of course, there is editing, which must have taken hours given all of the snips that are evident. Consequently, the video itself raises serious questions that it may have been pre-produced days prior to the alleged attack. For all we know everyone in this vid is an actor, or a drugged captive/prisoner, a suggestion that may give context to the observation that all of the victims shown are men except for two.

32.     The vid shows 12 "victims" out of what has been advertised by the MSM as 100 to 300 victims total, including fatal and non-fatal injuries. 

33.     The gender bias of 10:1 for males is both huge and suspicious. While there appeared to be more male victims than females in the Ghouta Massacre videos, it was nowhere near 10:1.  

34.     The most prevalent action of the workers in the Ghouta videos was them incessantly throwing and rubbing water into the faces of victims. That weird, inexplicable behavior is not seen in this video.

35.     I give no evidentiary weight one way or the other to the vials stacked on the corner. They are obviously supposed to be atropine and therefore suggestive of a sarin event, but one would have to be a sucker to buy that. First, the vials are not labeled; they could be anything, including water. Second, a hand written card in English saying "Atropin" would hardly be proper pharmacy practice, least of all in Syria.  Third, the sequence smells like a spoof staged as an embellishment for a false-flag video -- as noted above, in the blink of an eye all of the vials disappear.

36.     Virtually no blood is seen on the patients, the floor, the gurneys, etc.  There is no evidence of high explosives, such as cement dust in the victims' hair or on their bodies.

37.     None of the adult male "victims" have beards, another statistical anomaly.  It is hard to make a comparison between victims and the dozens of workers because many of the worker are wearing masks, but just on the basis of the workers whose faces are not covered, only a very small number of them are beardless.

38.     Contrary to news reports that 30% of the victims are children, in this sample of 12 "victims" there were only two children (17%), and one of those was a young man in his late teens.   

  • Conclusions

39.     There is next to no evidence in this video to support the allegation that sarin had anything to do with this incident in Khan Sheikhoun.

40.     More specifically, the lack of the 5 primary clinical signs of organophosphate poisoning -- hyper-salivation, hyper-lacrimation, uncontrolled micturation, uncontrolled defecation, violent vomiting -- presents more than a reasonable doubt that sarin was in anyway responsible for these patients' problems. 

41     Moreover, the positive clinical features of these people, particularly their bright red skin color, virtually guarantees this was not sarin.

42.     Given that the time to produce the video was only 10 hrs. while the video itself spans many hours judging by the changing shadows in the exterior shots, and given the warped demographics of the "victims," the shaved beards, the symptoms consistent with cyanide poisoning -- well, all of this suggests to me a much more sinister explanation than the quotidian "Assad gassed his own people."

43.     Based on just this one video and 12 subjects, the clinical picture appears to me to be more consistent with intoxication by cyanide, which is consistent with my conclusions of what caused the fatalities in the Ghouta Massacre. I would venture to guess, given the similarities in these two events, that a careful analysis of videos from both incidents will reveal "workers" and "medics" who appear in both performances.

44.     The twisted demographics we see in Islam's video could very well mean that the whole thing was orchestrated by someone too stupid to pay attention to details. You know, like someone who thinks all he has to do is show the world a bunch of people with pinpoint pupils and the world will buy his bullspit about sarin.

45.     A stronger hypothesis than the sarin hypothesis is the hypothesis that after failing to draw the US into the Syrian civil war by staging the Ghouta Massacre, these Wahhabi terrorists waited until the American voters put someone in the White House who would likely be a lot more easily manipulated by false-flag adventures and shocking allegations of Assad gassing his own people than Obama was. So last Tuesday they figured it was time to run the old sarin false-flag up the pole once more to see if they could sucker the US into attacking Assad. And judging by Trump's bluster today, the Wahhabis are getting the effect they wanted. Of course with Russia's Su's and SAMs protecting Syria, Trump's bluster could well end up being blow-back that the entire world comes to regret.  

Someone -- Russia, the CIA, Jordan . . . who knows? -- was able to get to Obama and Kerry during the 2013 crisis over the Ghouta Massacre and explain to them what really happened in Ghouta. And the reason we know that is that suddenly, about spring of 2014, both Obama and Kerry quit accusing Assad of gassing his own people, and we never heard that accusation from them again.  Let's hope someone gets the right information to Trump, and let's hope Trump takes the time to collect all the facts and all the opinions before pulling the trigger on Assad.  And Putin.

Thanks for reading and for giving this important issue some serious thought.  

--- Denis O'Brien, PhD/Esq


For prior articles on sarin and its effects, both pharmacological and political, see my Ghouta Massacre home page.

Additional information on the Khan Sheikhoun Incident here


1.  Stephen O. ~ Apr07|17

Read on bellingcat (I think) that Shajul Islam works in a hospital in Binnish north of Idlib.

Denis:  Well, isn't that interesting -- Islam was charged by the Brits with kidnapping western journalists. Binnish is where James Foley was last seen before his abduction.

2.  John L. ~ Apr08|17

hi again denis ...

44.     The twisted demographics we see in Islam's video could very well mean that the whole thing was orchestrated by someone too stupid to pay attention to details. You know, like someone who thinks all he has to do is show the world a bunch of people with pinpoint pupils and the world will buy his bullspit about sarin.

i would imagine there is another layer of indirection here ... someone among the saudis or the cia proper decided to go for this 'gas attack' some time ago. the movie was ordered well before the 'attack' in order to be ready for the media push. the people making the movie are doing their best to fulfill instructions. they're hitting the programmed bases, as you point out, with 'victims' who have been given something to induce their pupils to pinpoint, and perhaps to make them groggy and easy to handle.

i buy your points on the sarin. counter-indicated. but i think it no longer makes any difference. sarin means 'poison gas' in the media vocabulary.

trump is the perfect potus  at this point, he operates at exactly the same level as these movie makers. sure enough ... he responded. the military pulled a fake cruise missile attack on the syrian airbase in response to the fake gas attack.

they're just giving the war legs. look at iraq. petrocarbon production is right up there, proving that you can have you cake and destroy it too. that's the plan for syria as well.

thanks for your efforts. good stuff.

Denis:  John, regarding the pre-production idea, the folks over at ACLOS have a bit of discussion of villagers being abducted a few days prior to this "attack."  Of course, the idea that the victims of the Ghouta Massacre were people who had been abducted and executed was hot from the very beginning. Recall Mother Miriam's very early work on children and women abducted from Latakia a couple weeks prior to the Ghouta "attack." My conclusions based on the pharmacology is that the people died not of sarin but cyanide or carbon monoxide suggests a mass execution.  Khan Sheikhoun looks like Ghouta II to me.

Yeah, "sarin" is just a generic scare word for those in the public too lazy to look at Wikipedia. But if the word gets out what a sarin attack looks like, then these ghoulish enterprises end up looking idiotic to every one.  Of course, at that point the Sunni terrorists will start including vomit and feces in their productions. It's amazing how stupid they are up to now not to have done that already.

3.  Monique D. ~ Apr08|17

3:22 Ė Iím no doctor but I havenít never seen anyone inserting a needle holding it straight into someone arm.

8:33 Islam is not wearing his white coat anymore.

Denis: That injection was through a saline lock, which is a needle that is put into a vein and has a connector at the other end for syringes so they don't have to jab every time.  But it's interesting that the camera follows this "patient" being wheeled into the room, so the saline lock must have been put in place before he reached the clinic.  

As for Islam's white coat, good point.  I mean this vid was obviously all spliced together so there is no temporal continuity. The thing might have been made over a number of days, as far as we know. Since your comment I've had a closer look at this.  If you look at the very last sequence at about 10:19, he's on the receiving ramp and in the shadows, but the jacket he has on looks different to me than the one at the very start of the vid.  The later one is showing more t-shirt. A real detailed look at his clothes etc. from scene to scene might be worth the while. 

Monique: Thanks, I'm going to send the video to my neighbour who is a doctor and worked in an ER.

Some more observation

2:09 Employee bare feet just wearing sandals
2:53 Man wearing a green jacket, no hospital coat and is the only one who has a stethoscope.
5:10 It may be the same person as 2:09, wearing socks and sandals.
10:29 man in 2:53 no stethoscope.

Here is a video with Dr. Mads Gilbert during the Gaza attack summer of 2014. His interview starts at 2:40



4.  Daniel W. ~ Apr09|17.

Hi Dennis, 

Regarding your analysis: Wouldn't patients lying in a brightly lit room, facing the low ceiling lights, automatically have pin point pupils?

Denis:  Yeah, the problem is the term "pinpoint pupils." It's a layman's term that lacks a clear definition.  The medical term is miosis, which is defined as pupils of less than 2mm diameter.  At that point, they're pretty much locked down and changes in the lighting don't change the pupil size. The main point of shining the flashlight in the eyes is to show that the pupil doesn't react, which is a different but related issue to miosis.  You can have dilated pupils that don't react, too, as in dead people.  Normal ambient light in-doors would never produce the sort of intense and non-reactive miosis seen in the vid, although it might produce what someone could call "pinpoint pupils."

Another factor to consider, given that some of these people in the vid are, apparently, supposed to look dead, is that right after death the pupils will initially dilate (mydriasis) . . . normally. As rigor mortis sets in within a few hours, the pupils constrict. However, a sarin victim is going to have miosis after death because the drug is causing the muscles to lock up (sort of like a chemical rigor mortis). I don't know if there is a period before rigor mortis when a sarin victim's pupils dilate. My guess is that there is as the acetylcholine diffuses out of the nerve junctions, but I don't know how long that takes.  There's not a whole lot of research on the effects of sarin on humans, thankfully.

5.  Garrad C. ~ Apr09|17 

Dear Denis,

Thanks for the thorough analysis of the video on your blog. Just some comments and observations:

1. I notice that the cameraman has a camera with a very bright scene illumination light, visible in reflection in the pupil of the first 'patient' at 0:20 ish. There is no wonder the 'patients' have miosis under those circumstances.

2. Your M001 individual seems to be a regular in WH incident videos. The article below has a photo montage of various actors (for want of a word) that crop up in WH reports of bombing and other incidents. The link is a machine translation of a Russian article. M001 appears to be a man of many parts.


3. There is an interesting character walking out of the hospital/whatever at about 0:50. He is on the far right, then he moves across to the left. He is wearing brown boots, military fatigue trousers and blue/black loose jacket. He also wears a shirt and a V-neck pullover (1:02 close up). He has a military-style haircut and absolutely no sign of beard/stubble. He has a very light skin colour and does not look local. He does appear to take part in any of the 'medical' activities. I wonder what he is doing there.

4. The Russian military have assessed the logistics of the missile firing mission and have concluded that the plan to launch the missiles came first, and the video was created as a pretext to 'justify' a pre-determined course of action. If that was the case, the video team would be under pressure to come up with something at short notice.


Best wishes,

Denis:  Garrard, your points collectively make a larger point.  Ain't is amazing how much information one can mine from these wahhabi PR videos?  With a video player that allows frame-by-frame, reversing, control of speed, etc. (I use free VLC), you can find all sorts of incriminating evidence in a 10 minute vid. In the aftermath of Ghouta I spent untold hours wading through the terrorists' vids looking for clues. The hard part is building up an emotional immunity to shield you from the reality of what you're seeing, especially the kids. But you keep at it because maybe you will get lucky and stumble on something that can be used to identify and convict these evil pricks. Not all obsessions are bad.

Your point #2.  Wow, what a link.  I have not yet gotten deep into searching the issue, but I'm betting I can find our friend Islam in the 2013 Ghouta Massacre videos.  He has a fairly common face, tho', so it won't be easy to make a clear ID.  Here is a "dead guy" with really good color seen on the floors of both the SunMorgue and DarkMorgue at Kafr Batna during Ghouta -- he looks to me a bit like Islam. Match? Probably not.  But he must be down there somewhere; lemme' have another look, to paraphrase the Dude.


Your point #3.  Chechnian? Actually, he looks like a cousin of mine! Green fatigue pants and desert boots combo has to be a clue, but he is not sunburned or weathered so he may work in-doors. Carrying glasses in his breast pocket.  There are a couple of other interesting guys in these external shots.  In the shot you note, in the background, hanging around the van there is a guy in a brown jacket, jeans, and WH jersey that seems to be directing things on the street.  He shows up a couple of times with different vans, so I don't think he's a driver.  

There is also a curious guy taking photos on his cell phone in some of these views.  With some digging it should be possible to find the products of his efforts on YT or in a collection of still shots

Your point #4.  I dunno' how valuable it is for Russian mouthpieces to speculate that plans were in place for attacking al-Shayrat. No real evidence is offered on this point, just opinion. My guess is the US has plans in place for attacking every runway in the world long enough to land a Su-22.  Besides these plans must have been pretty hastily drawn up -- only 23 of the 60 missiles hit the air base. One of them didn't even hit the ground.

I found R`obt. Parry's latest post far more interesting and a more substantial observation.  He says the CIA would not sign off on the attack because their intel did not point to Assad as the perp of the KS "gas attack."  Parry notes that the intel heavies are conspicuously absent from the cluster-fuck group-shot PR photo. Mattis is not there, either.  (Ivanka's absent, too . . . and she's being blamed for the whole thing.  We ain't making this shit up, folks -- the blonde bimbo daughter of a dildo president stands accused of initiating an act of war.) You may recall that in 2013 Obama had the same problem with noncompliant, principled intel mules.  CIA analysts refused to sign the intel report saying Assad used sarin in Ghouta; they threatened to leak their data if the intel report went forward. And so the WH had to release "an assessment" instead of a valid intel report.  The way the CIA is trying to screw Donald the Dildo, the next couple of weeks could be very interesting. 

Thanks for those thoughts and links, Garrard.  


6.  Tony McA. ~ Apr09|17 

Hi Denis,

Good analysis - thank you !
At 6.26 Islam's charity "One Nation" sticker is seen on a (?) bin.
One Nation under investigation - but still operating - Link 
One Nation also connected to Alan Henning beheading -  Link  
Keep up the good work !

Cheers - Tony

Denis: Thanks a bundle for the research on that One Nation sticker. This is a tough one. I mean when you see these videos with Daesh logos all over them, you know they're produced by the local head-choppers.  But from One Nations' website they look like they are very broadly based and quite moderate. I don't see a reference to Islam although all their projects seem to be in Muslim countries. The Gilligan article mentions Aid4Syria as being complicit in the Foley/Henning abductions.  Aid4Syria is listed as one of One Nation's projects.

It's a small world, eh?


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